TRX2 review

TRX2 Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

TRX2 Supplement claims to prevent hair loss and regrow hair by maintaining the membrane potential of hair follicles, stimulating the de novo synthesis of potassium channels, restoring potassium channel activity/functionality, and hyperpolarising hair follicles.

(Last Updated on December 2, 2023)

You look in the mirror one day and realise that your hair is thinning. Your hairline also looks a bit more receded than it used to.

Apart from panicking, what do you do?

There are many reasons for hair loss. It may be hereditary. It may result from lifestyle changes. It may be due to illness. It may be due to hormone changes. Whatever the reason it can devastating when it happens.

There are products on the market that claim to help with hair loss. One such product is TRX2.

This is a range of products that promises to give you visual improvements in hair texture and thickness. It also claims to give a slow but steady hair improvement.

Is there any truth in these claims? Time to take a look!

What Is TRX2?

This product is made by Oxford Biolabs. The company was founded in 2009. Following two and a half years research, TRX2 was its first product brought to market in 2011.

CEO and Founder Dr. Thomas Whitfield is a graduate of Christchurch College, Oxford. He has a PHD in Biochemistry.

  • This product aims to maintain normal, healthy hair.
  • It also claims to give you visibly stronger & thicker hair.
  • It may help reduce thinning hair too.

What Products Are In This Range?

There are six products in the range.

The active products are:

  • Molecular Food Hair Supplement: designed to improve the function of hair follicles.
  • Hair Revitalising Lotion: a topical solution produced using naturally-based ingredients. It is developed for use on the scalp to nourish hair follicles.
  • Hair Revitalising Foam: for use on the scalp to nourish hair follicles.

The support products are:

  • Advanced Hair Thickening & Styling Cream: aimed to boost volume and lock in moisture. This may enhance the look of the hair.
  • Advanced Care Volumizing Shampoo: enriches and infuses hair with weightless volume.
  • Advanced Care Bio-Active Conditioner: may help hair to retain moisture. It may keep hair more hydrated, and more able to withstand the harsh outdoors.

TRX2 Ingredients


Active ingredients in TRX2 products are:

Carnipure Tartrate 800mg

May prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Potassium Chloride 191mg

May help stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

L-Leucine 150mg, L-Isoleucine75mg, L-Valine 75mg

These are branch chain amino acids. Their supplementation is associated with promoting muscle protein and increasing muscle growth over time. They may also stimulate hair growth.

Niacin & Zinc

May help reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair.


May improve hair growth.

How Does TRX2 Work?

how it works

The company claims the product works by reactivating and stimulating potassium ion channels in hair follicles. At the same time providing additional nutrients to help hair growth.

Potassium channels are protein structures found in many cells of the human body. They help vital nutrients cross cell membranes.

Studies indicate that opening potassium channels plays an important part in hair growth.

The company states:

Impaired potassium channels causes the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles to become disrupted, which leads to hair loss. Just like a plant without water, follicles shrink and hair eventually falls out.

The company has cited a study that they carried out on this product.

It concluded that 87% of people experienced improvements in hair texture and thickness. This was over a period of up to 18 months.

There are no independent clinical trials on this product.

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TRX2 Side Effects

The company advises there are no major side effects.

The products contain no artificial colours, no gluten and no preservatives.

It does however advise that you consult your doctor if you are on any medication.

TRX2 Reviews & Complaints

trx2 real users reviews

There are not many independent customer reviews.

There are 24 reviews on Amazon with an overall 3.4* rating.

Some customers are very happy with the results they are seeing.

Bertie writes:

I have taken trx2 over 12 months now and I have seen some stop of hair loss after 4-5 month and the hair re-growth occurred after 6-9 months of taking it non-stop. So I am very happy with the results! I definitely recommend it!

Another customer has seen the added benefit of an improvement in his skin as well.

Jonathan Youssef writes:

I can be honest about this. It is expensive but it does better than losing hair. I still will pay this much for it. I can’t find anything else like it. It works so good that it helps the follicles that contribute to acne. So my skin and hair are better. Thank you wish it was more affordable.

Some have found no improvement from using the product.

Drukkosz writes:

Don’t see any results and it’s too expensive.

In a similar vein Ahmad Taji writes:

I have been using it for 8 month , nothing , I lost hair that I had , as I did before.

TRX2: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

Molecular Food Hair Supplement:

  • 1 bottle (90 capsules): €59.95 (approx. $74.00)
  • 3 bottles (270 capsules): €149.95 (approx $186.00)

Hair Revitalising Lotion:

  • 1 bottle: €52.95 (approx. $66.00)

Hair Revitalising Foam:

  • 1 bottle: €52.95. (approx. $66.00)

Advanced Hair Thickening & Styling Cream:

  • 1 tub: €25.00. (approx. $31.00)

Advanced Care Volumizing Shampoo:

  • 1 bottle: €19.00. (approx $24.00)

Advanced Care Bio-Active Conditioner:

  • 1 bottle: €19.00. (approx $24.00)

Shipping and taxes may apply outside the EU or on single bottle order.

You can sign up for auto shipment of 3 bottles of the supplement every 3 months. This will get you a better price.

  • Classic Pack (3 bottles of TRX2 every 90 days): €149.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: €29.90

More details about Auto-Delivery Supersaver Programme from a company site:

If you subscribe to our Auto-Delivery Supersaver Programme, we will ship a 3-month supply of the products from one of our great package offers to you every 90 days for a combined saving of up to 32%. Also, for any of our future products, you will receive one free sample as soon as available.

Your payment will be charged every 90 days on a recurring basis (usually one day prior to shipping).

There is no minimum time commitment. To cancel or suspend shipments, simply contact Customer Service via [email protected] at least 14 days prior to your next scheduled shipping/billing date.

Please keep your credit card and shipping address current. If your information changes, including card expiration, please contact Customer Service to submit the updated information.

Where to buy TRX2?

We recommend to avoid places like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or Walgreens.

Buy Melaniq at Oxford Biolabs official website only, so you can be sure that you get an original product with money back guarantee.

This product is avaliable worldwide, including countries like: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or Italy.

See below how the official site looks like.

trx2 official website

Return/Refund Policy

The company will, at its discretion, allow for the return or replacement of any unopened and unused product. This applies for 60 days from the date of purchase.

For auto ship, returns for more than one payment may be given if they are requested within the 60-day return period.

Refunds will be made in full excluding shipping and minus a handling charge of €5.50.

TRX2 Pros & Cons


  • It contains ingredients that may help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.
  • A clinical study by the company has positive results.
  • There are products available to support the active ingredients.
  • You can choose supplement or topical application.
  • 60 day returns policy.


  • Price may be prohibitive for some.
  • May take a long time to see results.

TRX2 Review: Final Verdict

trx2 hari supplement review - verdict

There is some evidence that this product may work. The company make no bones that this is not a quick fix. At best you may see results in 3 to 5 months.

They also advise that this hair supplement needs to be taken on a regular basis to see positive results.

They also advise that it was designed for men and women experiencing early stages of hair loss. It may not promote hair growth in advanced stages of hair loss.

It seems that if you are fortunate enough to just be experiencing the first signs of hair loss this product may help you.

If however you are further into the stages of hair loss you might just have to accept it. Why not follow in the footsteps of celebs like Vin Diesel or Jason Statham and shave it all off!

We laid out the facts, will you buy TRX2? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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