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Primal Plants Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Primal Plants is a dietary supplement powder combines polyphenol-rich green superfoods with cutting-edge digestive & metabolic support blends claimed to help promote better digestion, increase energy levels, and give you more youthful, healthier skin from the inside out.

(Last Updated on November 9, 2022)

The carnivore in me is not a great lover of vegetables. I know that we should aim for our 5 a day, but I rarely achieve that.

Now it’s not that I am unhealthy, but as I get older I am a bit more aware that my diet may be lacking. What I got away with in my youth may come back to haunt me.

Maybe it’s time to start looking at some of the many supplements that are available. But where to start? One name that has caught my attention is Primal Plants.

Sounds veggie based, maybe it’s what I need. Who else wants to know what’s in this supplement with an intriguing name.

What Is Primal Plants?

This is one of 22 health supplements sold by Grundy MD.

The company namesake, Dr Steven Grundy, studied at Yale, the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine, and the University of Michigan.

He has patented nine cardiac surgery devices. He has many affiliations and fellowships, as well as serving as a clinical associate to the National Institutes of Health.

Dr Grundy states he founded Grundy MD with a view to:

Dramatically improve human health, happiness, and longevity through my unique vision of diet and nutrition.

Primal Plants has a 25-ingredient formula. It combines polyphenol-rich green superfoods with digestive & metabolic support blends. Primal Plants is formulated to:

Help promote better digestion, increase energy levels, and give you more youthful, healthier skin…from the inside out!

It is a quick dissolving powder with a green apple flavor. It is free from soy, sugar, lectin and artificial sweetener.

The provision of polyphenols from green superfoods in the product seems to be their main marketing tool. Many polyphenols are antioxidants.

Polyphenols are found naturally in our diet from fruits like grapes, apples, pears, cherries and berries. They can also be found in tea, coffee, red wine and chocolate.

Lets see if any of these claims stack up.

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Primal Plants Ingredients


This product has over 30 ingredients divided into four blends:

Superfood Greens Blend
A superfood greens blend with 11 vegetable polyphenols which claims to help boost your energy and refresh your skin.

Metabolic Enhancing Blend
A metabolic-enhancing blend of 6 ingredients which claims to support metabolism and energy levels.

Digestive Support Blend
A digestive support blend of 2 digestive enzymes and pectin to may help you get the most energy from the food you eat.

Probiotic Blend
A probiotic blend featuring 4 probiotic strains, each thought to play a vital role in balancing the gut.

The Superfoods Green Blend contains 1000mg of various “superfoods” and includes spinach, kale, broccoli, mulberry, cinnamon bark, fennel seeds and Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf: The benefits of some of these are:

  • It is thought that vegetable supplements may help your health but more studies are required.
  • Gymnema Sylvestre leaf has been used in Indian Medicine to treat diabetes, weight loss and other conditions.
  • Cinnamon may have many health benefits including lowering cholesterol and improving metabolism.
  • Fennel seeds may help the cardiovascular system.

Some studies have shown that polyphenols are abundant in micronutrients. These can help with some degenerative diseases. It is not known which are the most efficient or how our body processes them.

The Metabolic Enhancing Blend contains 415mg comprised of turmeric, black pepper ginger root, white tea, green tea and bitter melon.

  • Ginger have been shown to have many health benefits including lowering cholesterol and improving metabolism.
  • Bitter melon may help with weight loss.
  • Green and white tea have been shown to be beneficial to our health in many ways.

The Digestive Support Blend contains:

  • Fructooligosaccharides – which are a natural sweetener that have health benefits.
  • Bromelain – can relieve diarrhea and help various cardiovascular disorders.
  • Modified Citrus Pectin – may have some health benefits but it is felt further research is required.

The Probiotic Blend contains 3 million cfu of the probiotics (good bacteria). bifidobacterium lactis, L. reuteri, bacillus coagulans and lactobacillus acidophilus.

Probiotics can be used to treat bowel problems. They may also help with eczema, vaginal yeast infections, lactose intolerance, and urinary tract infections.

