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Pure Haven Essentials Review 2023: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Pure Haven Essentials, formerly Ava Anderson, is a network marketing company that sells beauty and skincare products. Are they legit? Read our review to learn more about this company.

(Last Updated on November 29, 2022)

Pure Haven Essentials is a company that offers a wide variety of products that cater to health and beauty.

They also offer their customers a chance to join their business by providing a multi-level marketing, or MLM opportunity.

A lot of people are skeptical about this type of business because there has been some bad media hype regarding it.

However, not all of these brands are out to rip off their members.

In fact, tons of them have helped people become quite successful.

What is Pure Haven Essentials?

Pure Haven Essentials didn’t always have this name.

It used to be called Ava Anderson.

However, the goal of the brand has always been the same: they’re a networking group that offers a wide variety of health, beauty, and skincare products.

Unfortunately Pure Haven Essentials has some less-than-ideal history surrounding them.

Ava Anderson, the original MLM, faced a serious scandal that led to their business falling apart.

So what does a failed company do when they want to keep selling stuff?

They re-brand.

This has been done quite a few times in the history of MLMs and is one of the reasons that people seem to have a bad opinion of this particular type of sales model.

After Ava Anderson had a serious confrontation with the USDA, they decided to pull some strings and change their name.

Behold: Pure Haven Essentials.

Pure Haven Essentials: What Do They Sell?

Pure Haven Essentials basically followed up the product line that Ava Anderson sold.

They have several lines of natural health products that utilize safe, wholesome ingredients.

This is partially because of the huge conflict that arose regarding Ava Anderson.

More on this later.

Nowadays, their slogan is “Safe. Effective. Trustworthy.” Contrary to what they used to be.

Regardless, they seem to be doing quite good selling an assortment of ‘essential’ items.

These include:

Skin essentials, body essentials, hair essentials, baby and kids’ ‘essentials, home essentials, men and women’s essentials, oil essentials, and face essentials.

Pure Haven Essentials Most Popular Products

Pure Haven Essentials offers quite a few different health and beauty products but some are more popular than others.

Their most popular things that they sell include:

The Master Blaster

This is an all purpose house cleaner that can be used on many different types of surfaces.

They claim that they do not use any unhealthy, toxic compounds, which makes this a better alternative to some of the unhealthy compounds that we often use to clean our homes.


Their chemical-free detangler is a great option for people who suffer from constant tangles in their hair.

Many people report that no matter how much conditioner they use, their hair always manages to get knotted up.

This detangler is a simple spray that contains all-natural ingredients.

You can spray it onto any type of hair and it should get rid of the tangles.

Geranium Lime Body Oil

Their Geranium Lime Body Oil, as well as many of their other body oils, are a great way to condition your skin or to give a good massage.

Again, these products contain all-natural ingredients and is suitable for everyday use or for special occasions.

Does Pure Haven Essentials Work?

Before deciding to work with or buy things from Pure Haven, it’s important to understand the full history of them.

This means you will have to consider Ava Anderson’s history, since it’s the company that they grew from.

Ava Anderson, which also advertised healthy products for enhancing natural beauty, was investigated by the USDA.

They found a number of toxic chemicals and dangerous compounds in their items, despite the fact that they advertised their “products without harmful chemicals.”

They also advertised their oils as ‘organic,’ despite the fact that they didn’t fit the bill.

This directly violates the rules of the USDA.

After they were shut down they were rebranded within 3 weeks.

They shut down on January 26th, 2016, and were back in business on February 12th.

So the big question here is whether or not that’s enough time to actually change their product lines.

They do claim that their products are USDA certified.

It would make sense that this is true now, because they’ve already been investigated once by the USDA.

They were audited by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, which have pretty intense certification procedures.

Pure Haven Essentials MLM Business Opportunity

Pure Haven offers members and customers the chance to take part in a MLM’ or a multi-level marketing business opportunity.

Many people jump at the sound of joining another MLM.

However, others are very skeptical and hesitant to take part in such a practice.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this type of business, but in some cases they can be quite effective.

When structured like this, a multi-level business allows members to sell products for the company.

They can also recruit more members, who are then able to recruit more members, and so on.

The growing numbers of marketers constitutes the multi-levels in one sense.

In the other sense, MLM businesses allow you to increase in rank, or level, in the company.

The higher your rank, the more money and bonuses you can earn.

Pure Haven Essentials: The Compensation Plan

Just as with other similar businesses, there are a few ways that someone can make money with Pure Haven Essentials.

These are:

  • Making commission or earning bonuses from your own personal sale of Pure Haven products.
  • Downline commissions, meaning profit from the people that you hire to join the company.
  • Executive promotion advance bonuses.
  • Executive career path and compensation, for those who are truly dedicated to the company.

In general, you will earn between 30 and 50% of commission on things that you sell.

This depends on how much you sell overall.

  • People who sell less than $1,000 a month will only earn 30% commission.
  • People who earn between $1,000 and $2,000 will earn 35% commission.
  • People who earn between $2000 and $3000 will earn 40% commission.
  • People who earn between $3000 and 4000 will earn 45% commission.
  • People who make more than $4000 a month will make 50% commission.

In terms of downline commission, you will start out making 5% of the sales commission from your direct recruits.

As you recruit more people and increase in rank you will be able to earn more commission.

For example, when you’re level 1 you’ll only make 5%.

However, if you go beyond level 1 (considered a Star Level Consultant) and reach level two, a Double Star Level Consultant, you will get 7% of commission on your level 1 recruits and 3% on your level 2 (recruits that people you directly recruited have hired.)

