SNS Nails Review

SNS Nails Review: Is It A Scam?

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SNS is a proprietary nail dipping system by Signature Nail Systems. Dip nails are a manicure system that falls between a classic manicure and fake acrylic talons. The main difference with both classic manicures and acrylics is that the pigment actually comes in powder form.

(Last Updated on November 5, 2022)

The beauty industry is massive today.

New products are being frequently released, with the aim of helping people look better and feel more confident while they are exploring the outdoors – whether at work, a party or just when hanging out with a couple of friends.

One thing that many women often finds lacking in the work of beauty products is brands that dedicate their effort toward producing products that are specific to nails.

This is where SNS Nails have come in and brought a solution that millions of women have been searching for – a brand that solely focuses on nails, and nails alone.

What’s more, this brand has decided to focus on keeping nails healthy, while making them beautiful.

In this post, we’ll dig deeper into what this brand is all about.

We’ll take a look at their best-selling products, customers reviews, and also consider the pros and cons of SNS Nails.

What Is SNS Nails?

SNS Nails is a brand of nail polish and other products that can be used for both manicures and pedicures.

The brand only specializes in products that are healthy for the user’s nails, instead of producing average nail products that are often filled with chemicals that may cause damage to the user’s nails.

The product manufactured by the brand are made from high-quality natural ingredients to help make the user’s nails stronger and healthier – this is quite a significant movement from the standard types of nail polish, gels and other items that we often see on the shelves at local beauty supply stores.

The brand is unique in what they offer their clients, and they only specialize in nail-related products.

SNS Nails: What Do They Sell?

SNS Nails sell a wide variety of different natural nail products that help to improve the strength and overall health of the user’s nails.

In addition to providing a boost in nail health, these products also come in different colors and styles, ensuring the user can improve the health of their nails, while also making them appear beautiful at the same time.

The company has quite a large variety of products behind them, divided up into different ranges.

Each range caters toward particular types of customers that may require something specific.

Some products can also be used together to accomplish better results.

The categories of products offered by this brand include:

  • Gelous Dipping Powders
  • Pink & White
  • Bases & Sealers
  • SNS Matching Nail Lacquers
  • SNS Gelstar (This is the latest range of products to be released by the brand)
  • Mastermatch System

In addition to providing a variety of different nail products, including powders, bases, gels, and polishes, the brand also offers their customers a wide range of accessories that can be used to do their own manicures and pedicures at home.

Some of the accessories that the brand offers their customers include French dip molding equipment, nail polish holders, brushes, nail clamps, and more.

It should be noted that, while some of the products offered by the SNS Nails brand will provide a way to create different nail styles, such as their color varieties, not all of their products provide such features.

There are specific products that this brand offers that come in a clear color – these products are primarily designed to add a glossy look to the user’s nails, while also giving them the ability to build up the strength of their nails and to speed up nail growth.

SNS Nails Most Popular Products

There are some products offered by this brand that are more popular than others.

We found that customers are particularly interested in the natural products from the SNS Nails brand that helps them strengthen their nails and to help make their nails grow faster.

We did some research to help us determine which particular products from the brand are particularly popular among customers who rely on the brand.

These are the products we found to be most commonly purchased.

SNS Natural Set Nail Dipping Powder

A particularly popular product that is part of their “Natural Set Plus” range, as well as part of their “Pink & White” range.


The product provides a flexible and shiny pinkish finish that will last for up to three weeks.

The product is easy to use and also comes quite an attractive price considering the fact that it utilizes a number of natural products.

This product can be used as an upper layer for some of the other products that the brand offers.

SNS Dipping Powder Gelous Base

Another popular product that works as a base for some other product by the brand.

This gelous base is also affordable, especially when compared to some of the other branded gel base products on the market that is made from natural ingredients.

SNS Dipping Powder Gelous Color

A range of powder-based products that are a particularly popular option among those customers that prefer to apply color-based products to their nails.

The SNS Dipping Powder Gelous Color collection comes in many different colors, which means every customer will find a color that matches their preferences.

SNS Nails Side Effects

Side-effects are not very common with a brand like SNS Nails.

The brand notes that all of their products have been designed to be easy-to-use, as well as safe and healthy for the user’s nails.

This means that, instead of leading to side-effects, such as fragile nails, these products would rather feed the nails with important substances that may help to improve the strength of the nails that the product is applied to.

We did find one user who complains about an adverse effect they experienced while using products from the SNS Nails brand.

In particular, the user mentioned that they developed a fungus infection while using this product, which they had never developed before they started to use the particular product from this brand that they purchased.

Is SNS Nails A Scam?

We did a lot of research to ensure that the SNS Nails brand is both legit and useful for clients.

After we have read a large number of reviews and looked for complaints, we can confirm that there are no data available that suggests that this brand may be a scam or have scammed any previous clients.

SNS Nails Reviews & Complaints

There are quite a lot of reviews to be found regarding products that have been manufactured by the SNS Nails brand.

