Exercises That Boost Your Libido

Exercises That Boost Your Libido

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Learn how getting hot and sweaty in the gym can improve your sex drive and sex life.

(Last Updated on June 5, 2024)

We all know that being active can improve your health and quality of life.

Regular exercises can boost mood by relieving stress and anxiety, enhance stamina and strength, improve sleep and delay and prevent chronic diseases.

Research shows that active individuals have a longer life span compared to inactive individuals.

Besides, exercise is good for your libido 1 too.

Various studies have shown regular workouts increase sex drive and sexual wellbeing.

Exercises that accelerate breathing, blood circulation, and heart rate can improve overall sexual performance.

How Getting Sweaty Increases Sex Drive?

While there is no measure of normal libido, some individuals have issues getting into the mood.

There is more to sex drive than attraction and having an instant erection 2.

Various factors contribute immensely to your libido, including your sleep pattern, the foods you eat, your stress levels, caffeine and alcohol intake, and even physical exercises.

Exercising improves sexual confidence by releasing endorphins – feel-good hormones and lowering cortisol levels -stress hormones.

Workouts that lower stress hormones, boost energy, enhance body image, improve blood circulation, and enhance strength improve libido.

Aerobic training such as running, cardio dance, walking and biking increase blood flow and circulation which are critical factors in sexual arousal.

On the other hand, strength training also triggers libido.

Additionally, being active makes you confident and comfortable in your body.

This positive mentality plays a significant role in triggering sex drive.

Discover More Sexual Urge In The Gym

Psychological factors often weigh down your libido, but being active will help revive sexual desire.

Here are some exercises that boost your libido.

Strength training

Strength training

Strength training is the ultimate power training for many body functions.

Weightlifting, in particular, has been shown to increase libido.

Why weights for sex drive?

Testosterone is the king of sex drive; it is responsible for spiking up libido and muscle development.

Strength training increases T-levels than any other exercise, which in turn, boosts libido.

Besides, exercises not only boost testosterone but also increase endorphins and adrenaline, hormones that impact sex drive.

They also lower cortisol-the stress hormone; stress is a primary libido killer.

Pay attention to bigger muscle groups such as legs, use heavy weights with fewer repetitions to increase testosterone.

Do not overdo the training, practice every two days, and have rest periods.

Strength training improves libido in both women and men.

Here are some of the best strength training exercises that boost libido.

Barbell hip thrust

Barbell hip thrust makes you think about sex because it assumes a sex position.

It has been seen to boost sex drive, strengthen the lower body and support lean muscle growth.


Squats engage the biggest muscle group-legs, thus accelerating the production of testosterone.

High-levels equals high libido.

Squats could be the game-changer in getting you to the mood.

Squats also promote strength and muscle mass.


Deadlifts involve the entire body muscles.

It improves testosterone production and increases energy and strength, which overall boosts libido.

Also, it increases lean muscle mass, boosting confidence in how you look and feel.

Bench press

Men are judged for how long they can bench.

Bench press increases a man’s confidence, besides building strength and boosting testosterone.

Increased testosterone and confidence translate to better sex drive.

Toning your upper body increases strength to hold various sex positions and improve overall sexual function.



Yoga is known to reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels in the body.

Its benefits inside the bedroom are widely known; it stretches muscles and increases sexual energy.

Apart from decreasing cortisol, yoga boosts body control and awareness, triggers the release of endorphins, and makes you calmer.

This increases sex drive.

Being aware makes you present to your partner; the more present you are, the more you are likely to focus and enjoy the moment.

Meditation and deep breaths associated with yoga reduce stress and help the body to relax.

This yields positive results to your libido.

Below are some yoga poses that liven up your sex drive.

Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose relaxes the hip muscles and eases tension; Tension in the hip area may make sex uncomfortable and limit engaging in different sex positions

Besides, it calms the mind and brings you to the present moment. This works wonders on your libido.

Cat and cow pose

These poses relax the spine and the mind, hence improving sexual appetite.

