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Transparent Labs Fat Burner Review: Simple But Powerful

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Transparent Lab Fat Burner is an advanced fat loss organic formulation for burning extra calories in an obese body. Read this review to find how it is done.

(Last Updated on June 16, 2024)

Some of the strongest supplements we can get today are fat burners. These supplements are designed with one goal in mind: to help burn excessive amounts of body fat to help us get a lean physique.

However, you can easily make the wrong assumptions when you hear the name “fat burner” because a lot of people are struggling with obesity1
today. Don’t think that you can just take supplements with your meals and magically burn all the fat away – you’ll need to work on your fitness habits as well.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner is one of the most popular fat burners currently available on the market. It brings many benefits to people who are trying to lose weight and has powerful ingredients that can make the process much quicker.

Still, to avoid any misconceptions, we’ve decided to do a thorough review of Transparent Labs PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner and help you understand its effects and benefits.

What Is Transparent Labs Fat Burner?

Weight Loss

This supplement combines two of the strongest thermogenic compounds that exist.

Apart from these thermogenic compounds, it has 7 other ingredients.

Most of them are well-known ingredients that have good effects, but there are also some that we aren’t too sure about.

The thermogenic compounds are in charge of the main fat-burning effects, while the rest of the ingredients are there to assist the whole process and make the supplement more effective.

The PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner comes in the form of capsules.

What differentiates the Transparent Labs Fat Burner from other similar weight loss supplements is that the company focuses on results.

The product isn’t flashy in any way and doesn’t have any special flavor, but it’s designed to work.

We noticed that the brand isn’t too outgoing and doesn’t have a lot of advertisements, but they are able to keep their customers coming back by giving them results.

Now let’s get to the ingredients of PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Ingredients

The Transparent Labs Fat Burner comes with some solid ingredients which can be found in many weight loss supplements.

Even though this mixture of ingredients works well, we still think that there are some other ingredients that should have found their way in the mixture.

Let’s see which ingredients this product has to offer.

Forslean (Forskolin)
This ingredient stimulates fatty acid release from tissue, leading to weight loss. Forslean is especially effective for getting rid of the fat around the belly, and it’s a fact that most people have the greatest difficulties with getting rid of the fat around the abdominal region. This ingredient and its effects can contribute to burning away stubborn fat. Studies also show that Forslean can help substitute a portion of the burnt fat with muscle mass. TL Fat Burner has 500mg of Forlean.2
Green Tea
Green tea was researched numerous times, and it was proven that it could accelerate and improve the process of fat breakdown. Simply put, green tea extract helps the body use more energy and reduces the amount of fat that is being stored. It elevates the loss of fat by increasing norepinephrine production, a hormone that is known for its fat-burning properties. The formula of TL Fat Burner contains 400mg of green tea, which ensures that its effects are quite strong.3
This component has been recognized for its stress-reducing effects. This ingredient has been added to the formula because losing weight can be a really stressful process. People who are used to eating a lot of food filled with calories can find it difficult to adjust to a different diet. This is why L-Tyrosine has been added to help users deal with stress. This fat burner has 300mg of L-Tyrosine within its formula.
5-HTP is a clinically proven appetite suppressant. It helps decrease calorie consumption by removing any unwanted appetite that manifests as a reflex and not through actual need. There are numerous studies involving many people who took 5-HTP over a certain period of time. All these studies concluded that the users lost weight. Subjects felt less hunger and ate less food. The Transparent Labs Fat Burner comes with 300mg of 5-HTP.
L-Theanine is an amino acid that is found in green tea. A study from 2004 looked at the effects of Caffeine, L-Theanine, and Catechins on weight loss. All three ingredients are found in green tea. The study has shown that both L-Theanine and Caffeine had a tremendous effect on reducing the levels of fat cells (Triglycerides). L-Theanine also helps reduce stress, which helps reduce food cravings. This amino acid also has the biochemical effect of reducing appetite, which helps promote weight loss. Apart from that, it also promotes mental clarity and improves the quality of sleep. The formula of this supplement has 240 mg of L-Theanine.4
Caffeine has a good thermogenic effect and can help regulate energy levels. There is a lot of clinical research showing that caffeine can speed up the calorie-burning process, and it has energy-boosting capabilities. Even though caffeine doesn’t have very dramatic effects on its own, in combination with L-Theanine, the two are very good for raising energy and fat reduction. What is really interesting about the synergy of these two compounds is that they are particularly effective at burning belly fat, which can be a problem. The Transparent Labs Fat Burner has around 240mg of caffeine.5
Synephrine HCI
Synephrine has been recognized as an ingredient that helps speed up the process of burning fat. It’s also known as the extract of bitter orange. The effects of this ingredient are connected to its ability to increase the metabolic rate of the body when resting. This helps burn down fat throughout the whole day, even when you’re not involved in physical activity and getting a boost of energy. In proper amounts, Synephrine HCI can be really beneficial for losing weight. The PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner’s formula has 50mg of this compound.
Salicin Bark Extract
This compound is culled from white willow bark, and once ingested, it transforms into salicylic acid. It enhances the effects of Synephrine HCI while working as a fat burner itself. It’s an herbal ingredient that also alleviates any potential caffeine side-effects and can help with migraines as well. The PhysiqueSeries packs around 120mg of this extract.6
Cayenne Pepper
This is one of the most noticeable components with a thermogenic effect. It excels at burning fat, as it has strong heating properties. It heats up the body, which in turn starts a natural cooling process, leading to more burnt calories. The formula has 100mg of Cayenne Pepper. .

