LivLean Formula #1 Review

LivLean Formula #1 Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

LivLean Formula #1 is a dietary supplement intended for both optimal health and weight loss benefits, and can be used for the long-term to promote “liver health and an ideal body weight.”

(Last Updated on November 1, 2022)

If you’re on the weight loss track but you’ve hit that dreaded plateau, you may need a little extra help.

You may not have considered this route, but paying attention to your liver can be a great place to start.

The liver cleanses and detoxes the body, therefore boosts metabolism, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and boosts energy.

These factors can lead to even more weight loss and vibrant energy levels.

Sounds great, right?

That’s where LivLean Formula 1 comes in.

It’s a dietary supplement designed to support a healthy liver and potentially boost weight loss 1.

Our LivLean Formula #1 review covers the ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, and real customer reviews.

Read on to find out if LivLean is the supplement for you, or if you should keep on browsing.

What Is LivLean Formula #1?

First, let’s learn a little about the brand that makes LivLean Formula #1, Perfect Origins.

American company Perfect Origins was founded by a chiropractor called Dr. Charles Livingston, and is backed by a “scientific advisory board”.

LivLean is Perfect Origin’s number one product, but they also sell other supplements such as magnesium, keto supplements, concentrated turmeric supplements, and omega fatty acids.

Many of their products and their overall marketing plan are based around cleansing and detoxifying the body.

LivLean Number #1 is a liver-cleansing product that is marketed as a weight-loss supplement.

It has a long list of natural ingredients including botanicals and vitamins such as milk thistle and vitamin C.

LivLean claims to stabilize blood sugar levels, boost energy, and boost metabolism by cleansing the liver, ultimately leading to weight loss.

The “LivLean customer” would be someone who is trying to start weight loss, break a weight loss plateau, or simply gain energy, stabilize moods, and improve overall health.

Whether LivLean will deliver such results is yet to be determined.

LivLean Formula #1 Ingredients

LivLean Formula 1 bottles

LivLean uses “all-natural” ingredients without any animal products.

The ingredients are geared toward supporting liver detoxification and speeding the metabolism.

When studying the ingredients list, there are two concerning ingredients that jump out.

The first is Citrus Extract Aurantium, otherwise known as bitter orange.

Bitter orange contains synephrine, a banned substance (by the National Collegiate Athletic Association) that is often used for weight loss.

However, it can raise blood pressure, cause headaches, and even cause a heart attack or stroke.

Maltodextrin is the other questionable (although minor) ingredient listed.

This is of concern to some people as it is a sugar (derived from starches such as potatoes or rice).

Maltodextrin can cause the blood sugar to rise, as it has a high GI (higher than regular sugar), an interesting fact considering that LivLean claims to lower blood sugar.

Main ingredients:

Green Tea Powdered Extract

Great source of polyphenols called catechins (antioxidants).

They fight free radicals that threaten the cells, causing disease and premature aging.

It can also help with weight loss by increasing the number of calories burned.

Most relevantly (for LivLean) it can help to reduce inflammation and fat levels in the liver thanks to the high levels of catechins 2.

Milk Thistle Extract

LivLean uses milk thistle extract with 80% potency of the active ingredient, silymarin.

Silymarin helps to protect the liver against free radicals and boosts liver function 3.

Artichoke Extract

Can help to remove toxins from the liver by producing more bile, and can reduce inflammation and fat in the liver.


Helps the liver to get rid of fat, promotes metabolism and supports a healthy thyroid.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

May reduce blood sugar levels, boost energy, and support healthy liver cell growth 4.

Turmeric Extract

Boosts metabolism, lowers fat in the liver, and soothes inflammation.

Black Pepper Extract (BioPerine)

Helps the body to absorb curcuminoids, and helps to speed metabolism.

Vitamin C and B12

Supports the immune system, metabolism, and provides antioxidant support to the liver. B12 also supports healthy sleep, mood, and energy levels.


May help to control blood sugar levels 5.

How Does LivLean Formula #1 Work?

In a nutshell, LivLean claims to boost weight loss by helping the liver to cleanse itself of toxins, reduce blood sugar, and boost metabolism.

However, the literature on the Perfect Origins LivLean site is quite scattered and a little tough to follow when it comes to following the weight loss process.

It’s best to think of LivLean as an overall “health and energy booster” than a straight-forward weight loss supplement.