Wide leg straddle

A wide-leg straddle increases blood flow to the pelvic area and enhances energy.

More blood flow means more arousal.

Child’s pose

The child’s pose focuses on relaxation and deep breathing that alleviates stress.

Downward dog

Downward dog tones the whole body, relaxes the mind, and increases confidence.

Bridge pose

Bridge pose works on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, just like Kegels.

It also stretches hips and tones the vagina in women enhancing orgasms.



Kegels strengthen pelvic floor muscles in both men and women.

Kegels are often associated with women, but male Kegels is a real concept that has gained popularity over the years.

Not only do Kegels increase vaginal tightness and enhance female orgasms but they also give men harder erections and stronger orgasms.

They focus on strengthening pelvic floors, which work the same way in both women and men.

These pelvic floor exercises will boost sex arousal, sensation, orgasmic control, harder erections, and stronger orgasms.

Experts insist on the importance of relaxation after every contraction. Therefore, Kegels can be combined with yoga poses such as pigeon pose and happy baby to relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Kegels are simple exercises that involve a quick hold and release but could do wonders for your sex drive. Toned pelvic muscles have good blood circulation.

Cardio exercises


Cardio training enhances blood circulation, thus increasing blood flow to the genital area.

It also triggers the release of endorphin-feel good hormone and lowers cortisol-stress hormone.

Anything that lowers stress and improves blood flow is suitable for your libido.

A 2013 study shows 3 moderate-intensity cardio training including biking, swimming and running improve cardiovascular health, increase libido, reduce fat accumulation and boost testosterone production.

Also, a Harvard study reported that walking and swimming for at least 30 minutes per day may boost sex drive and lower cases of erectile dysfunction in men.

However, overtraining could have the opposite effect on your libido.

Excessive training suppresses testosterone production.

Exercise and Better Sex Life: What The Correlation?

Working out is termed as a potent aphrodisiac by experts.

Here is why.

Training lowers stress

Stress is a serious mood killer.

It works by increasing the release of cortisol hormone, which lowers your sexual urge.

Being physically active is known to stimulate the release of endorphins – feel-good hormones and reduce the production of cortisol.

This in return, boosts your sex drive.

Besides, studies support that working out reduces depression, a condition associated with low sex drive.

Exercises make you feel good

Self-esteem is essential in boosting libido.

If you feel good about yourself, that same confidence goes between the sheets.

Working out tones your body and improves self-image.

If you like your body, you will more likely show it off to your partner.

This means you feel sexy and attractive.

This self-confidence makes you yearn to have sex.

Better blood circulation equals better erections

Improved blood flow is crucial in sexual drive.

Cardio will boost blood circulation, thus more blood flow to the penis, supporting sexual desire and stronger erections.

It also makes all body muscles, nerves, and blood vessels function properly.

Sex involves the whole body; thus, everything needs to work in unison.

Flexibility and strength is key

Flexibility is vital in engaging in different sex positions.

Workouts, such as yoga, will keep you flexible and relaxed.

Also, strength is essential when it comes to certain sexual moves.

Weight lifting will give you those toned muscles.

Research shows that exercises increase flexibility and strength, which impacts directly on libido.

Workouts improve sexual performance

Research 4 shows that men who worked out regularly engage in more sexual activities had increased libido and had better and stronger orgasms.

Moreover, another study 5 shows that physically active women have increased sexual arousal.


libido exercises

Individuals who exercise tend to enjoy various benefits.

When it comes to sex drive, exercise lowers stress hormones, increases feel-good hormones, accelerates testosterone production, boosts blood circulation and improves self-image and confidence.

Various exercises impact your sex drive positively; however, too much training may weigh you down and affect your libido.

Sex involves the whole body; thus you may want to engage in exercises that involve muscle activity and increase heart rate, circulation, and breathing

Engage in moderate workouts and do not train consecutive days.

Learn to give the body rest to allow recovery.

Just like in fat loss, consistency is essential when it comes to libido.

Have a regular workout plan that you can stick to in the long term.

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