The product also contains a number of vitamins and minerals, of these:

  • Vitamin B may help many health functions in our bodies.
  • Selenium occurs naturally in foods including eggs, fish, chicken and some fruits and vegetables. Selenium has many health benefits. However supplementing with selenium may have an adverse effect if your levels are already adequate or high.
  • Chromium can help metabolize carbs.

How Does Primal Plants Work?

This product is made up of a mix of vegetable extracts accompanied by some probiotics  and vitamins.

There are some ingredients that have been clinically shown to benefit our health. There is no evidence that this particular blend of supplement will deliver as promised.

Dr Grundy invites us to think of our bodies as like an apartment complex. He explains:

You’re the landlord, and these trillions of tiny bugs are your tenants. Some of those bugs are “good” tenants: managing your digestion, helping energy move throughout your body, and powering as much as 80 percent of your immune system function, to keep you from getting sick or infected. But your body is also home to “bad” tenants: lectins (plant-based proteins that harm proper cell function); pathogens (bugs that cause illness and infection); and gut yeasts (which harm healthy digestion and help make you overweight).

He claims that to restore our body to optimum health and wellness, we need to take care of the “good” bugs. He claims that every product from Gundry MD is designed with this purpose in mind.

He calls this Holobiotics, your body and its “bugs” working together to give you optimum health.

Primal Plants Side Effects

how it works

There are no reported side effects. However some users have experienced a skin irritation and stomach upset.

As with anything new, check the ingredients and if you are not sure consult your physician.

Primal Plants Reviews & Complaints

prima plants real users reviews

It would seem the jury is still out on this product. The reviews are mixed.

Of 69 reviews on Amazon, 30 are positive and 32 negative.

There is a different picture painted on where of 421 reviews 401 are positive.

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A rating. There are 32 customer complaints lodged. There are also 11 negative reviews and 6 positive reviews. These reviews and complaints are not necessarily about this particular product but reflect on the companies products and customer service as a whole.

There are some satisfied customers who have experienced an improvement in their overall health.

Steve Lewis writes:

I have tried many supplements over the years that people claimed made them feel great or gave them energy only to find they did nothing for me. But I look forward to drinking Primal Plants every morning because it DOES make me feel great. I can’t believe it. I love this stuff!

Meanwhile Gary Freemas is experiencing improvements with his digestive system, skin and is losing some weight.

He writes:

I ordered the Primal Plants because I have had issues with IBS. I am now finishing the 4th week on this product, and I have had NO problems or concerns with IBS. I am maintaining and losing some weight. And it seems that the dry flaky patches on my arms have begun to clear, and my skin seems to have more elasticity. In general, I am pleased with the Gundry product, and it has done what was said it would do. I will reorder when needed.

On the other side of the coin there are people that report that this product does not taste nice. They also state that it does not work as promised. It also seems that after sales telemarketing is not appreciated. Some people have also experienced stomach pain and bloating.

Enita Torres reports:

After 2 weeks of escalating stomach pain, bloating and abdominal tenderness, this is just not working for me. The instructions say to use it for a month before giving up but the pain is distracting and miserable. I experimented with this overpriced powder to find out if better gut bacteria led to better digestion. I think the stuff tastes vile but that wasn’t a problem as long as the result was improved digestion and comfort. However, it just made me feel worse.

People also find the product to be expensive.

Danette Christensen gave the product a fair trial to no avail. She writes:

I was very excited to get my Primal Plants and told everyone at work about it. Once I started, they kept asking how I was feeling and if I noticed any benefits, but I kept answering “not yet.” I knew there was a satisfaction guarantee, so I kept going even though it wasn’t helping me. Thinking that maybe I needed to give it more time, I finished all three containers. Not knowing I had to call before 90 days to take advantage of the satisfaction guarantee, I’m too late to get my refund (10 days past).

I was so hopeful that I would experience the benefits promised in the video, but did not see any positive results. Very expensive and very disappointed!

Customer service appear to be proactive in dealing with customer issues. They reached out to Danette and offered her a full refund.

