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Nitrovit Review: Think Smart with Goodness of Nutraceuticals

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Is your cognition letting you down every day? Try Nitrovit to enhance your brain power and improve focus. Learn more about it in this review.

(Last Updated on November 9, 2022)

Do you often struggle to remain focused while working or studying?

Do you wake up with a foggy head each morning?

Brain boosting supplements claim to restore brain function, including enhancing concentration, focus, and memory.

However, the market is flooded with various brain boosters, some of which are mere hype.

But, there exist genuine products as Nitrovit.

Nitrovit is one of the best nootropics 1 in the market.

It focuses on improving attention issues such as symptoms of ADHD, enhance memory, and reduce anxiety.

We dug deeper into this brain booster, and here is the detailed Nitrovit review.

What Is Nitrovit?

Nitrovit is a nootropic that promises to control symptoms of ADHD, enhance mood, improve learning ability, boost focus, improve memory and information retention, and balance brain nutrients.

It contains various ingredients that have been proven to improve brain performance.

It is manufactured by Neuro Laboratories, based in New York, USA.

It was formulated by Archie Marks, the company’s CEO, who was suffering from significant attention issues, poor memory, and anxiety.

Nitrovit Ingredients

nitrovit labelNitrovit contains 13 well-researched ingredients.

Here is detailed information on each.

GABA is a neurotransmitter known to slow cognitive function. Thus, it improves sleep, relieves anxiety, lower stress, and protects the brain from damage. Research 2 done by the department of medicine at UCLA shows that GABA enhances the receptor functions. The GABA receptors, when activated, decrease calcium ions and create a media whereby postsynaptic and presynaptic is inhibited. Presynaptic works by reducing the influx of calcium ions, which in turn leads to a decrease in the release of the neurotransmitters. So, with the adequate levels of GABA in your brain, the impulse between the nerve cells in the brain will function correctly.
Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid that boosts the release of neurotransmitters, enhances brain growth, and prevents memory loss. A study 3 done by Progressive laboratories Inc. shows that Phosphatidylserine plays a significant role in boosting brain performance including increasing memory and reducing age-related mental decline. However, in high doses, it may cause nausea, headache, and insomnia.
Vitamin D-3
Vitamin D3 promotes brain injury healing and reduces symptoms of mental disorders, and schizophrenia. It mainly comes from sunlight and plays a significant role in calcium metabolism and bone density. Besides,its deficiency may lead to brain-related diseases like dementia and autism. Studies support that D3 may help reduces depressive symptoms by maintaining calcium ions balance.
Alpha-Lipoic acid
Alpha-Lipoic acid increases memory and supports healthy nerves both in the brain and the entire body. Also, it an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage, hence, protecting the brain from age-related cognitive decline.
Caffeine is one of the popular psychoactive products known to increase brain performance. It is found everywhere from sodas, wild berries, coffee, and chocolate bars. Caffeine is a natural substance that is popularly known as adenosine once it reaches the brain. Research 4 shows that caffeine plays a significant role in preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's or dementia. However, excessive consumption of caffeine leads to problems like insomnia, muscle break down, and digestive problems.
Huperzine A
Huperzine A increases brain performance by inhibiting the breakdown of acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme that destroys acetylcholine in the brain. Optimal levels of acetylcholine mean improved cognitive function. It is significant in improving brain function especially in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.
Tyrosine promotes mental performance by synthesizing neurotransmitters that help in increasing memory and fast processing of information. Studies show that it is an efficient product in reducing stress and boosting mood.
Taurine is an amino acid that plays a significant role in your brain. It protects brain cells, boosts memory, and activates GABA. Research 5 shows that Taurine and GABA bind together to maintain and stabilize your central nervous system.
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B12 works best by improving brain function and maintaining the proper function of the nervous system. Low administration of B12 is linked to brain shrinkage, especially among the elderly. However, with Optimind, you get the required amount of B12 to help boost your brain performance.
Sulbutiamine is popularly known as an upgraded version of vitamin B1. It differs with it in that it can dissolve in fats. It is known to reduce both physical and mental fatigue. Besides, it helps to treat Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory capacity. Studies show that it boosts mood, enhances energy and stamina, lowers anxiety, increases memory, and improves motivation.
Bacopa Monnieri
Bacopa Monnier is a popular natural memory enhancer. Also, it increases focus, lowers stress levels, and works in line with GABA for increased production of serotonin. Bacopa also helps in reducing brain damage from free radical cells.
Vinpocetine enhances blood flow to the brain, thus improving cognitive function such as memory, focus, information processing, learning and nerve growth. Also, it prevents Alzheimer’s disease and other attention and memory disorders.

How Does Nitrovit Work?

Nitrovit is a nootropic that claims to improve working memory, boost focus, and enhance motivation and productivity.

The manufacturer claims that Nitrovit does so by providing a choline-rich formula that provides brain nutrients that enhance general cognition.

