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Shred Her Review 2024: The Women’s Trusted Weight Loss Pal

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Searching for a woman-exclusive weight loss aid? Go for Shred Her, the most versatile fat burner in the market. Skim through this review below.

(Last Updated on June 16, 2024)

The supplement market is saturated with all kinds of fat burners claiming to make people lose weight, increase their energy levels and improve their mood.

If you already tried some of these products but without the wanted results, the Shred Her by NLA For Her dietary and workout supplement might be the right one for your needs.

Lately, there have been many fat burner supplements hitting the market, but very few of them have been specifically designed for women.

What really makes Shred Her stand out from other fat burng

ers is the fact that it includes top proven, all-natural thermogenic and fat-burning ingredients.

This alone should be enough to grab your attention.

So let’s delve deeper into how this product works and is it really your number one option.

Read our Shred Her review to see if it really is what the marketing hype claims it to be.

What Is Shred Her?

Fat burners are a special, broader category of supplements, designed with specific ingredients to help the human body burn fat in order to increase energy levels and promote weight loss.

Shred Her is a thermogenic fat burner for females aimed at elevating energy, increasing fat loss and supporting appetite control with individuals prone to exercising and working out.

“Shred Her is an all-natural fat burner scientifically formulated and dosed for females designed to rapidly promote fat loss”.

The natural ingredients have been formulated to increase thermogenic fat-burning and help females suppress their appetite while getting that energy level boost they need to stay active.

This diet supplement is designed for women who are primarily trying to lose weight and get better control of their appetite.

What matters most is that the effectiveness of this fat burner depends on the ingredients formula and the servings.

Shred Her Ingredients

shred her ingredients

Judging by the look of the ingredients label, it’s automatically clear that the manufacturer uses a proprietary blend which doesn’t reveal the actual doses of the ingredients used.

Because of this, it’s very hard to say whether this supplement is going to work or not.

Still, the ingredients used are natural indeed, so let’s take a closer look.

Green Tea Leaf Extract
This ingredient can be found in most natural supplements. It possesses thermogenic properties and helps your body burn more fat naturally by boosting your metabolism. Green Tea is considered to be the best source of natural caffeine.1
Bitter Orange
Bitter Orange is mostly found in newer supplements, especially bodybuilding and weight loss products. It contains Synephrine, an active ingredient that helps increase fat loss, improve exercise performance and weight reduction, regulate appetite, and reduce anxiety. Still, there are some claims saying it can cause side effects when combined with caffeine.2
Caffeine Anhydrous
This is one of the most popular stimulants in the world, known to raise energy levels and help with appetite control. It also boosts your metabolism and gives your body just enough energy to keep working out.
Guarana is a well-known source of Caffeine and this stimulant is also aimed at boosting energy levels. The only problem here is that we don't know the individual doses of the ingredients, but too many stimulants might cause some side effects.
Green Coffee Bean
Rich in Chlorogenic Acid, the Green Coffee Bean is one of the most effective fat-burning ingredients, loaded with pharmacologically active compounds and antioxidants. It provides great weight loss effects.3
Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry Ketones come in the form of an extract and it has properties that help the utilization and breakdown of fat deposits, helping weight loss and fat-burning.4
Taurine plays a vital role in inhibiting arterial thickening, preventing obesity, and restoring insulin sensitivity. It's an effective fat-burning ingredient that helps boost energy levels.5
Ursolic Acid
A Rosemary leaf extract that helps reduce fat levels and increase energy with people who are exposed to high stress and effort.

How Does Shred Her Work?

female fat burning

Active, all-natural ingredients in the supplement have been scientifically formulated to help users lose weight by speeding up the fat burning rate in the human body.

The special blend of natural ingredients in Shred Her helps suppress your appetite, increase fat loss, elevate your mood and energy levels.

How To Use It?

The most recommended serving size is 2 capsules.

There should be 30 servings per container.

The suggested use recommends taking 1 pill immediately upon waking up and the second one 3-6 hours later.

Such a method should help ignite the metabolism and get your body in a fat-burning, thermogenic state through the day.

Shred Her Benefits

Shred Her offers four benefits that consumers can count on:

  • Increased energy levels.
  • Increased fat loss.
  • Better appetite control.
  • Elevated mood.

Are There Any Shred Her Side Effects?

Shred Her contains many stimulants with caffeine such as bitter orange and guarana.

The overuse of these stimulants might cause:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite
  • Increased heart rate
  • Headaches
  • Eye pressure

Is Shred Her A Scam?

No one can say for certain that this supplement will really work since there are many factors involved.

There are over 300 reviews on the internet and many people claim this supplement helped them achieve their goals.

On top of all that, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee.

Shred Her Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

shred her reviews

Shred Her received a lot of mixed reviews, but most of them were positive. There’s a lot of consumer attention online and many consumers claim that the supplement works.

Out of a total of 338 reviews on Amazon, 43% gave it a 5-star rating while 20% went with 1 star. The overall score would be 3,6 stars out of o 5.

Here are some of the Shred Her reviews and complaints.

MM Amazon user stated that she has been using the NLA for Her line for a couple of years and how their products helped her during competition prep season. According to her, Shred Her works but you have to put your effort into it to see real effects. This is her review on

“You’re not going to get results with just these “magic pills” (as some people see it) alone, You need a strong healthy diet and exercise. Your fat will not disappear, once a fat cell has been deposited, you will always have that fat cell, you can just shrink them over time with, like I said, good diet and exercise. (Or if you really want to lose it, liposuction is another way to go). Remember, there’s never an easy way out for anything, you’ll always have to work for results especially when it comes to your body and health”.

Alisha Ludick said it worked wonders for her, especially when it comes to energy levels. According to her, her energy level doubled and her cravings for sugar and chocolate almost disappeared completely. The only thing she didn’t like about Shred Her is cottonmouth, which she regulated by drinking more water.

Teybaby also gave Shred Her a 5-star rating, saying that it really helped her after only two months. It helped her get back in shape, lose some weight and all that without any side effects. That’s why she’d definitely recommend Shred Her.

On the other hand, things didn’t go so well for this Amazon Customer because it gave her health problems such as a big headache. Angel Wolf also found Shred Her to be ineffective. It made her feel jittery and she lost her appetite.

Shred Her: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

shred her official website

Shred Her is available on the official website:

Shred Her comes in the form of a diet pill.

The regular container holds 60 capsules which makes it last up to 30 days.

The regular price of Shred Her is $ 34.99.

Shred Her Pros and Cons


  • Uses good, natural ingredients like Green Coffee Bean and Caffeine.
  • Includes Green Tea.
  • Effective dietary supplement.
  • Thermogenic properties.


  • Proprietary blend prevents us from knowing the actual doses of the ingredients.
  • Some fat-burning ingredients could be replaced with more effective ones.
  • Mixed customer reviews.

Shred Her Review: Should You Buy It?

There’s no denying that Shred Her from NLA for Her is quite a promising fat burner for women.

The ingredients it contains might give you the wanted results especially when it comes to elevating energy and mood, and losing weight.

Depending on your personal goals, this might be the fat burner you were looking for.

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