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Monat Review 2023: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Monat is a Florida based company that sells an assortment of hair products. Are they legit? Read our review to learn more about this company.

(Last Updated on November 9, 2022)

There are a ton of home-based business opportunities that you can find today.

A lot of them operate as an MLM (multi-level marketing) business in which you can gain ranks with the company by selling products and recruiting more members to do the same.

Monat is one of these companies.

There is a lot of skepticism around MLMs, and there’s good reason for it.

Some people are worried because some these brands are shady and take advantage of their members.

That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

We are not affiliated with Monat so we do not directly work with company in any way and we can give you a biased review.

What is Monat?

Monat is a Florida based company that sells an assortment of hair products.

Their main sales approach is their MLM opportunity, which means the majority of members representing the company are just ordinary folks like you and me.

The company was started by the Urdaneta family in 2014.

It’s grown quite a bit since its origins and it has become much further reaching than it once was.

Monat, its products, and its members can be found all over the US, Canada, and parts of Europe.

The company was quite popular in its earliest years, but recently it has come under scrutiny.

Some people are beginning to question the authenticity of this company and others have flat-out had negative experiences with them.

It’s important to have an unbiased understanding of a company before you choose to take part in it.

That’s why we’re here – we’ll tell you what Monat sells and whether or not they’re worth joining.

Monat: What Do They Sell?

Monat sells a wide variety of hair care products.

They are intended to be a line of hair care products that are effective in the modern, busy world.

They want people to achieve and maintain healthy, fresh looking hair.

When you order products from Monat, they’re packaged very nicely.

Some people report that it’s like opening a Christmas gift just for your hair!

Monat Most Popular Products

There are a huge number of products that this company sells, but some are more popular than others.

Here are the most popular Monat products:

Monat Renew Shampoo And Conditioner

This is a package of two hair care products, and it is often the first product that people new to Monat choose to purchase.

It helps to improve the strength and density of your hair while also making it more manageable (easy to comb, less likely to get messy, etc).

After applying the shampoo and conditioner directly, people report that their hair looks sleek and fresh.

Rejuvenique Oil Intensive

It is an oil that’s allegedly pure and versatile.

It can be used in a number of ways to topically enhance the strength and luster of your skin and hair.

Monat Revitalize Conditioner

This is a conditioner, which means that you should include it in your shower routine after you use shampoo and then rinse it out.

What’s interesting about this conditioner is that you can mix it in with your shampoo to increase the volume.

The results are more luscious hair.

Does Monat Work?

Many customers agree that the company’s products are effective.

However, many people report that they haven’t been good.

In fact, there has been a huge amount of controversy about Monat because the company has had to fight 5 lawsuits this year alone.

Many of their products have been so negatively reviewed that they have come under scrutiny, but a few have caused actual damage that required the customers to file a lawsuit.

Monat MLM Business Opportunity

An MLM business opportunity works by allowing their products to be sold by members of their company, which are known in Monat’s case as market partners.

These market partners will earn revenue, rank, and bonuses from the company by recruiting other members and selling products.

Monat: The Compensation Plan

If you want to join Monat as a market partner and start earning money, there’s one thing you should be aware of: it’s not free.

If you join the company as a market partner though, you’ll be eligible to earn lots of bonuses every month and get discounts on products.

The most basic membership plan will cost you $99.

This price ranges and can go up to $649 for the more expensive packages.

However, once you sign up for this membership, you’ll generally get products shipped out to you automatically.

However, this isn’t always made clear in the company’s writing.

Make sure you’re aware that you’re signing up for future shipments as soon as you join the company.

That said, it is possible to earn money with the company.

As you sell products and recruit members, you will be able to increase in rank throughout the company.

The more you rank up, the better benefits you will receive.

Is Monat A Pyramid Scheme?

As we explained earlier, most MLM companies are technically pyramid schemes.

Some people consider the two terms synonymous.

The term simply means that the company offers in a pyramid-like structure, with the newest recruits and members acting as the foundation that holds up the rest of the pyramid.

While it’s true that the top members of the pyramid make the most money in the company, this is the same with pretty much any company.

The owners of the company created it and will naturally make more cash.

Monat Reviews & Complaints

There are a huge number of reviews for this company and they are varied in their intention.

Every company will have a slew of positive and negative reviews.

Many people don’t recognize that a company can’t suit everyone even if they’re doing a good job and choose to negatively review them if they’re not up to their standards.

