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VirilityEx Review: Is It A Scam?

Written By : David J. Grossklaus   ✓ Fact Checked

Virility Ex is a supplement in capsule form that combines natural ingredients to potentially help men improve the strength and longevity of their erection. Read our review to learn more about this product.

(Last Updated on July 8, 2024)

There are so many supplements out there which claim to contain completely natural ingredients that combined have the ability to increase penis size, that it’s difficult to know which one to try. In this Virility Ex review, we’re going to take a look at things indeed tell and see what the truth is.

Guys have to live up to some incredibly high expectations nowadays, and if everyone else is performing better than you, then you’re not going to get what you want. Which makes it important that you level the playing field. If other guys are taking penis and sexual enhancement supplements, why can’t you?

So taking a supplement to enlarge your penis, get a better erection and improve your sex drive is totally justified. On top of that, it’s normal nowadays. There are so many products out there, if guys weren’t taking them, what would be the point in selling them?

But before you throw your hard earned money away, let’s take a detailed look at the ingredients, side effects and performance of Virility Ex to see how it measures up (sorry couldn’t resist the joke).

What Is Virility Ex?

Virility Ex is a supplement in capsule form that combines natural ingredients to potentially help men improve the strength and longevity of their erection. On top of that, it’s designed to give you the ability to go longer and experience better orgasms.

It is a product created and distributed by a company called Pacific Naturals. They make several other supplement products, but this is one of their premier ones.

It has been sold for many years, and has thousands of customers. There is lots of feedback about it online, and plenty of evidence that it’s worth investigating further if you are looking for something to enhance your sexual performance.

How Does Virility Ex Work

Reading other reviews of Virility Ex, and reading about user experiences, there appears to be some confusion about how you use this penis enlargement supplement.

Some reviews suggest it is an ongoing supplement you have to take every day in order to enlarge your penis in several weeks, and then maintain that.

But if you look at the instructions on the actual product bottle, it says you should take the tablets just prior to having sex.

So the misconception appears to be that this is a product that is used as a long-term enhancer, but the truth is it’s more in line with Viagra.

However, that’s not the whole story and when we look at the ingredients you will see that ongoing consumption will improve your performance for the long term. So it is a great all-round supplements to help you improve your penis size, hardness and performance.

We will talk about the details as we explore the ingredients contained in this supplement, but the basic premise is that it is designed to enhance blood flow to the sex organs, and increase the ability of the blood cells in the erectile tissue to contain that blood, giving you a stronger erection.

And that’s a great thing is in it. You just take the pills before you have sex, and all that worry about performance, satisfaction and measuring up will simply start to melt away.

Virility Ex Ingredients

Virility Ex contains five essential active ingredients that have a reputation for sexual enhancement, and which have been combined to produce a powerful erection enhancement pill.

The active ingredients of Virility Ex are:

  • Zinc oxide

Zinc has been strongly linked in many scientific studies to and improve sexual performance. It can improve your chances of upping your testosterone levels, upping your sperm production, and upping your sexual desire. So in sufficient quantities, it can give you an instant and ongoing sexual boost.

  • Selenium

This is another ingredient linked with improve sexual performance. Selenium affects the transmitters which regulates sexual performance, improving them and making them stronger. On top of that, it can help with strong sperm production. Half of the selenium contained in a man’s body is within the testicles and seminal ducts, so you can see how important it is for sexual performance. Any deficiency will degrade the performance, which makes this a fantastic boost.

  • Korean Ginseng Extract

Ginseng root has been linked to improved sexual desire and performance for centuries. Used in Chinese medicine, it can help improve libido and increase physical capability.

  • Saw Palmetto

Recent modern research has linked improved levels of Saw Palmetto ingestion with improved sexual desire. It is suggested it improves the ability of the body to maintain testosterone levels, minimizing how much is broken down. Increased testosterone leads to more sexual aggression, longevity and harder erections.

  • Beta Sitosterols

There is limited evidence that suggests that these can help improve sexual performance and desire. It is only preliminary evidence and is not certain, however its addition cannot hurt, especially as beta sitosterols have been proven to lower cholesterol levels.

So as you can see, the main active ingredients in Virility Ex are interesting and relevant.

There are no fillers, padding, artificial ingredients or strange ingredients that have wild claims around them. The five active ingredients generally are linked strongly to the effects that we want to achieve, namely an increased sex drive, improved erection strength, length and control.

How To Use Virility Ex?

Taking Virility Ex is incredibly easy. All you have to do is take two pills 20 minutes before you are going to have sex for an instant boost.

It really is that simple, but it’s not the whole story.

As we have said, the ingredients can help improve your testosterone levels and sex drive generally. So there appears to be no harm in taking this as a daily supplement in order to provide an ongoing benefit.

The packaging does state that you should never take more than two tablets per day however, so it’s important to remember that.