Triple star consultants will get 5% on their level 2s, 3% on their level 3s, and 7% on their level 1s.

The final level is Executive Consultant and they will earn 2% commission on any recruit hired indirectly through them beyond level 3.

You will also get bonuses for ranking up.

When you hit Executive rank you will get you $500 and you will get another $500 anytime someone in your downline hits that rank.

Executive Career Path and Compensation are bonuses that allow you to earn more commission as you rank up through the executive path.

You can become a bronze, silver, gold, and diamond executive.

Is Pure Haven Essentials A Pyramid Scheme?

Many MLM businesses operate on a pyramid structure, and Pure Haven certainly milks this.

They are, however, a great business for people who are into this type of operating structure.

The pyramid scheme is a term that describes companies like these because they start at the top and continue to stretch out towards the bottom.

For example, the first person to join a MLM company would be considered a level 1 recruit.

They could then hire as many recruits as possible who would be considered level 2 recruits.

This continues to happen indefinitely and the brand will continue to grow and grow with new members recruiting more new members.

You can see how a pyramid is a good shape to describe this sort of business.

Pure Haven Essentials Reviews & Complaints

Most of Pure Haven products are only available on their website, and it looks like they filter out most of the negative reviews.

It’s possible to find reviews of the older parent company, Ava Anderson, on Amazon (despite the fact that they have gone out of business and been rebranded).

Reviews are generally not favorable, which makes sense considering Ava Anderson went under fire for selling toxic things to customers.

One review on their allegedly “Non-Toxic Dream Cream” says that they “hope nobody pays the price,” since you can get the same product “for 13.95 from Pure Haven essentials.”

Many people who work for the company as distributors have said that they’re having a good time.

One user was “glad that they rebranded,” and believes that “they have made significant improvements in their business.”

Others have not had such a good time, though. One user thought that it was “impossible to make money” with Pure Haven and that they “completely wasted my time.”

There are usually quite a few reviews that say similar things regarding these types of businesses.

Pure Haven Essentials Prices & Where To Buy

The products that Pure Haven sells aren’t unreasonably priced.

  • You can get an exfoliator for $21.95 from one of the distributors.
  • You can get a set of 3 bars of natural soap for $19.95.
  • A bottle of glass cleaner will run you $16.95. This might seem expensive compared to some of the readily available house cleaning products, but it’s a fair price to pay when you recognize that many of those house cleaners are loaded with toxic chemicals.

The best place to buy Pure Haven stuff is from their website.

You can join simply as a customer or as a marketer, which entitles you to get bonuses and sell products for them.

Many MLM companies end up with their products available on eBay and Amazon.

They usually end up being cheaper on these 3rd party websites.

Pure Haven is one of the few MLMs that still manages to maintain the monopoly on their own products.

Pure Haven Essentials Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Pure Haven has one of the coolest money-back guarantees out of any other MLM company that we have reviewed.

It’s called a 60-Day Empty Bottle Guarantee.

You can probably figure out what that implies.

You’re able to return the bottle – regardless of whether it’s full or empty – within 60 days and get a refund.

That basically means that you can use up a product and then return it anyways.

But that’s unethical and nobody would do that, I hope.

You will be given a full refund of the purchase price minus shipping.

Pure Haven Essentials Pros & Cons

It’s a good idea to be well aware of all the pros and cons for any company that you’re considering joining or buying products from.

There are certainly some great things about Pure Haven, but it’s wise to consider the negatives as well.


  • Has a pretty generous compensation plan that’s ideal for people who like to recruit new members.
  • Their new products allegedly use wholesome, healthy and natural ingredients.
  • Their prices are quite reasonable even if you’re not a member.
  • Their customer service is known to be quite good.
  • They have a good variety of different products that can appeal to a wide audience.


  • They are just a rebranding of a company that went out of business because their products were found to be toxic and dangerous.
  • If you don’t like recruiting members you can have a hard time making money simply selling products.
  • They have a number of negative reviews from various sources.

Pure Haven Essentials Review: Final Verdict

It’s good to be cautious of Pure Haven Essentials, because they are the rebranding of a company that was known for selling toxic products.

In many people’s eyes, that makes them a complete write-off.

However, we can’t make your decision for you.

Many people believe that the company has made some serious changes for the better since they were Ava Anderson.

Others even swear by them.

Now that you have finished this article, you should be better able to make a decision regarding your choice to take part in Pure Haven Essentials.

So, what do you think about our Pure Haven Essentials review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

One Reply to Pure Haven Essentials Review 2023: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

  1. Hi! I worked for Ava Anderson and that young woman is amazing. She poured her very large heart and soul into her business and her “did you know?” sales campaign was about informing people of every single detail of the toxins in our “cleaners”. She informed most of RI and was spreading the word quickly to other parts of the US and world not to trust the industry. Her products were nearly miraculous. Someone accused them of having a toxic ingredient from a home test in A SINGLE product.
    She was meticulous in her research and presentation and was very conscientious in informing people immediately. Her consultant and host process basically gave me and the host substantial quantities of supplies for free. She was most concerned with saving the planet, water supply, and our skin. She was fourteen, an inspiration and a blessing.
    Pure Haven was a way to shelter a young girl quickly. She was trying to save the planet from the evils of poison in our cleaners and personal care products by education and alternative products. It seems to be a grown-up version of the company with checks and balances in the proper places, including getting her personally out of the spotlight.
    The internet has a way of poisoning things too, unfortunately, and for the same reason- sensationalism makes more money for bloggers then truth as a general rule.

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