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Performance Lab Prebiotic Review: Does It Really Work?

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Performance Lab Prebiotic is a nutritional supplement designed for microflora support. As a prebiotic, the supplement is intended to help support digestive health, as well as several other aspects of wellbeing.

(Last Updated on December 1, 2023)

Gut health has moved to the forefront of conversation in the media and the health and wellness industry recently.

Which explains why the sale of prebiotics and probiotics has sharply increased in recent times.

Today we’re going to explore the importance of good gut health and how to improve your gut microflora using supplements, reviewing the prebiotic by the popular brand Performance Lab.

Here’s the first thing you need to know: your gut contains more microbial cells than there are human cells in your entire body, in fact there’s around ten times more.

These microbial cells are largely found in the gut, where they make up a diverse and complex ecosystem known as the gut microflora.

Your gut is populated from the moment of birth and the types and variety of bacteria you have in your gut depends on a number of factors including your genes, lifestyle, environment, diet and the frequency of medication use like antibiotics.

The more different types of bacterial strains found in your gut microflora, the more diverse the ecosystem and the stronger and healthier your gut is.

A healthy gut can fight pathogens and is less prone to disease, has better digestion, absorbs nutrients, improves your mental and physical health, strengthens the immune system and more.

What Is Performance Lab Prebiotic?

The Performance Lab Prebiotic is a supplement designed to directly improve gut health by helping to boost levels of a particular strain of ‘good’ bacteria in your gut.

This bacteria strain is already present in your body.

This is contrary to probiotics that often claim to introduce millions of new bacteria into the body, though the reality is that many of these bacteria are very fragile and are easily destroyed by stomach acid before ever reaching the gut.

Performance Lab Prebiotic is part of a line of supplements created by the well-known brand Opti-Nutra, which prides itself on creating natural products to aid in a whole range of issues.

There are Performance Lab supplements for Vision, Energy, Mind, and Sleep, as well as a male and female multivitamin and an entire sports range.

Performance Lab has earned numerous plaudits for its high-quality products that mix proven ingredients with strong supplement science, and for its emphasis on clean products.

Not only that, Performance Lab products are caffeine-free, vegan friendly, GMP certified and free from GMO, artificial additives, gluten, soy and other allergens.

Performance Lab Prebiotic is one such clean supplement, using only ingredients found in nature to achieve its aims.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Ingredients



Performance Lab Prebiotic contains both inulin and FOS (FructoOligoSaccharides), both non-digestible fibers.

The fact that they are non-digestible means the fiber makes its way through the stomach and small intestines intact, where it then provides food and nutrients for the good bacteria to feed on.

This fermentation process gives the desirable bacteria the fuel it needs to multiply, helping to strengthen your gut micro-flora.

Inulin is a long-chain storage carbohydrate and FOS is an enzyme derivative of inulin. Both are extracted in this case from chicory root.

How Does Performance Lab Prebiotic Work

When you ingest inulin-FOS, an indigestible fiber, it begins its journey to the gut.

Once having reached the gut these fibers are fermented by the bacterial strain Bifidobacterium, which as a result increases the density of this bacterial strain, which improves gut health.

‘Good gut health’ essentially refers to having good digestion and general health.

You want your gut to be well populated with good bacteria.

There are numerous studies that show strong associations between a poorly populated gut microbiome and disease, acne, anxiety and depression, obesity and a range of other conditions you’d probably prefer to avoid.

This fermentation process also produces energy for colon cells in the form of short-chain fatty acids (SCFA).

This helps with key processes like cell apoptosis (planned cell death, crucial to maintain a healthy cell balance), protection of the epithelial cells (cells on the surface of organs and the body), metabolizing fats and carbohydrates, absorbing nutrients and more.

A 2014 study found that participants who were given prebiotic supplements had improved calcium absorption, alleviated IBS symptoms including less diarrhea, improved insulin sensitivity, improved body weight management and less reactions to food.

That may be because FOS-fed Bifidobacterium produce lactic acid, which helps the gut to absorb more minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron.

An acidic environment also limits the growth of ‘bad’ bacteria such as E-coli and Candida albacans, helping to keep you healthy.

How To Use It?

how to use it

Performance Lab recommends you consume three prebiotic capsules per day, ideally before your first meal, and another three capsules during your second meal.

When consumed on an empty stomach, they are able to pass easier through your body to your gut, due to the indigestible nature of these nutrients.

It is important to ensure that you are taking a prebiotic consistently for it to have any long-term benefit to your health.

When you take the Performance Lab Prebiotic on a daily basis, you are consistently providing nourishment for the bacteria in your gut.

You are strengthening their ability to perform optimally, which manifests as better digestion, less brain fog, improved skin and a number of other health benefits.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Side Effects

As prebiotics use indigestible fiber, some mild gas may occur due to the introduction of new bacteria and the natural fermentation process that begins when non-digestible fiber is added to your daily routine.

There are unlikely to be any other side-effects with Performance Lab Prebiotic, however, due to its clean formula and naturally sourced ingredients.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Reviews & Complaints

Performance Lab Prebiotic real users reviews

Performance Lab products are only sold via the official website, so you won’t find any customer reviews on Amazon or elsewhere.

It is fair to say, however, that this product – and the Performance Lab range as a whole – has been widely praised by independent bloggers, reviewers and testers alike.

Performance Lab Prebiotic: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

If you are interested in trying Performance Lab Prebiotic, or learn more about the specific line of supplements, you will find more on the official Performance Lab website:

How much does it cost?

  • 1 bottle: $35.00
  • 2 bottles: $66.50 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $3.50
  • 3 bottles: $94.50 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $10.50

One box of Performance Lab Prebiotic provides 90 plantcaps which equates to 30 servings.

This is priced very competitively compared to other prebiotic supplements that are in the same price range but significantly poorer quality.

Shipping and handling fees depend on location, but there is free worldwide shipping on orders over $200.

See below how the official site looks like.

performance lab prebiotic official website

Refund Policy & Money Back Guarantee

Performance Lab offers a risk-free money-back refund guarantee once the bottle is empty, if you are not happy with any of their products.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Pros & Cons


  • Prebiotics sourced from natural, plant-based fiber rather than synthetic.
  • Vegan friendly, non-GMO, free from gluten, soy and caffeine and GMP certified.
  • Backed by science.
  • Rigorously tested.
  • Great price for the quality – priced similarly to options available on Amazon.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Ships to you in recyclable cardboard security boxes.
  • Trustworthy company with reputable customer service.


  • May cause some mild side-effects.
  • Works most efficiently with six capsules a day which is quite a high dosage.
  • Only available via the Performance Lab website.
  • Limited reviews.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Review: Final Words

performance lab prebiotic supplement review - verdict

Performance Lab Prebiotic is a competitively priced prebiotic that has well researched benefits to human gut health.

It doesn’t seek to replace the probiotics already in your body, but instead provide a healthy environment for, and feed, the good bacteria that you already have.

There are proven long term benefits of supplementing with a high-quality prebiotic like Performance Lab Prebiotic, which include better digestion, a stronger immune system and a boosted mood.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Performance Lab Prebiotic? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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