Virility Ex Side Effects

Virility Ex has not been linked to any strong negative side effects we have found reported. The manufacturer says there are no side effects, however some people do report minor side effects.

These appear to be related mostly to the inclusion of Saw Palmetto, which has been linked to the following side-effects during consumption:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea

However, it’s important to point out that these general symptoms are in common with many supplements that you can take, and they don’t last for long. It’s usually just the body’s reaction to a sudden change in what is being ingested.

You should note that an existing medical condition could be exacerbated by taking the supplement. That is not specific to Virility Ex, it could happen with any supplement. So if you are in any doubt, you should always speak to a qualified medical person before trying Virility Ex.

Is Virility Ex A Scam?

The problem with any erection pill is that there are so many variables in it. You could take it and have an amazing experience, or nothing to change at all, or things could even be worse.

The bottom line is that if you are not feeling confident then emotionally that can create problems, and this supplement won’t overcome significant erectile dysfunction problems. You will need Viagra to do that.

However there is strong evidence that if you are functioning normally sexually that this will help to boost that performance. There is also evidence that if you are not quite as hard as you want to be, are not performing as well as you would like, and your partner seems to be dissatisfied, that this really could help.

So it’s not a scam, but user experience will obviously vary. But the general feedback from testing and consumer reviews is that taken regularly before sex, this can really help to boost things and is well worth considering.

Virility Ex Reviews

A great way to see if and erection supplement works is to look at the grassroots feedback online.

This means looking at independent review sites with no “dog in the fight” to see what comments from real customers are saying.

In the case of Virility Ex, there appears to be an abundance of great feedback with very little negative vibe around the product.

A typical positive feedback comment is:

“Amazing… Thank you… It’s transformed my sex life. I know that sounds over the top, but it’s actually true. I was low in confidence, directions were weak and I was struggling with performance. I was going to the gym and eating well but it just wasn’t happening for me. I took the supplement for three weeks and boy what difference it is making.”

Less positive, but still pointing to the benefits of Virility Ex is this comment:

“I wasn’t expecting much and only bought one lot of 30 Virility Ex pills. I took them for a couple of days and then just before I had sex on the third day, and it jus felt better. Things felt stronger, longer and more in control. It doesn’t feel like the miracle product some people are saying, but I’m convinced I’m feeling some benefits”

So it appears that generally, customers are experiencing positive results with this simple erection pill. It obviously has the ability to stimulate things, and that seems to be borne out by customer feedback.

Virility Ex Prices & Where To Buy It

The best place to buy a supplement is always from the official website. That way you don’t get stung with a fake product, or a poor quality copy.

Virility Ex can be purchased through As is usual, the more months supply you buy, the cheaper it is:

  • 1 bottle: $49.95
  • 2 bottles + 1 free ($26.63 per bottle): $79.90
  • 3 bottles + 2 free ($23.97 per bottle): $119.85

So as you can see, it makes real sense to buy multiple bottles of this supplement. You will save a lot of money, and if you are going to see if this really can help with penis enlargement, erection strength and sexual performance, then you are going to need to try it more than once.

virility ex official website

On top of that, buying from the recommended retail seller means that you will always receive your parcel in discrete packaging. If you are an overseas seller, the customs declaration also be non-specific, meaning you will not suffer embarrassment on delivery.

Virility Ex Moneyback Guarantee

Virility Ex comes with an incredibly strong moneyback guarantee which gives us confidence in the product.

You get a full, unconditional 90 day money back guarantee on any purchase. All you have to do is return the unused product within 90 days to benefit from that guarantee.

For us this is a superb offer, and means that you really can experience the extraordinary possibility of enhanced sexual performance for a low price and risk free.

Virility Ex Review: Final Verdict

Virility Ex appears to be one of those rare penis enlargement supplements that has the potential to work.

It has ingredients linked to sexual performance and increased blood flow, and increase libido.

There are no additives, fillers or dubious ingredients nobody’s ever heard of. And it’s all backed up by scientific evidence.

Purchasing it seems to be risk-free, and consumer feedback suggest it works.

There are some cons in trying Virility Ex:

  • It is only available online soon will have to wait for delivery.
  • Its price may be out of the range you can afford.
  • There is a stigma around buying performance pills.

But the pros of trying Virility Ex far outweigh the cons:

  • Bulk purchasing makes this male enhancement product hugely affordable.
  • You get an amazing 90 day moneyback, risk-free guarantee.
  • There is plenty of evidence online from consumers that it works.
  • Purchase, delivery and consumption is discreet.

So with such a low risk and low financial outlay, this seems a bit of a classic “no-brainer” to try. If you are concerned about your sexual performance, size and enjoyment, or you care about the enjoyment of your partner, then it really is worth ordering to see how you can benefit.

So, what do you think about our Virility Ex review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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