Unfortunately in the case of Monat, most of the reviews seem negative.

From what we’ve read and written about the company, we’re not surprised.

They don’t seem to have a very intelligent handle on anything that they do.

This includes the actual marketing of their products, which is further marked by the fact that the company has faced so many lawsuits about the quality of their products and the damage that they cause.

One customer reported that both their products and services were bad.

She didn’t like the prices, saying that “the products are over price,” and that the variety wasn’t anything to write home with and that they had “nothing unique”.

She also had problems with the shipments, saying that they “ship what you don’t want, blame your rep and then charge you to quit”.

She also mentions that it’s impossible to contact customer service online and that you have to do it by phone, which takes a long time.

It’s not just the market partners that are dissatisfied with how they were treated by Monat.

One market partner started working for them in November of 2017.

She said that at first she loved the products, and her “hair looked and felt so good”.

Unfortunately, by February 2018, she started having problems.

She said that her “hair was breaking off in chunks, super thin, and frizzy. I was starting to bald on the back of my head”. 

This is in line with the lawsuits that have been filed against the company.

Monat Prices & Where To Buy

While MLM companies initially were sparked by the idea that their products would only be available directly through their members, or the market partners in Monat’s case, this simply isn’t often the case.

You can find products from this company on all sorts of sites.

Amazon and eBay both stock Monat prices and they’re offering them for cheaper than you can find them from the market partners.

  • For example, you can get a bottle of Rejuvenique Oil for Skin and Hair on eBay for $29. This product is available to VIP customers on Monat’s very own website for $84. What kind of a deal is that?
  • You can get a bottle of their Reshape Root lifter, if you’re a VIP, for $28. The Monat site says that this product has a retail value of $33, but you can find it for similar prices at online retailers.
  • You can buy a bottle of their Revitalize Conditioner for $40 if you are a VIP customer. Again, the same product can be found at similar or lower prices from other outlets.

All of this suggests that it might be difficult for Monat market partners to make money with the company because they’ll have to pay more money buying things from the company than they will be able to sell it for.

They’d make more money just buying these products from 3rd party online retailers.

Monat Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Monat offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their products.

They tell the members in their training manual that if any VIP customer (basically a regular customer with an enhanced status title) isn’t satisfied with their products that they get in their first order (and  only their first order) then they can send them back for a refund.

This refund is only applicable if the customer only had one order shipped.

They can also choose to cancel their VIP membership at this time if they return the product.

Monat Pros & Cons

It’s important to understand both the pros and the cons of any company, whether or not you’re intending to join it.

There’s no company that’s going to be absolutely perfect for everyone, so we’ve taken the time to summarize the most important pros and cons of Monat.


  • It’s a new company. This means that people are eager to join because they have a chance to start out before the company manages to grow. They’ll be relatively high up on the pyramid chain and they’ll be able to receive more and better bonuses as the company grows older.
  • It’s growing quickly. This is important because it means that people who sign up for the company actually have a chance to make some money as the company continues to grow. In the 4 years since Monat’s been around, it has expanded from its humble origins to cover the US, Canada, and parts of Europe. This means that there’s pretty significant demands for the products that they offer.


  • They have faced a lot of lawsuits. Monat has had 5 class action lawsuits filed against them this year. Since February of 2018, they’ve had 5 people file lawsuits because they claimed that their products did significant damage to them. For a lot of people, this is a dealbreaker, but remember – the lawsuit is not necessarily a reflection of the company itself. Many people jump on the lawsuit train when they recognize a company is being attacked and that they could stand to benefit from the attack.
  • Customer complaints are high. While sites like Better Business Bureau tend to have more negative reviews about MLM companies than positive reviews, there are a significant amount of negative reviews about Monat. Many people have also posted negative reviews on Youtube describing how their products were bad.
  • Market partner complaints are high. It’s not just the customers who are complaining about the products at Monat. Market partners are complaining about the company all over the internet. Again, this is usually the case with all MLM companies, but there seems to be a significant amount of people complaining about working for this company.
  • Long refund periods. If you’re going to get a refund on your product – which many people who have purchased from Monat have decided on – then prepare for a long wait. One of the most common complaints about the company is that it takes several months for their refunds to be issued.
  • Unfair prices for market partners. You can get the same products that you’re supposed to be selling for cheaper on third-party retailers like eBay.

Monat Review: Final Verdict

Monat seems to have good products and a fair MLM compensation plan.

