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Androzene Review: Is This The Best Male Enhancer?

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Are you struggling in the bedroom game because of falling t-levels? This Androzene review will give you everything that you need to know about this product.

(Last Updated on May 3, 2024)

Erectile Dysfunction1 – it’s a thing that affects most men at one point in their life.

It’s just the same as baldness.

It’s virtually inevitable.

It happens to everyone, and it is nothing you should be ashamed of or hide.

There are millions of different reasons why you could be suffering from this unfortunate illness.

It could be due to stress, disease, age, or just happen without an apparent cause.

But… It’s 2019 people, and there is a solution to everything and anything if you look hard enough.

On of them might supplement called Androzene.

In this Androzene review we’ll cover everything about this popular product.

What Is Androzene?

Androzene is a male enhancement pill (very similar to Max Performer we reviewed here) that is made out of natural ingredients.

It is used to boost testosterone production in males, in turn providing stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections.

You can use Androzene even if you don’t suffer from ED, in order to enhance your sexual quality, performance, and stamina.

It is made by MedRX laboratories, which is a reputable supplement manufacturer.

Androzene Ingredients


Androzene is made out of a mix of herbal and natural ingredients, such as:

Guarana Seed Extract
Guarana Seed Extract is a powerful natural stimulant that is used for everything from treating ED to increasing athletic ( Or Sexual! ) performance.2
Yohimbine is a potent alkaloid stimulant. It is known to increase libido and is a popular aphrodisiac.3
Taurine is a natural acid that has a similar effect as caffeine. It is used to enhance alertness and focus, improving blood flow alongside these effects.4
Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, better known as sexy pavement lichen, is a plant that has been a proven remedy for Erectile Dysfunction for a long time.
Eleuthero Root Extract
Eleutherococcus Senticosus is a plant that is used as a food supplement to help with overall health.
Epimedium Extract
This plant’s claim to fame comes from it’s most widely known nickname, Horny Goat Weed. Its extract is used to treat ED, Low Libido, and Low sexual desire.5
Nettle Root Extract
Nettle Root Extract is a popular dietary supplement that is used for treating a variety of ailments, and it has numerous health benefits.6
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
Saw Palmetto Berry Extract is a naturally sourced supplement that is proven to boost testosterone and aid in reaching hormonal balance.7
Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Terrestris is the most popular plant when it comes to naturally boosting testosterone. It’s the most popular choice in the bodybuilder world when it comes to increasing testosterone production naturally.8

How Does Androzene Work?

how it works

Androzene’s unique blend of herbs and herb extracts improves blood flow to the penis and is a proven stimulant.

The combination of these ingredients not only boosts your erections but your sexual stamina and agility as well.

It also works as a testosterone booster, which has numerous other health benefits.

Getting your hormones in check is an essential step to improving your overall health.

So, boosting your testosterone back to its normal levels can only do you good.

Androzene supports:

  • A Natural Increase in Testosterone Production.
  • Bigger, Stronger and Harder Erections.
  • Increased Libido and Sexual Desire.

How To Use Androzene?

Androzene comes in pill form, and the manufacturer recommends taking 1-3 pills half an hour before intercourse with a glass of water.

It is also recommended to take the pills on an empty stomach, to maximize the effects of the supplement.

Are There Any Androzene Side Effects?

Androzene is considered as a safe, natural, and herb-based supplement to increase your libido, erections, and sex drive.

Although different people can experience different things, and users have reported:

  • Increase in Heart Rate.
  • Sweating.
  • Jittery Feelings.
  • Headaches.

You should check with your doctor before using Androzene, as you might be allergic to some of the ingredients, but that’s not likely.

Is Androzene A Scam?

Androzene is not a scam.

It is a proven, tried, and tested product that is manufactured in the reputable labs of MedRX.

Androzene Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

real users reviews

Androzene has received mixed reviews online.

Here is what the consumers are saying.

The Positives:

RJD writes on Amazon:

“All I can say is, wow! It really works. The first time I’ve tried it, I could feel the difference in my energy and my sexual activity… I hope it works with other people too… Results may vary from each individual; some may work right away, some may require more time… Take note, don’t take Androzene while drinking alcohol or taking other drugs, this could damage the potency of the supplement. I notice that the mfg. date is provided in the bottle, not the expiration date, called the manufacturer, he explained that the normal date to base the expiration of the product is approx. 2 years after the mfg. date, and it depends on how you have stored the product. It is recommended that you store it in a cool dark place or refrigerator to maintain freshness. I would definitely recommend this product to every man!”

Vinnie gives it 5 stars and writes:

“Cheaper and better than Cialis! It worked within 2 days!”

Now, not everyone has had a pleasant and positive experience when it comes to Androzene.

Let us take a look at some negative reviews.

The Negatives:

Richard L. Schott writes on Amazon:

“There are no clinical trials of this concoction, and it is essentially useless. The product is hyped in infomercials by a sleazy guy who looks like he could use a whole bottle! The product preys on those men who worry about their declining libido, which is a natural function of aging. Like all supplements and vitamins, there is essentially no regulation or required clinical trials. It is likely priced so high as to suggest it is effective; save your money!”

Anthony Reid gives it two stars and writes:

“Androzene keeps me up all night because of caffeine-like ingredient. Even tho it does work, it’s not good for me during weekdays when I have to go to work.”

Androzene: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

official website

Androzene is available on Amazon and on the official Androzene website.

Each bottle contains 90 pills.

  • One Bottle Costs: $144.36
  • Six Bottles Cost: $433.09

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Androzene offers an amazing 90-day money-back policy if you are not satisfied with the product.

Androzene Pros and Cons


  • Increases natural testosterone production.
  • Increases libido, erection size, and quality.
  • It has ingredients scientifically certified.


  • It might not work if taken on a full stomach.
  • It is not for people with heart issues.
  • It has numerous side-effects.

Androzene Review: Should You Buy It?

Ultimately the choice is up to you.

Androzene is a very powerful natural supplement that is used not only to treat erectile dysfunction but as a way to improve testosterone and hormone levels.

Although the product itself is not proven to work, the ingredients it contains are all known testosterone boosters and are all used to improve erection quality.

It increases sex boosting hormones, and increases the quality and frequency of your sexual performance.

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  1. I have used this product in the past. I was very pleased with the effective and satisfaction i got and the satisfaction of my female partner. Thank you!

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