Nitrovit works in three significant ways:

  • Nutrient support: Brain neurons require a constant supply of nutrients to maintain high cognitive function; however, individuals are not getting enough of these nutrients. Therefore, Nitrovit contains ingredients that supply the necessary nutrients to brain neurotransmitters to maintain proper functioning.
  • Neuroprotection: Nitrovit offers neuroprotection in the brain by lowering Lipofuscin and preventing free radical damage. It contains antioxidants that break down Lipofuscin, which slows blood flow to the brain. Studies show that high levels of Lipofuscin are associated with poor learning ability. Additionally, Nitrovit removes cellular toxins and prevent brain inflammation. Thus, it improves general cognition function and promotes healthy brain function.
  • Cerebral circulation: Nitrovit promotes cerebral circulation by boosting blood flow to the brain, which supports the release of ATP energy. This results in an optimum working brain and increased alertness and clear thinking.

How To Use Nitrovit?

Each bottle of Nitrovit contains 60 capsules.

You should take 3 capsules daily one hour before or after breakfast; alternatively, you can take twice a day, 2 capsules one hour before or after breakfast, and 1 capsule one hour after lunch.

But, four capsules should not be exceeded within 24 hours.

The manufacturer recommends cycling Nitrovit, 5 days on and 2 days off to prevent tolerance buildup.

This is because it contains Huperzine A and Noopept, which may cause side effects when taken continuously for a long time.

Take enough water to hydrate the body because this nootropic contains caffeine (Guarana).

Nitrovit is not recommended for individuals under 18 years and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Are There Any Nitrovit Side Effects?

There are no reported side effects associated with Nitrovit.

However, in-depth research into the ingredients shows that there is a possibility of potential side effects.

For instance, it contains caffeine-guarana, which might cause side effects in individuals who are sensitive to caffeine , including jitteriness, insomnia, and restlessness.

Alpha Lipoic Acid has been seen to lower blood sugar, resulting in weakness, headache, confusion, hunger, dizziness, jitteriness, irritability, and fast heart rate.

Huperzine A may cause slurred speech, nausea, cramping, twitching of muscle fibers, diarrhea, sweating, and blurred vision.

Moreover, Alpha GPC is known to cause a skin rash, headache, heartburn, dizziness, and insomnia.

All the same, the manufacturer advises that you should hydrate enough and cycle the supplement to avoid adverse side effects.

Additionally, consult your physician if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Nitrovit Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

Nitrovit bottle

Nitrovit claims to be the future of brain health.

It has gained popularity among most individuals, and we sought to find out what users had to say.

Here are some customer reviews:

Mike Sommence writes:

“I’ve been using Nitrovit for close to 5 months now and find myself in a very different position to where I was back then. Nitrovit has helped my focus issues and has had a profound effect on my mood. They have changed the formula in the time I have been taking it, but both formulas have been similar in terms of ingredients, so no real difference except they got rid of Noopept, which I felt was a shame due to the deserved hype surrounding it. The current formula is great, however, for myself, and while I have only tried one other product (Provasil), Nitrovit has been the one that has come closest to the mark in terms of results versus claims.”

Ashley Christina says:

“Day 2 on Nitrovit. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I cut the dose of my SSRI by half and stopped taking the stimulant I was on for ADHD. I have already felt a significant difference in focus, concentration, energy, and motivation. I have definitely been more productive. I’m still trying to get my health insurance situation figured out, but I’m making plans to try TMS therapy. I’m still considering hypnosis as well. I will continue to keep you posted on my progress. But so far, so good! THANK YOU!”

Basher Chaudhry says:

“I decided to order and am pleased to say it has given me the clean focus and energy that I’ve been craving this whole time. When I attempt a task after taking Nitrovit, I become fully engaged with it to a very high standard. The best part is it seems so effortless. Needless to say, I’ve been much more productive at work. I have ordered several more bottles since my initial purchase. It is by far the best stack that I’ve personally tried.”

Nitrovit: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy


Nitrovit is available on the official website:

Payments are fulfilled through PayPal and various credit/debit cards.

It comes with free shipping on orders above $99.

Nitrovit comes in three different packages.

Family Pack

6 Nitrovit bottles

Free shipping

Price: $189.97

Quarter Pack

3 Nitrovit bottles

Free shipping

Price: $99.97

30-day Student Pack

1 Nitrovit bottle

Price: $49.97

[+ shipping: $4.97]

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer offers a 1- year money-back guarantee.

They state their refund policy is ‘no questions asked, ‘but they appreciate feedback as to why you are returning the product for future improvements.

The refund policy excludes initial shipping and handling cost.

You are required to email [email protected] to request a refund.

Nitrovit Pros and Cons


  • Ingredients are backed up by scientific proof.
  • 1 -year money-back guarantee.
  • Transparent ingredient label.
  • Improves learning capacity, memory and information processing.
  • Lowers stress levels.
  • Boosts focus and attention.


  • Uses a proprietary blend.
  • Needs to be cycled.
  • Potential side effects.
  • Only available on the official website.

Nitrovit Review: Should You Buy It?

Nitrovit bottle on hand

Nitrovit is an effective cognitive enhancing product that combines both natural and synthetic elements that have been proven to improve cognitive abilities.

There are no reported side effects, but there is the risk of side effects if you do not cycle, take enough water, and follow the right dosage.

Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

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