It’s pretty basic, but you can definitely earn money with it.

The main problem here is that the company has faced so many lawsuits because of the quality of their products.

A lot of customers have reported serious damage from using these products.

If that’s a risk you’re willing to take, then their products are reasonably price and can be found quite easily.

So, what do you think about our Monat review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

24 Replies to Monat Review 2023: Is It A Scam? Learn The Truth

  1. Thank you for your review on Monat company and they range of products for hair.
    After reading all this i have decided not to buy this hair line as too many of they Customers are not actual pleased with the
    way they products works and simply that is fully reflected on they opinions all over the internet youtube including.
    Also the most interesting part of this article is the amount of lawsuits from this year of 2019 from they Customers who have to get they complains to the Court; number of five cases agenist Monat in 2019 so far it is absolutely a high number as we in months of March of 19th today.That situation reflects fully how those hair products works — also so many other complaints regarding they hair range should give other future Customers a reflection of what kind of company is a Monat. Scam company like many others now in business as most people will comes with an idea — to just believe that one product can become a change to they life’s; that is brilliant way to create a good advert as people are watchers — eyes contact first — as human natural behaviour— so gready people can use all tricks to makes money.
    End of story.

    1. I would discourage anyone that was thinking of buying any of the Monat products not to do it. They are a rip off company and their products are crap. Your air will fall out and the customer service is horrible. They send and charge you for stuff that you didn’t order and then won’t pay for the return and if you try to cancel a membership that you weren’t even aware that you had the charge you for that too. TOTAL SCAM!!

      1. Using Monat for 3 months left me with 2 large cysts on my head of which I had to have 2 surgeries. My hair fell out and it happened to 2 other coworkers! Terrible, dangerous product!

  2. I really did want to use these products but at this point the bad out weighs the good, so it’s a no for me. You don’t spend money trying to grow your hair and simultaneously risk it breaking off or falling out. 🙁

  3. It’s funny I’ve been in the buisness for about 6 months. And I’ve made crazy money. The product works well. People are scared to try something new and I’m so glad I did it. I’m paying back my student loans with this extra income something I didn’t think I would be able to do until my late 40s. I wouldn’t take other people’s word for this ; try the products yourself and be the judge.

    1. Agreed!! You have to try them for yourself and some info in this article is not accurate. I am currently a MP and do not have automatic shipments sent to me without my knowledge. I have been using the products and the results are incredible. The price point is better than any products I would buy from in my salon and they are cruelty free!!

    2. I did try the product myself. My hair started falling out. I quit using the product this summer and my hair stopped falling out.

      My story was confirmed by a friend that experienced the same thing.

      Pure and simple – Monat products are NOT good for your hair.

  4. I love Monat have been using it for a year , I have had frizzy kinky hair all of my life and using just the smoothing shampoo and conditioner made my hair softer and more manageable…the rejuvinique oil is amazing …I have many of their products and the person I buy from I know personally and trust to the fullest

  5. I was asked by a friend if I wanted to be a market partner with Monat since I’m a single mom and I’d be able to make money just by using my phone. I didn’t feel right trying to sell a product I hadn’t tried so I decided to buy the products first. THEY ARE AWESOME! I have extremely curly, dry, and damaged hair and after just the first wash I saw a major difference. I also have a very dry scalp and dandruff and after just one wash my scalp was the cleanest I have ever seen it. I barely had any flakes. What a lot of people don’t realize is the products are very concentrated. I was told by my Monat consultant to place a quarter size amount of the shampoo in a toner bottle, fill it half way with water, and shake until it lathers. Most people that complain about greasy hair put way too much shampoo straight onto the scalp instead of the watered down solution. I tried both ways and there was for sure a difference when watering down the solution. It lathered better and I was able to spread the product more evenly. The next morning I didn’t have to put ANYTHING in my hair and it looked beautiful even through the storm that I had to run through. What really bugs me are the people clearly having allergic reactions to the products. If you are having a reaction to any product you should discontinue use. You can’t trust sales reps with your health when they’re just trying to make money. If a good majority that used the products had these kind of reactions then I could understand the low reviews but no one is taking into account all the extremely happy Monat customers. I have not decided if I want to become a Market partner yet because of all the negative reviews and I’m knowledgeable that my possible future clients would be concerned after researching but from my experience these products are amazing.
    Long story short
    IF YOU HAVE A REACTION TO ANY PRODUCT DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY. You can’t blame the shampoo when there are thousands that are happy with their purchase and have healthy hair thanks to these products

