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Skinny Coffee Club Review: Should You Buy It?

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Skinny Coffee Club is not just any coffee – it’s coffee that is supposed to help you achieve a dramatic weight loss. Does it really work? Read our review!

(Last Updated on November 9, 2022)

Weight loss takes a lot of discipline, exercise, dieting, and, nowadays, spending on supplements or fat burners, which explains why there are so many weight loss products in the market today.

Caffeinated supplements are especially becoming more popular, each bringing something unique to the table and most promising all sorts of unbelievable results.

Skinny Coffee Club is one such caffeinated weight loss supplement that is making quite a fuss, having racked up over 240,000 diehard fans on Instagram.

In this Skinny Coffee Club review, we investigate what Skinny Coffee Club is all about, including its product claims, ingredients, usage and dosages, side effects, user feedback, and prices, among other factors you might want to consider before trying the supplement (or not).

What Is Skinny Coffee Club?

Skinny Coffee Club is coffee, whose manufacturer claims is no ordinary coffee because it is supposed to help women lose weight dramatically by reducing food cravings and initiating a slimming effect.

The manufacturer recommends a diet and exercise regimen to be followed when you purchase any of their products.

According to the official website:

  • 94% of users experienced fast weight loss
  • 92% saw visible results
  • 97% experienced increased levels of energy
  • 93% got an improved complexion
  • 95% had a reduction in appetite
  • 96% had lesser bloating
  • 95% admitted the taste was amazing
  • 99% felt better about themselves
  • you get a free diet and exercise plan

Their product variations include the instant edition, night edition, mocha, expresso rise & grind, expresso suppresso sachet, and expresso sleeping brew-ty sachet.


skinny coffee club weight loss coffee

Let’s delve deeper to find out what ingredients it contains and what each does.

Instant Coffee
Coffee is increasingly becoming part of weight loss supplements for its ability to boost mood and increase energy levels while suppressing appetite. It is an ingredient in all six skinny coffee club products, although, as expected, the night edition and expresso sleeping brew-ty have decaffeinated coffee.
Green Tea Extract
Green tea, too, contains caffeine but it also has the antioxidant catechin, which has been found to help increase fat burning both at rest and during exercise. Green tea extract is only an ingredient in the instant and mocha editions.
Garcinia Cambogia
Native to the tropics, Garcinia cambogia has a presence in many weight loss supplements even though experts don’t think it has significant effects. It is rich in hydroxy citric acid, a component that may help lower the production of fat in the body. The fruit’s extract is also thought to help users feel less hungry by increasing serotonin levels. It is an ingredient in the instant and mocha editions of skinny coffee club products.
Siberian Ginseng
Among ginseng’s popular uses is boosting immune function, helping combat stress and diseases, increasing energy, and improving overall health. However, science-based documentation concerning ginseng is limited. Skinny coffee club uses it in the instant, night, and mocha editions.
The only ingredient approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for weight loss, glucomannan is said to help users lose weight when used in combination with a restricted diet. It is a water-soluble fiber that’s low in calories and fills your belly to promote satiety, reducing food intake during mealtimes. Glucomannan is present in the expresso rise & grind, expresso suppresso sachet, and expresso sleeping brew-ty variations.
Other ingredients
Spirulina, chlorella, and fennel (night edition), Skimmed milk powder, sweet whey powder, and salt (mocha), Maltodextrin, zinc citrate, ascorbic acid, and nicotinamide (expresso editions)

How Does Skinny Coffee Club Work

skinny coffee club weight loss

Skinny Coffee Club works in three main ways.

Firstly, it is packed with ingredients that may suppress appetite, including coffee, green tea extract, glucomannan, and garcinia cambogia.

These may help users eat less without feeling hungry.

Secondly, it boosts mood and increases energy levels through components such as caffeine and Siberian ginseng, which may help you carry on with your daily routine even when eating less.

Thirdly, it supposedly helps increase metabolic activities while simultaneously preventing the accumulation of fat.

Moreover, the manufacturer recommends an exercise and diet regimen to pair with the coffee so that you can lose more calories and eat less.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Although the official site doesn’t mention any side effects, some of them (based on the ingredients list and user feedbacks) may include:

  • Nervousness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Fast heartbeat and breathing
  • Thirst
  • Diarrhea

How To Use It?

skinny coffee club supplement

The packaging recommends that you use a French press when preparing the coffee but also points out that you could still get the job done with a tea strainer, coffee filter, or sieve.

