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Prime Male Review 2019: The Truth About This Testoterone Supplement

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PrimeMale is a breakthrough testosterone booster – the only one to contain a combination of 12 critical nutrients vital to you becoming the hard-driving, healthy, fit, energetic man you were in your 20s.

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Studies show that from the age of 30 the average male loses 1% of their testosterone every year.

This is the hormone that gives men their masculinity and virility.

It is responsible for making them energetic, strong, healthy and sexually active.

Decreased testosterone levels result in fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, low libido and irritability.

To counter this reality there are many supplements in the market that claim to increase its levels.

With each product making big promises getting the right one can be challenging.

Fortunately, we have searched the web and would like to present you with a product that checks all the boxes- Prime Male.

In this Prime Male review we present you with the unbiased facts about this testosterone supplement.

What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a testosterone boosting supplement designed especially for men 30yrs old and over.

Its formula contains 12 well researched nutrients in the right doses for maximum results.

It promises to increase your testosterone levels up to 42% in only 12 days.

With your testosterone going up other expected benefits are increased muscle mass, high libido, energy and elevated mood.

The manufacturer is Propura Ltd., a supplements company based in the UK.

Prime Male is made from all natural health supplements and does not contain any synthetic ingredients.

Prime Male Ingredients List

prime male ingredients

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Prime Male claims to be the only supplement with the 12 most important testosterone boosting ingredients in the correct dosages.

These ingredients are:

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)
This amino acid triggers the release of luteinizing hormone (LH). This in turn stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. According to one study, men who took it daily had their testosterone levels increase 42% in 12 days. Prime Male comprises of the calcium chelate form of D-Aspartic Acid which is more water soluble. As a result it is absorbed better in the body and does not cause stomach irritability.
Bio Perine
Bio Perine’s role in Prime Male is to act as a bioavailability enhancer. This means that it helps to increase the effective absorption of other nutrients in the body for better results.
This mineral decreases the sex hormone binding globulin allowing your body to have more functioning testosterone. One study showed that taking 6mg for 2 months increased free testosterone levels by 29%. Prime Male uses boron amino acid chelate which is absorbed better than its other forms.
Red Ginseng Extract
Red ginseng has been used medicinally for centuries to increase energy, longevity and to protect the immune system. A Korean study saw men who took the herb for 8 weeks experience increased erection quality and sexual satisfaction more than those who didn’t.
Aromatase is an enzyme involved in the production of estrogen. Luteolin plays the role of inhibiting this enzyme, reducing the amount of estrogen produced in the body.
Magnesium Citrate
In the male body, 60% of testosterone is bound to the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). It is therefore not available for the body to use. Magnesium lowers SHBG levels, releasing more testosterone for use. Prime Male uses the citrate form of the mineral which is absorbed better.
Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract
This legume is a natural source of amino acid levodopa, proven to increase testosterone and the human growth hormone. High levels of prolactin reduce testosterone in men. Mucuna Pririens reduces prolactin levels, ensuring that testosterone is not depleted
Nettle Root
As mentioned, most of the male testosterone is bound to SHBG, rendering it ineffective. Compounds called lignans derived from this root can bind to SHBG in place of the male hormone, releasing it for use. The nettle root also decreases estrogen levels while elevating testosterone levels.
Vitamin B6
This vitamin stimulates androgen receptors which in turn notify the testes to produce testosterone. It also helps the body to absorb zinc and magnesium better, two minerals important in boosting testosterone.
Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is produced when the skin comes into contact with the sun. Low Vitamin D levels are associated with low testosterone. Taking a supplement of this vital vitamin increases testosterone levels by 20%.
Vitamin K2
It also boosts testosterone levels on its own by enhancing the activity of enzymes inside the testes.
Low zinc levels prevent the pituitary gland from producing luteinizing hormone. This is the hormone that notifies the testes to produce testosterone. Increased zinc levels boost LH production, and in turn more testosterone is made. One study featuring 9 zinc deprived elderly men saw them double testosterone levels in just 6 months after supplementation.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male works by boosting testosterone levels in the body.