    1. That’s the problem. Many of these people, like myself..had a reaction right away, starting with an excessive itchy, dry scalp and were told that we were “detoxing” and to just push through it. I was in month 3 with these same symptoms still occurring, even with changing my shampoo &conditioner they recommended once again. My hair had become extremely dry, started breaking off, had split ends, wirey in texture & frizzy. Very unmanageable. Still, i was told to just push through it, was still “detoxing” and then they questioned how high my flat iron settings were, what styling tools I was using and if I was using the rejuvabeads, leave in and heat protectant on my hair. which I used religiously every time bc I’m super careful with my hair. It was until the end of month 4 and into month 5 is when I started getting the sores on my scalp and then the painful, burning and itchy rash all over my neck, back and forehead. When you are being TOLD that these symptoms are normal and to keep using them, you BELIEVE people who you think you trust and know what they are talking about. These people who sell Monat do NOT know what they are talking about! They are clueless. my hair is ruined. it’s never looked so awful in my life. I wasnt stupid enough to keep using these products after my scalp flared up so bad it was swollen for a week straight. I stopped using monat immediately and guess what.. my symptoms started to clear up little by little each day. Coincidence? Defintely not. I have no reason to lie.. I was a MP and really believed in the products at first. I wanted to make money from home being a stay at home mom while using products I thought were going to be great for my hair. I even had my toddler and husband using monat. my husband used to have thick hair and after 5 months, his hair is thin and he even had an almost bare spot on the back of his scalp. his scalp is dry and he also has dandruff which he has never had before. maybe monat works great for some..and that’s awesome for them. the issue is monat doesnt disclose or have any disclaimers about possible adverse reactions to the Ingredients in their products. they need to swallow their pride if they want to keep their business and go back and do some actual REAL research and studies on how these ingredients react on HUMAN SCALPS.

    2. I think part of the problem is that when these customers wnet it rwps and the company, they were told it was detox, transition or that it was a process of new follicales waking up. These women suffering reactions perhaps had never had a reaction before. Or not one like this. Also reps were pushing people who had reactions to buy more. That is t right eaither.

    3. I started the product in December. I too have Encountered The extreme dry scalp and scabs on my head.. I will discontinue this product, expensive lesson learned.

  6. January 2018 I was constantly playing with my hair because it had got so thin it felt weird. Just as I was thinking I really need a solution, my Daughter called and told me about Monat and she wanted to sign me up as a market partner and she would cover the $350. I said I am not a salesperson and cannot promote something i didn’t believe in. She was so sure she signed me up anyway and paid for it. After one wash my hair looked 50% better. After 5 washes my hair was shinier, thicker and the color brighter! Four months later my hair had grown an amazing 4 1/2 I inches and looked beautiful!
    I’ve never used anything like Monat! I dont make money selling it because I don’t try but let me tell you the products are amazing! As far as the lawsuits none have won and Monat actually countersued at least 2 of them and the Judges ruled in favor of Monat! Some of the people claiming hairless sell and get paid to promote competitive hair care products. But they dont tell you that! All ingredients in Monat products have been tested by independent labs and the FDA and no harmful ingredients have been found. There are people who have been allergic to one ingredient or more in every single hair product on the market! Some people are allergic to peanuts but I wouldn’t go around saying EVERYBODY BEWARE! DONT EAT PEANUTS!

    Monat works so well the competitors have to slander them or lose business.

    My only Monat complaint is price. I was in a major car accident in February and can no longer work and I’m out of Monat so my hair is starting to look like it did before but I cant afford to buy any. I am going to have to learn how to be a better salesperson and marketer because this stuff WORKS AMAZINGLY!!

    1. Misty, this is really disheartening to read. I am a SAHM, I have no affiliation with other haircare products, I am not a competitor. My daughter, she was 8 at the time, and I used Monat haircare products for 6 weeks. She had that “amazing” first wash, I did not. We started with revitalize, it made my hair extremely tangled, greasy, and it felt like straw.

      My daughter used black 2 in 1, deep smooth conditioner, and the kids leave in. While using this combination it made her hair fall out and she had extreme breakage.

