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How To Whiten Inner Thighs?

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Is the skin on your inner thighs darker than the rest of your body? If your head nods to a yes, there is nothing to worry about. We have a solution.

(Last Updated on November 20, 2023)

Does putting on short pants and bikini makes you cringe because your thighs look unsightly?

Your plan to look hot and attractive goes out of the window due to the state of your thighs?

It is time to address the issue: how to get rid of dark skin between legs.

Causes Of Dark Inner Thighs

Everyone wants to have a perfect body, that includes skin that is even in tone. Dark thighs can ruin that image. Factors that can cause dark inner thighs include:

  • Acanthosis Nigricans is a condition where dark and thick velvety patches of skin appear on the body. It can appear on the neck, thighs and other areas where skin folds. This problem is caused by too much insulin in the body, and is linked to prediabetes, diabetes and obesity.
  • Medications such as hormone pills, growth hormones and thyroid medications can contribute to darker skin tones around the thighs and skin folds. It is usually medications that increases cell production that will trigger dark patches.
  • Friction between thighs is more common for those who suffer from dark inner thighs, particularly in those who shave their thighs, runners and overweight people. As the skin rubs against each other, the body responds by increasing its thickness.
  • Chemicals such as hair removal cream and cause the skin to darken in response. If you like removing hair on your sensitive areas with hair removing chemicals, the skin will try to protect itself against chemical onslaught, as inner thigh skin is thinner.
  • Sun exposure is another common cause of dark skin around the thighs, particularly when you have been not reapplying when necessary.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Skin Between Legs

To fix the problematic dark inner thighs, you have a few options: laser, bleach or exfoliate. Depending on budget, time spent and how quickly you want the results, you can pick one or all of the options.

  • Whitening laser treatment can be considered the most expensive option available. The benefit of this is someone can target spots that you may miss, and the result shows after a few treatments. The downside is the cost and regular visits.
  • Bleaching cream for inner thighs is made specifically for areas of the skin that are thinner and more sensitive. Unlike armpits and necks, the thigh is less exposed to elements, and would require a different formulation for it to be effective.
  • Exfoliating helps if your problem is not severe enough. For some, removing the dark skin is enough to fix the issue. While exfoliating helps, it can be difficult to target all the areas of the inner thigh.

Home Remedies For Dark Skin Between Legs

Proper maintenance is the key to make your dark inner thighs go away. Good cleaning habits is the first thing you should practice to avoid making it worse. Here are a few home remedies that might be helpful.

  • Exfoliating scrubs such as coffee ground, salt or sugar. You can use any or a combination, forming a paste with moisturizing oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. Scrub in circular motion gently every week until the dark skin is removed.
  • Natural bleaching agents such as lemon juice or apple cider vinegar offers a gentle solution to your dark skin problems. It is best applied daily until you see an improvement. The trick is to let it dry and wait half an hour before washing it off.
  • Home remedies that encourage new cell growth such as onion and potato juice are helpful to rejuvenate new layer of skin after you removed the dark patch of skin. Applied daily after first exfoliating the skin, repeat the cycle until you have an evenly toned skin.
  • Skin brighteners such as cucumber and sandalwood acts to make the skin look healthy and bright. You can apply cucumber juice mixed with some sandalwood around the thigh, leave it to dry before rinsing off.
  • Skin hydrators such as coconut oil and aloe vera helps maintain hydration and moisture. It also can reduce the friction between thighs for unblemished new layer of skin.
  • Clothing is also an important part of inner thigh maintenance. Wear proper clothing for exercise, so that the fabric does rub against the skin and cause irritation. Invest in good quality exercise pants that has wicking properties to dry sweat quickly.

Using Cream For Dark Inner Thighs

As your sensitive body part is close to the inner thigh, it pays to invest in good quality products that works well and does not cause irritation anyway.

Meladerm cream is a backed by ten years of research, and does not contain harmful ingredients like mercury. It also does not contain hydroquinone, a product that can worsen the problem for people with dark skin tones.

Meladerm has works twofold, it contains ingredients that are well known for its efficacy, as well as products that are thoroughly researched:

  • Gigawhite is a combination of plant extracts from seven Swiss alpine. It is preservative free, and is shown to brighten skin by reducing dark spots.
  • Sepiwhite is a solution that is derived from an amino acid called Phenylalanine. Through the Aminovector™ solution, Sepiwhite can fade dark skin from week one.
  • Symwhite is an antioxidant that from pine trees, it serves to protect the skin from turning dark due to pollutants. Working side by side is Vitamin C and Emblica Fruit extract, known for its antioxidative effects.
  • Skin lightening agents such as kojic acid and lemon juice are the bleaching agents in Meladerm.
  • The lightening agents are complemented by skin brighteners such as arbutin from bearberry, mulberry and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3).
  • To make it work at its optimum level, the cream has lactic acid as its exfoliating agent.

For best results, use Meladerm on the inner thighs twice a day, preferably after cleansing. You should be able to tell a difference within a week, with the full effect within three months.

Taking a picture before Meladerm, you can compare for yourself  inner thigh bleaching before and after, and you will be happy with the result.

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  1. Ive tried lemon n potato juice but nothing happens ,even been recommended vaseline blue seal but nothing now i wish to do lasers are there any side effect

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