It does this by using 12 carefully chosen ingredients to address the three biggest obstacles to testosterone production.

These are:

  • Luteinizing Hormone (LH): this amino acid stimulates the Leydig cells to produce testosterone
  • Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG): higher SHBG in the body means less testosterone is available for use by the body. Prime Male uses ingredients such as nettle root to bind SHBG, releasing testosterone
  • Estrogen and Prolactin: these two female hormones lower testosterone levels in men. Ingredients such as boron help to lower their prevalence.

After these three issues are addressed and testosterone levels go up you can expect:

  • More energy & strength
  • Weight loss and increased muscle mass
  • Enhanced libido
  • Improved moods
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Controlled blood sugar levels
  • Improved heart health
  • Healthier prostate

How To Use Prime Male?

prime male how to use it

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One bottle of this powerful supplement contains 120 capsules of 750mg each.

The recommended dose is one capsule 4 times a day with a meal or snack.

Proposed timing could be one with breakfast, at 11am, 2pm and one with dinner.

Are There Any Prime Male Side Effects?

Prime Male is formulated from 12 natural ingredients and does not contain any synthetic additives.

As such, it does not have any discernable side effects.

Individuals might be allergic to some of the ingredients and its best to read the label carefully.

It is also prudent to consult a doctor before you start taking any supplement, especially if you have a pre-existing condition.

Because Prime Male uses gelatin in its capsules, it’s not suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Prime Male Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

prime male reviews

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Prime Male has hundreds of positive reviews on its official website.

Let us sample a few.

Keith says:

“What I like about Prime Male is that it is an all-natural product that helps the body deal with low testosterone production. I have been on testosterone shots for a couple years now, but decided to try Prime Male. I have not been disappointed. About two weeks into using this product, I definitely started feeling better without the side effects of injectable”.

Thomas reports:

“At first I thought it to be a little pricey but you certainly get what you pay for. I’m primarily using it to build muscle and been seeing some solid gains the first month using PM. I’m pretty impressed with the results and so happy to finally having found the product that does exactly what the box says”.

Customers found the product expensive but worth it.

Granville echoes:

“While taking this product I have so much energy and stamina like I used to when I was back in college. I feel great, and my friends and family can see a change in me. Before Prime Male, I was in bad shape and all the other products I tried using did not work well”.

Prime Male: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

prime male website

Prime Male is available on the official website:

Payment can be done via all major credit cards as well as Paypal.

Prime Male comes in three different packages.

4 Months Supply

3 bottles

+ 1 FREE bottles

Free Shipping Worldwide

Price: $207.00

2 Months Supply

2 bottles

Free Shipping in US and UK

Price: $138.00

1 Month Supply

1 bottle

Price: $69.00

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The product has a 90 day money back guarantee applicable to the 3 bottle (3 month) supply.

Customers who are unhappy with their purchase can return all used and unused items for a refund.

The manufacturer will deduct $35 admin fee and shipping cost from the refund.

Returns can be made within 30 days of arrival in the US and 14 days in the UK and other countries.

Only unopened items will be accepted and the customer is liable for all shipping and handling costs.

Prime Male Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive list of powerful ingredients.
  • Enough quantity of ingredients in each dose.
  • Increases testosterone, energy, muscle mass and libido.
  • Clear, easy to understand label.
  • Money back guarantee for the 3 month supply package.
  • No reported side effects.


  • Expensive when buying one bottle.
  • Only available from the official website.
  • Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Prime Male Review: Should You Buy It?

prime male verdict

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Prime Male promises to boost testosterone production in males over 30yrs

It is backed by 12 ingredients scientifically picked for their qualities.

Since all the ingredients are natural it has no discernable side effects.

The product has been sold all over the world and has numerous positive reviews.

You can make great savings by purchasing the three month pack which enjoys free shipping and a 90 day money back guarantee.

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