      I used black 2 in 1 and it made my hair extremely greasy. So greasy, that it was still greasy after washing it! The MP had me use clarify, it made my hair so dry and brittle that every time I combed my hair I would have little broken pieces of hair all over my shirt, the sink, the floor. I used Renew, it made my scalp burn like someone poured acid on it and I got scalp sores! It burned for three weeks after discontinuing use!!!! Over a year and 1/2 later and I can’t even go outside without wearing a hat because my scalp is so sensitive that any sun exposure will make it burn for weeks. During this 6-weeks, I had horrible, debilitating migraines. I had my period 3 times that lasted 7-10 days. I got cystic acne around my hairline. Tiny blisters on, in, and around my ears. My nails got so brittle I could bend the tips back and forth.

      We have had to cut off over 3-feet of our hair because of the damage. Thankfully, my daughters hair is growing back, because many people are having to wear wigs!!

      Please, please, please, do your research before promoting your product. Any simple google search will show you that the company has 11-class actions lawsuits in the US, one in Canada and they are in full swing. The lawsuits you are referring to, were settled for an undisclosed amount of anywhere from $5-500, one was for slander and the other was settled because the defendant was in such ill health and in the hospital, she just didn’t want to deal with it.

      The only FDA involvement is the inspection they did in March of 2018 were they found the facility to have insanitary conditions!! The FDA has not approved this product, because welp, they don’t approve cosmetics. They are however involved because of the numerous complaints of men, women, and children experiencing hair loss and scalp sores.

      The studies you refer to were paid for by Monat. The studies were done on hair tresses and not humans and were only conducted for a 48-hour period. The company claims that these studies found there were no known allergens in their product so how can you claim that people are having an allergic reaction???? And if there is a potential for an allergic reaction, there needs to be a WARNING label on it! There is also capixyl, which is derived from red clover leaf, and any simple google search will show you that it’s a phytoestrogen and known to cause reproductive issues.

      So once again, please do your research. Please, do not refer to victims as competitors. I am a loving mother who was trying to use a product that was claimed to be FDA approved, all natural, no harmful chemicals, and it has been a nightmare since day one!

    2. You are very misinformed! They are not fda approved and it’s not allergic reactions most people are having, it’s actual burns, infected scalp sores, irritation, severe itching, hormonal issues, hair falling out in masses and so on.. it is not competitors complaining, you are lying, it is actual people having had and continue to have horrible experiences with these poorly formulated products.. as an ex mp, I would never in a million years recommend these products to anyone ever again.. there are so many other, ethical and much more affordable hair care products and companies out there, where the products work beautifully and the risk is low as opposed to Monat having such a high risk factor in it causing so much scalp, hair and hormonal damage. Also their ingredients’ list is so long and absolutely not necessary to have so many botanicals and ingredients (my dermatologist was floored when he saw the lists on these products-yes I got the horrible scalp sores and hair breakage months later) that some ingredients when paired together are actually harmful for the scalp and hair.. In conclusion, Monat is an unethical company with poorly made products, which are not actually vegan, either.

  7. I have always had very thin, fine, and flat hair. I noticed increased thinning and started getting nervous! I got bloodwork done and everything was normal. I came accross Monat and started talking to a MP about samples and what might work for me.

    I signed up as a VIP and used the products for over 12 months. I used the products as recommended, I followed all the “detox” instructions, I reached out to my MP when I wasn’t getting results and my hair was getting worse, and I bought different products at their recommendation. I did everything and I was desperate for results.

    My results:
    – Increased fallout for the entire 12 months.
    – visible scalp all over my head
    – Hair that was even more lifeless (and dry for the first time in my life) – yes, I used the Masque, oil, and styling products as recommended.
    – rock bottom self confidence
    – confirmation from several hair stylists that the “Baby hairs ” that are sold as “new growth” were, in fact, wide spread breakage.
    – loss of HUNDREDS of dollars on products.

    My MP even reached out to her “uplines” and all I kept getting were new product recommendations. I was healthy and just wanted better hair and more confidence and I got the opposite. My MP was a nice lady who really did feel terrible about my experiance. But she kept trying to sell me things to fix the situation.

    I am almost 2 years out from the end of my Monat experiance. I almost have all my Monat hair grown out and cut off!! My scalp and hair look so much better on some redkin products.