Here’s a brief rundown of how LivLean Formula #1 functions inside your system:

  • Antioxidants (such as green tea extract, vitamin C, and milk thistle extract) fight free radicals, stopping them from causing damage and inflammation to the liver.
  • Green tea extract and BioPerine boost the metabolism so more calories are burned, resulting in weight loss.
  • ALA and folate help to reduce blood sugar levels, reducing belly fat.
  • Vitamin B12 boosts energy levels by helping the body turn glucose into energy and regulates healthy moods.
  • Selenium helps the liver to get rid of fat.

LivLean Formula #1 Benefits

  • May improve immunity.
  • May help liver function.
  • May help to reduce fat in the liver.
  • May boost mood.
  • May assist in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

How To Use LivLean Formula #1?

LivLean is easy to take.

Just take two capsules per day with water and food, and you’re done.

LivLean Formula #1 Side Effects

Perfect Origins openly claims that LivLean won’t interfere with most medications, and is safe to take without experiencing side-effects.

Many customer reviews back up the claim that there are no side-effects.

However, some people have found that nausea and diarrhea have resulted since taking LivLean.

This is common of many supplements, especially if the customer is not used to taking concentrated amounts of certain nutrients.

The presence of bitter orange should be taken into consideration as it may cause headaches and raised blood pressure.

Be wary of LivLean, or ask your doctor first, if you:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Have high blood pressure.
  • Have heart issues such as arrhythmia.

Is LivLean Formula #1 A Scam?

No, Perfect Origins is a BBB-accredited business which means it has been approved by the Better Business Bureau as a legitimate business.

LivLean Formula #1 does have some great ingredients that can help to boost your overall health, such as vitamin C, vitamin B12, and turmeric extract.

However, many experts and scientists have debunked the “liver cleansing” idea, claiming that the liver doesn’t need to be detoxed, and detoxifying products may not actually achieve anything.

It’s unlikely that LivLean (or any supplement, for that matter) will cause any significant weight loss, especially if a calorie deficit and exercise plan aren’t followed.

LivLean Formula #1 Reviews & Complaints

An overwhelming trend among LivLean Formula #1 reviews across many platforms is that it’s fine…but it doesn’t actually do anything.

In other words, it doesn’t cause any nasty side effects, but it doesn’t bring about any weight loss or noticeable benefits either.

In the instances where reviewers have mentioned that they’ve lost weight since taking LivLean, it’s difficult to know if this is down to LivLean or not.

For example:

“I have been taking this liv lean for about a month. So far so good! I have dropped 11lbs already with very little working out (which has been my same activity level) and just stopped drinking pop. Will be buying more for sure!”

This person may have been drinking high amounts of pop (sugary soda), and have lost weight purely by cutting this out of their diet.

“I purchased 3 bottles in order to get a discount. I exercise and watch what I eat; but had no resulting weight loss. I do receive regular emails from Dr. Livingston with health info; but most are just ads for more of his products.”

Some reviews do claim that LivLean has led to weight loss without any change in diet or exercise, for example:

“It came in early and has already used it for 5 day and feels better and the weight is starting to come off slowly.”

This is a fairly far-fetched claim as 5 days is extremely short to notice any weight loss.

LivLean Formula #1: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

You can purchase LivLean Formula #1 from the Perfect Origins website, and there are few options available.

One bottle (30-day supply) costs a rather hefty $57, a 3-pack (3-month supply) costs $149, and a 6-pack (6-month supply) costs $276.

You can also sign up for the auto-ship option for $42 per month (a bottle will be automatically sent to you each month).

Shipping is free if you live in the USA or Canada.

Money Back Guarantee

Perfect Origins offers a pretty great money-back guarantee.

Just send back the rest of your pills, or even an empty bottle, within 60 days of purchase, and you’ll get a full refund.

See below how the official site looks like.

LivLean Official Website

LivLean Formula #1 Pros & Cons


  • Contains vitamin C, B12, B2, and B6.
  • Easy to take.
  • Good refund policy.


  • Contains maltodextrin.
  • Questionable weight-loss potential.
  • Contains bitter orange extract.

LivLean Formula #1 Review: Final Verdict

LivLean pills

LivLean Formula #1 has some great ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, green tea extract, and turmeric extract.

However, it also contains bitter orange which is known to be a bit dicey, potentially causing heart issues.

If you have a weight loss goal, you’re best to maintain a calorie deficit and an active lifestyle, as that’s really the only way to safely lose weight and keep it off.

That’s not to say that supplements can’t be of aid, but we’re very skeptical as to whether LivLean can live up to this claim.

To keep your liver healthy, you’re better off limiting alcohol and fatty foods and eating lots of nutrient-rich, plant-based foods.

This will do you far more good than taking a very expensive supplement.

We laid out the facts, will you buy LivLean Formula #1? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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