Primal Plants: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

Primal Plants can be bought on the Grundy MD website. They offer a discount for first time buyers and the cost would be:

  • 1 jar: $59.99
  • 3 jars: $123.00
  • 6 jars: $240.00

The prices without discount are:

  • 1 jar: $99.99
  • 3 jars: $284.97
  • 6 jars: $539.94

One jar has 5.2oz of product which is a 30 day supply.

Shipping and handling is free on all orders apart from the first time discount offer of one jar.

There is a cost of $4.95 for delivery of that item.

See below how the official site looks like.

primal plants official website

Refunds & Returns

The company offers a 100 percent 90 day money back guarantee excluding shipping and handling costs.

Primal Plants Pros & Cons


  • Reputable company that have been trading for 30 years.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • May improve the quality of your health.
  • High quality ingredients.


  • Price is on the high end.
  • No clinical studies that the product works.
  • Off putting after sales and marketing.

Primal Plants Review: Final Verdict

primal plants superfood review - verdict

There is evidence that some of the ingredients in this product may offer some benefit to your health. There is however no clinical study to prove that this supplement will deliver on its promises.

The price point is quite high, especially after the first time purchase offer.

Customer reviews are mixed, some love it , some don’t. There is also a suggestion that it may take a long term commitment for it to work.

Is Primal Plants for you?

I suppose it depends on whether you want to pay for the convenience of supplementing your diet, or making the local greengrocer your best friend.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Primal Plants? Comment below and tell us what you think!

7 Replies to Primal Plants Review: Does It Really Work?

  1. thanks for the research and post, after reading this I feel what I’m taking already contains many active ingredients so I’ll put my money back into the product I’ve been using.
    Thank you again,

  2. I am currently using Vital Reds. Many of the ingredients which are
    found in Primal Plants are also in Vital Reds, so I don’t understand any advantage in adding PP to the diet.

  3. I have followed Gundry’s food /gut recommendations with great success. am using an extensive list of supplements from Life Extension Foundation in florida, they do have a greens supplement. the price of this Primal Plants is beyond my budget. The product would be first rate, I am sure, coming from such brilliant research as this man has devoted.

  4. I ordered total restore from them,but it wasn’t doing any thing for me. Then I received a call from a guy from the company,wanting to know how I was doing. I felt very happy,that some one really cared to know how I was doing. Then he promised to refund me my money,and told me primal plant would be better for me. He said I would only have to pay the difference . Talk about too good to be truth. I latter discovered that he did the opposite of what he promised. When I tried to reach that sweet talking nice guy ,was told he was not in at one time and another time they would a leave a message. I tried another time for him to contact me, but he never got back to me. So I would have to say these people cannot be trusted,and they won’t be getting my business any more.

  5. I have been taking primal plants now for about two months and I have to tell you it has NOT lived up to even one of it’s claims. In fact the one claim “will help to loose weight” attracted me, but sadly I have just gained. I expect I have once again fallen for a good sales pitch and wasted my money. Take it from me…..the straight goods here folks is this Product did not deliver the promises made in the advertising. I forgot that basic rule: if it sounds too good to be true…it probably is. Cheers.

  6. My concern, some people with health issues such as gall bladder. May have poor reaction or allergy to some ingredients such as tumeric, cinnamon, ginger. More research is necessary and warnings.
    I say that not as a medical professional, but by trial and error, finding answers to problems on line. i.e. the tumeric and gall bladder comment.

  7. Well all i can say is that i take gut restore once a day, & in the morning i drink vital red mixed with MTC wellness & before i go to bed at night i drink Proplant mixed with Primal plant. My results in about 3 mouths i have lost about 35 pounds with out doing any exercising. & i used to break out all over my body, all the time with a eczema rash, it wasen’t a week went by that i didn’t have a eczema rash somewhere on my body & since i’ve started his products & diet . Well no more Eczema. I thank all mighty God for the brother. Now which product is working for me , well i don’t know. But this i do know is when i run out his products, the only thing that i will be reordering is Vital Reds & Proplant.

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