    I understand that not every product will work for everyone. My real issues with this company are:
    – The MPs talk and present themselves like hair professionals or medical professionals. Which, very very few are. Most just bought into the company and started selling products using the materials provided. This gives customers a false sense that they are receiving professional advice.
    – When people present with an issue the solution is that they are either using the product wrong (yeah- you are accused of using shampoo incorrectly. Let that sink in), using the wrong product line (time to buy more!), or you just keep to wait it out and stay committed (Keep buying, it will get better!). These are very predatory tactics. I fell for all of them and it is so obvious looking back now.
    – They boast a 30 day return but every piece of advice says you don’t see your real results until 90 days. So, you are encouraged to stick it out!
    – MPs blindly continue to support the product despite many stories like my own. Many much worse than my own. Shampoo shouldn’t be this complicated.

    I appreciate that some people believe they are having good results on the product. For me, the risk isn’t worth the reward on these products. Even the potential of contributing to someone’s experiance of hair loss, sores, or hormonal issues would be enough to find a new “side hustle”.

  8. I do not sell Monat. I have been using the products for over 2 years now with much satisfaction. I never had an adverse reaction. My hair is better than it has ever been. I have never had any issues with customer service. I just do not get all these negative reviews. I am thinking of becoming a market partner. I came across this web site while doing “research”. However, the best “research” is my experience with the products and some lovely, virtuous ladies that sell it. I find these negative reviews hard to believe.

  9. You CAN NOT buy Monat through anyone but a market partner! If you are buying them off amazon or whatever its because people are refilling those bottles with other crap! You can not get Monat anywhere but a rep! So many of these reviews are from people purchasing it through other places and who knows what your actually putting in your hair! I bought a bottle of oil off amazon and compared it to my oil that i bought through the the colors don’t match, the scents don’t match and the consistency is way off! So if you don’t get them the right way you cant blame the company. Also its a FLEX ship not auto so tell your rep when you want products and you shouldn’t receive them until you do! I have a customer who hasn’t ordered in 7 months because the shampoo lasts him that long.

  10. $40 for a hair product sounds insane and I would not buy a product that I’m iffy on. I can’t afford to lose hair. After researching online, I’ll pass. Thanks for the input.

  11. I’ve been using it for few months and my hair has never been better. These petty people who are complaining about prices and falling out hair are the same type of people who would sue McDonald’s for the coffee being too hot! If the price is too high for you then don’t buy it stay with drug store brands that are 70% water or filler. Your hair will fall out even faster so take your lawsuits there !

  12. I’m so glad I read this article because my hair fell out in chunks after starting with this product. It’s drier/frizzier than it’s ever been. It’s so damaged from these products. I’ve tried tell my hair stylist about this since she’s the one who recommended them and she just blows it off. If you’re making money with the company, you would never tell anyone these products are horrible.

  13. I originally started using this product in 2018 first two months seems awesome then my hair started falling out I continued to use the product through beginning of 2020 my hair looked like a dry frizzy mess so much breakage I used other products which were suppose to help but made it worse. I finally went to a salon told them they go do not sure that we get so many in from Monat damage, for on why wouldnt you choose a company like Redkin who has been in business since the 1960’s who is reliable and the market VPs know nothing about hair each person is different I’d rather spend my money on a reputable hair product company and not one that was just started on a whim by a family with no professional hair care knowledge.

  14. If it’s an MLM, DON’T support it. There is no such thing as a good MLM and simply because of the business model. They earn more money by recruiting than the actual product they use to cover up their scheme. They prey on the vulnerabilities of people mostly women. 90%+ of people who join never make any money or break even. An MLM can’t be compared to a regular corporation because businesses pay people for their TIME something that MLMs don’t do. You can spend 40 hours a week trying to sell or recruit and you won’t even make close to minimum wage. Only those that join at the beginning of the company founding actually make any money because the company is new and no one knows about it so they have the privilege of creating a massive downline and make their money from the sales of those below them. They keep promoting and motivating people below them only because they are needed to keep their own rank and their money flowing. Nothing that those people at the bottom of the pyramid do, will get them to the top if the market is saturated. It has nothing to do with hardwork its all about luck. And those that let’s say join 2 years ago or 3 yrs ago in Monat that are supposedly up in the ranks have been caught buying ranks because it is impossible to move up without cheating. The company is almost 8 years old. There has been a mass exodus of Market partners in Monat because they couldn’t continue up the lying and losing money. Those that have left either quit MLMs altogether or foolishly join another MLM thinking it will be different have exposed what they have done or go through. Some purposely and some without noticing. The whole point is don’t join or support any MLM by buying it’s products.

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