One particular thing that we noted is that the majority of the reviews that we were able to discover are positive.

This leads to the conclusion that it seems like the brand provides their customers with effective products that work.

We would, of course, like to share some of the reviews that we were able to find for the brand’s products.

By looking at these reviews, our readers would be able to identify the potential that the brand may have in regards to improving the overall health of their nails, as well as to ensure they can make their nails look the way they like it.

We will start by looking at some of the positive reviews that we found.

User Tweet says:

I’ve only done SNS manicures since they came out. I faithfully went to my salon for my manicures but noticed my nails were not getting stronger and healthier as the SNS intended. After soaking off my mani at home, I could see how mangled my nails were from over drilling. They literally looked like I’ve been having acrylics, which I haven’t had in over ten years. After some research, I decided to do my own nails and started using Natural Set only to allow my damaged nails to grow out. I’ve completed two manicures myself and what a difference!

User Luminous L says:

Works as expected. Color is as described. Natural set. Came sealed and properly packaged, would gladly buy again.

User SunbowSue says:

Works well, trying to do this myself, so far so good. Bought a Dremel type tool to clean the nails. This product builds up your nail, great if they are fragile!

And we should also look at some of the negative reviews that we found on the product pages for this brand.

User Kevin natal says:

Not happy with it. I ordered the same product I purchased before, which it looks the same one in the picture, but I received another one totally different.

User Meme says:

I waited to write this review… But this is it… the product literally lifts from the nail within a day or two. I’m not sure why because the first use it didn’t happen. I have applied it in the same manner time and time again, and NOPE still lifts. Money wasted. Hey, maybe it’s not the powder, it could be the polish brushes themselves which should help the powder adhere, but I won’t be buying again. Oh.. the color is true to its description though.

User D. Tornay says:

Developed fungus under nails using this product. I’ve had my nails done for decades, and this is a first!

SNS Nails Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

The series of products offered by this brand cannot be purchased directly from the official SNS Nails branded website.

Instead, customers who are interested in these products will need to visit a salon that uses products from this brand.

Some of the brand’s products are also available at licensed distributors.

We also found an online store for the SNS brand on Amazon.

SNS Nails Pros & Cons


  • All of the products made by this brand contains a series of natural products that have been chosen based on their ability to improve the strength of the user’s nails, as well as to allow their nails to grow faster. No harmful chemicals have been added that may cause harm to the user’s nails.
  • A variety of products are offered by this band, including gel bases, overlayers, dipping powders, and more. The brand also sells various accessories that can help the user do a better job of giving themselves a pedicure or a manicure at home.
  • Products offered by this brand are relatively affordable. While they are not as cheap as most in-store brands that can be picked up at a local beauty supply store or at a Walmart, customers have noted that they are among the more affordable brands that manufacture natural nail products.


  • We found some users complaining about not receiving the correct product when buying these products on Amazon. We did notice that the official brand seems to be selling these products on Amazon, which means they might have problems with their distribution department.
  • We noticed that the brand does not accept returns of any products, which means all sales are final. This is primarily for hygiene purposes. It may also be unpleasant if the customer finds that the product they buy is unable to provide them with the benefits that the brand claims these products offer – such as the strengthening of their nails.
  • There are some customer complaints about the powder-based products from the brand lifting up quickly, yet the brand claims that these products will last for as long as three weeks.

SNS Nails Review: Final Verdict

Millions of women enjoy experimenting with different styles of nail art, colors, and techniques.

Their nails serve an important part in ensuring they look and feel beautiful.

The problem is, however, that a lot of brands tend to include possibly harmful chemicals in their nail polish and gel, which can be harmful to a woman’s nails.

With SNS Nails, this is no longer a problem.

The brand has released quite an impressive number of product lines – all of which are made from organically processed chemicals, providing a natural way for women to make their nails look exactly the way they want it to look.

We’ve provided a complete overview of this brand in this post to help our readers get a better understanding of who SNS Nails is, what the brand has to offer, if their products are really as healthy for nails as they claim, and to see what past customers have said about the products they have purchased from the brand.

So, what do you think about our SNS Nails review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

3 Replies to SNS Nails Review: Is It A Scam?

  1. Hello,

    I am an authorized online distributor for SNS Nails. I was doing some research and landed on your page, which I was glad that happened. I’ve been with this company for many years and they are true to their products. I see your pros and cons list, and mainly the cons is about not being able to purchase anywhere else besides Amazon. I’d like to clarify that SNS Nails does not allow anyone selling on Ebay or Amazon, so that is where I come in. I could guarantee that our customer service would not let anyone down. I hope this message will help you guys! Thank you.

  2. I would like to do my own SNS dipping powder nails. Where
    can I get everything I will need to do them here at home myself,
    in Canada?

  3. Thank you so much for the information. I have an SNS manicure (Ombre), and I like it. This type of information with the follow-up comments is very helpful and much needed for consumers.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thank you.

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