What’s more, user feedbacks on Amazon say you can use a traditional coffee maker or Keurig machine.

On the official skinny coffee club site, the manufacturer notes that their Expresso Intensive 7-day weight loss program is intended to help women lose weight in a week with only three espresso shots a day.

The rise and grind sachet is meant for mornings, providing an energy boost and leaving you feeling fuller for longer.

Suppresso is designed to be taken before lunch and they say it is scientifically proven to suppress appetite as well as reduce fatigue and brain fog.

Then, the sleeping brew-ty package is meant for the evenings, ensuring that you do not experience food cravings late in the night.

Is Skinny Coffee Club A Scam?

Yes and no. How?

Skinny coffee club’s promises are unbelievable but then again, their products come with a dieting and workout plan, which are the two most important things you must do to lose weight.

Some users who did not exercise or strive to eat healthy reported little-to-no changes while others who did so can’t determine whether the weight loss resulted from their efforts or the skinny coffee club had an input.

What’s more, it seems the company is very aggressive when marketing on social media, taking advantage of multi-level marketing to recruit new customers while promising them unrealistic results.

This especially becomes evident when you compare the reviews on their official site and social media platforms against those on Amazon – worlds apart!

Skinny Coffee Club Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

skinny coffee club customers reviews

Of 84 customer reviews on Amazon, 47% are giving it 5 stars with an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Let’s look at some user testimonials.

Here are some positive reviews.

Sara says on the official site:

I have just finished the 28 days and feel amazing! I have lost 8 kilos and most of all I feel energetic and healthier all around I am certainly going to complete keep to the eating plan and food was delicious and most of all I didn’t have to starve myself to lose the weight my calorie counter app has officially been deleted!

What about negative reviews?

An anonymous Amazon customer says:

Horrible. Doesn’t do anything. Tastes horrible. Doesn’t even have enough in it to last 28 days. Seriously the bag is half as small as it looks online then is only half full.

Laberinto writes:

I thought I should leave a review for this product since I always check reviews before I buy items. I saw this advertisement on my Facebook page and decided to give it a try despite the high price. Totally NOT worth it. I didn’t drop one ounce. I’m 5.6′ and struggle with 15 extra pounds constantly. I weigh 150. I exercise daily and keep a natural and portion control diet. I lost 17 lbs 6 months ago to fit on my wedding dress and got a little off my regular habits and gained weight. I thought this would help me but I was wrong. The taste is O.K. I can drink it. But it’s just not a true diet. I hope this helps.

Skinny Coffee Club: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

skinny coffee club website

It can be bought at:

Skinny Coffee Club has about six products but they come in 7 unique programs, each with several packages as follows:

Original weight loss program

  • 28 day: £24.99
  • 8 week: £34.95
  • 12 week: £64.95
  • 6 month: £107.95

Day & night

  • 28 day & night: £44.95
  • 8 week: £74.95
  • 12 week: £107.95
  • 6 month: £179.95

Intensive 7 day weight loss program

  • 7 day: £29.95
  • 14 day: £49.95
  • 21 day: £74.95
  • 6 week: £139.95

Skinny Bundle

  • 28 day: £69.95
  • 8 week: £124.95
  • 12 week: £174.95
  • 6 month: £299.95

Night Edition (Decaf)

  • 28 day: £27.95
  • 8 week: £44.95
  • 12 week: £64.95
  • 6 month: £107.95

Chocolate Mocha

  • 28 day: £24.95
  • 8 week: £39.95
  • 12 week: £59.95
  • 6 month: £99.95

Chocolate Mocha Day & Night

  • 28 day: £44.95
  • 8 week: £74.95
  • 12 week: £104.95
  • 6 month: £169.95

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Skinny Coffee Club does not offer a money-back guarantee in case the product doesn’t work.

However, their return policy indicates that you may be eligible for a refund if the product is unused or damaged by the customer.

They seem to only process refunds for items that were damaged before they reached their consumers, and only if they were returned within 28 days of purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible solutions.
  • Easy preparation.
  • Free worldwide delivery.


  • No subscription.
  • Expensive.
  • Unrealistic before and after photos on the website.

Skinny Coffee Club Review: Should You Buy It?

If you are ready to work out and maintain a strict, healthy meal plan, then Skinny Coffee Club is not such a bad idea, but only as something that helps you eat less and maintain high energy levels.

If you believe the dramatic results associated with this product on social media and the official site, you are probably going to be disappointed.

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