How Does Transparent Labs Fat Burner Work?

how Transparent Labs Fat Burner work

This supplement works through three stages, fueled by the effects of its ingredients.

The ingredients with thermogenic effects help burn calories even when resting while increasing metabolic rate.

They also stimulate metabolism and fat breakdown in the abdominal area.

Other ingredients with appetite-reducing effects aid users through this difficult process, where they must exercise and have a strict diet.

They reduce the craving for food that is high in calories.

In the end, the stress-reducing and energy-increasing ingredients help the user feel good mentally while giving them the energy they need to get through the day without eating too much.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Benefits

  • Metabolic rate increase
  • Preserves and helps build lean muscle
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Enhances fat burning
  • Has calming and anti-stress effects
  • Boosts energy
  • Helps improve physical performance

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

Transparent Labs Fat Burner reviews

The Transparent Labs Fat Burner is only sold on the company’s website.

This means that there aren’t any customer reviews on other sites.

Out of 202 reviews on the Transparent Labs website, 161 people rated it 5/5, which is around 80% of customers.

35 people rated it 4 stars, which is 17% of customers.

4 people rated it 3 stars, which is 2% of customers.

Only 2 people rated it 1 star, which is 1% of customers.

Here are some of the reviews and complaints we found most interesting.

Rene A. reports:

“I’ve used the product for about a good 2 months, and I got to say that I’m pretty pleased with my results. Keep in mind that I’m eating a healthy meal and moderate exercise so the product won’t work for anyone that doesn’t do so.”

James G. writes:

“I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks. It’s helped my cravings and appetite. So far, I have lost 12 lbs with the help of this and new diet. I will be continuing to purchase.”

Isaac says:

“Not what I expected. Plain and simple….did nothing for me.”

Julie K. reports:

“This stuff works, I don’t even take the recommended dose and can feel effects, appetite reduced, dropped weight, I will definitely purchase again.“

Transparent Labs Fat Burner: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

transaprent labs official website

The Transparent Labs Fat Burner can only be purchased from the company’s website:

This supplement comes in a plastic bottle with 120 capsules.

The recommended dosage is 4 capsules per day, in two servings between meals.

A single bottle lasts for a whole month if you use 4 capsules each day.

There are no larger bottles, but you can order up to three bottles with each purchase, giving you extra savings.

  • 1 bottle: $49.00
  • 2 bottles: $89.00 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $9.00
  • 3 bottles: $119.00 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $28.00

You can also add shipping protection that costs $1.75.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a money-back guarantee within 90 days of the purchase, and refunds are only made to the same credit card that has been used for the purchase.

Additionally, the product needs to be in its original packaging without any damage, and its contents need to be over 90%.

Are There Any Transparent Labs Fat Burner Side Effects?

This supplement comes with natural ingredients that don’t cause any side effects when taken in recommended dosages.

However, the potential issue for some people with Transparent Labs Fat Burner for some people could be the caffeine, as 240mgs can be a big dose for people who are sensitive to this ingredient.

Is Transparent Labs Fat Burner A Scam?

No, PhysiqueSeries absolutely works.

Transparent Labs is a reputable brand in the supplement industry, and this product lives up to its standards.

This brand has legit billing methods that follow the norms of the industry.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Pros and Cons


  • Good value for money.
  • Clinically tested ingredients.
  • Good results.
  • Reliable brand.
  • Good energy.
  • No jittering.


  • Too much caffeine.
  • Missing some ingredients like Green Coffee Beans and Glucomannan.

Transparent Labs Fat Burner Review: Should You Buy It?

Getting rid of fat can be really difficult.

From our experience, most people need some sort of supplement to help them in the process and speed up results.

It’s up to you to determine which product is right for you.

This is why it’s important to learn as much as possible about them to make a good decision.

Take your time to analyze them thoroughly and read what other people say about them online before spending your money.

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