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It makes sure you'll NEVER miss a pill ever again.

With myPill® you can truly be free of worries. You'll love it.
REMINDER. myPill® knows when to remind and when you're on a break.
SNOOZE. If you want, it will keep reminding until you've taken your pill.
PLANNER. Reminds you to buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule yearly checkups, stores your prescription, or anything.
HISTORY. Take notes, track symptoms. Your doctor will love you.
PREDICTION. Plan your vacation according to your period, makes it easy avoid unpleasant surprises.

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love it! by cereza___08 2/9/14 7:18 PM
why would you want a more complicated app. it's wonderful easy and straight to the point. you are able to set a reminder which is great. and it's not just a pill reminder it's a patch and nuvaring reminder (: 👍 how awesome it that!

I like it! by Marigb7taqua 9/10/14 6:52 PM
I've had this app for 6 months and so far it's being really helpful.. I didn't buy the upgrade but it works just fine without it..!

I love it !! by Sarahlove831 4/14/14 6:35 AM
This app is extremely helpful

Love ! by Niik_L 9/25/14 8:55 PM
Love love love this app!! Because of this app my phone reminds me to drink my pill ON TIME 👍

I love it! Makes my life easier! by Jsmami 9/12/14 9:07 AM
Just like a lot of other women I have a busy life. And as a mom and wife I tend to forget my things. This app is a life saver, works great, reminds me of my pill, I can keep track of time, and every other detail that I sure will end up forgetting, and best part is VERY EASY TO USE! And to top it all, they have the best customer service!!! Highly recommend it!

It's ok by Lms5610? 9/17/14 6:32 PM
With the free app you still get the basics and I haven't forgotten to take a pill yet so it must be doing it's job

My Pill Reminder by NoBabiesRightNow 7/25/14 3:02 AM
I love this app! I never forget to take my pill. It's scheduled at a specific time every night. It's wonderful!

Very Useful App! by SxoLuscious<3 5/28/14 6:03 PM
I absolutely love this app. It definitly does it job by helping you remember to change your vaginal ring/ take your pill. I would be lost without it!

Pretty awesome by Untaken nickname 1 7/28/14 4:14 PM
Always goes off-just open it every now and then! This app helps me keep track! Works very well.

Love it by What is that ,, 3/30/14 7:48 AM
What a useful app

It reminds you to use your contraception at the desired time every day, stopping reminders automatically on the seven days of period and rescheduing automatically when the next pack starts. It shows you high resolution realistic pills pack graphics, also provides a monthly view of your pills.

You can use it to plan your schedule a half year forward by swiping your finger over a pack to see the next pack dates - this way you can easily tell when your period starts and plan trips and events accordingly.

Use the built-in notes taker to write down questions you wish to ask your doctor or gynecologist and view past events by using the History tab.


Daily reminders using the new Local Notificaitons with an automatic pause of 7 days - works WITHOUT internet connection!
Privacy gurenteed with an optional password protection.
Custom alert message - to avoid embarrassment when your friends are present.
Realistic pack graphics.
High resolution graphics
You may config the application to send SMS or E-mail reminders to your girlfriend. (Requires iOS 4.0 or above)
Week days and month names support localized text.
Track down events: Pack start dates, missed pills, self notes per day. You may edit a note, delete an event or clear the all history.
See a list of all past events using the History tab.
Monthly view calendar with marked contraception active days.
Application badge number shows how many pills left in the pack / days to next period.
Prediction of 6 months ahead of period schedule.
Scroll between months or packs using a finger swipe gesture, just like viewing photos.
Localized dates - you will see the weekdays and months according to your locale.
You may change pack start date at any given time. Use this when the doctor instructs you to take more pills.
Configurable daily reminder time and on/off switch (Requires iOS 4.0 or above)


Timezone related bug of iOS 4 which caused wrong hour to be picked when setting daily reminder time was fixed. Thanks for Natasha and Jan who reported this problem.
Performance improved DRASTICALLY.
Fixed issue that when note is written on a day with a missed pill, the missed pill graphics doesn't show.
When choosing reminder time, if current time is earlier than the chosen hour, there will be an alert reminder also for current day instead of tomorrow. Also, today's pill will be whole or pinched according to the time of the day, thanks Laura for the idea.


Enable selection between automatic or manual pinching of today's pill to indicate it has been taken.
Marking of bleeding start and end dates - it will written to history and allow tracking over time as well as visual indication.
Allow the user to choose how many days before period starts an application badge (springboard icon number) will appear. Thanks jedi_baby for the idea, next time please send an email :)


Free version of myPill® with in-app-purchase upgrade to full functionality now replaces the Lite version.
Minor bug fixes.
New localizations: French and Hebrew.
Seasonal pack theme added with 7 active pills and 7 break days.
You may now export history data through email!
You may now customized the number of non-active days!
French localization!
Customization of alarm sound!


myPill Planner
Allows you to create reminders to buy new pack of pills, visit the doctor or do your yearly checkups
Track how many contraception packs you have in your medicine cabinet
Take picture of your prescription

Other Changes
Whole new control graphics, enjoy myPill's improved design experience!
It now has useful information and answers to common technical and medical and questions.
If you've missed a lot of pills, you'll be asked if you want to mark the as missed instead of automatically marking them.
Packs view and calendar view merged into one track tab. This allows the new Planner tab to show at the tab bar.
Double check on password set, to avoid being locked out of myPill.
Access to the welcome wizard added from Settings tab.
Fixed crash when using Ring theme and touching Contraception field at the Settings tab.


iPhone 5 support!
Record pill taking time event! Track the time you took a pill each day.
Ring & patch with layout other than 21/7
Add history events to any dates
Ring theme supports manual taking mode

For technical support, please use the "Contact Support" button, located on the Help tab in myPill. This will attach to the email extra information that can help figuring out the problem.

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