Melaniq review

Melaniq Review: Does It Really Work?

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Melaniq is a food supplement for hair pigmentation, specifically designed to support your body’s ability to produce melanin, the natural pigment that gives your hair its colour.

(Last Updated on November 25, 2022)

You notice one day that a few gray hairs have appeared. You are tempted to pull them out. But you may have heard that story, that for every one you pull out two grow back.

Grey hairs are never welcome. Especially when they appear at a younger age than we expect them to. Short of visiting the hairdresser or local pharmacy for a hair dye, is there anything that you can do?

One of the latest fashion trends has been to dye hair gray. There are also many products on the market to enhance gray hair. If you don’t fancy embracing this idea then maybe you would want to try a product like Melaniq.

This product that claims to:

Support normal pigment production in hair follicles by supplying vital nutrients that can reduce the impact of factors associated with greying.

Shall we take a closer look and see if this might work?

What Is Melaniq?

This product is a dietary supplement for hair pigmentation. It claims that is designed to support your body’s ability to produce melanin.

This is the natural pigment that gives your hair its color.

The product is made by Oxford Biolabs.

A British company founded by Dr Thomas Whitfield in 2009.

He is a graduate in Biochemistry from Christ Church, Oxford University.

The company develops and distributes “scientifically tested, drug-free nutraceutical products backed by world-class research”.

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Melaniq Ingredients


The product contains:

Green Tea Extract 400 mg

May enhance hair growth.

Vitamin C 320 mg

May help reduce oxidative stress in aging hair.

L-Tyrosine 200 mg

Helps with the production of melanin which gives hair color.

Ascophyllum nodosum 180 mg

This is a species of Kelp that may have anti inflammatory and immunostimulatory properties.

Quercetin 150 mg

May help promote melanin production.

Lycopene 2 mg

Helps protect against sun damage.

Copper 1500 mcg

Low levels of copper may play a part in premature graying.

Folic Acid 400 mcg

May be effective against hair loss.

Biotin 50 mcg

May improve hair growth.

Vitamin D3 20 mcg

May help prevent hair loss.

Vitamin B12 6 mcg

May help prevent premature graying.

How Does Melaniq Work?

In the base of our hair shaft we have cells called melanocytes. These are responsible for the color pigments in our hair.

As we age melanocytes gradually die. When there are fewer pigment cells in hair follicles, hair will no longer contain as much melanin. It will then appear gray or white.

The company claims that their ingredients are a unique combination to support natural hair color. They state:

The enzyme at the heart of hair pigment production is tyrosinase. The activity of this important enzyme is dependent on the availability of copper, which is built into the active centre of tyrosinase. It has been shown that people suffering from premature greying have a reduced level of copper in their blood serum. An insufficient supply of copper results in the reduced activity of tyrosinase and hence reduced pigment production, ultimately causing the onset of grey hair.

The other ingredients apparently support this process by promoting healthy hair growth and preventing oxidative damage.

There is some evidence that the individual ingredients may have some benefit. There is however no independent clinical study on this product as a whole.

Melaniq Side Effects


There are no listed side effects.

The product is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women or children. It is advised that your consult your doctor if you are on medication.

The product does not contain any major allergens. It is suitable for vegetarians.

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Melaniq Reviews & Complaints

melaniq real users reviews

As the product is sold through the company website. I have been unable to find any independent reviews.

The company has a 8.6/10 rating on Trustpilot for other products they sell.

It also has a 4* rating on Amazon Storefront.

There are a few reviews on ShytoBuy. These are all positive. This is an affiliated site that sells the product.

Marcus writes:

I have been using this product for around 8 months now and I have seen a significant improvement. I can see that my greying has gone from what I would say 30% to around 5% and it’s hardly noticeable anymore. If you expecting all your grey hairs to disappear overnight this isn’t for you and I would suggest getting a hair transplant.

Melaniq: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

USA Customers

  • Melaniq Supplement for Hair Pigmentation: $49.95
  • Melaniq Classic Pack (3 bottles every 90 days): $119.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $29.90

EU Customers

  • Melaniq Supplement for Hair Pigmentation: 50.95
  • Melaniq Classic Pack (3 bottles every 90 days): €129.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: €22.90

FREE SHIPPING for EU and USA orders. But there are some exceptions. Check company website for details.

Important info: if you decide to go for Melaniq Classic Pack you will be automatically added to the Autodelivery Supersaver Programme.

If you subscribe to our Auto-Delivery Supersaver Programme, we will ship a 3-month supply of the products from one of our great package offers to you every 90 days for a combined saving of up to 32%. Also, for any of our future products, you will receive one free sample as soon as available.

Your payment will be charged every 90 days on a recurring basis (usually one day prior to shipping).

There is no minimum time commitment. To cancel or suspend shipments, simply contact Customer Service via [email protected] at least 14 days prior to your next scheduled shipping/billing date.

Please keep your credit card and shipping address current. If your information changes, including card expiration, please contact Customer Service to submit the updated information.

Where to buy Melaniq?

We recommend to avoid places like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or Walgreens.

Buy Melaniq at Oxford Biolabs official website only, so you can be sure that you get an original product with money back guarantee.

This product is avaliable worldwide, including countries like: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or Italy.

See below how the official site looks like.

Melaniq official website

Return/Refund Policy

Oxford Biolabs gives a 60-day money-back guarantee on unopened and unused product.

On the company website we read:

It is available to all international customers. If you decide to return an order for any reason, your credit card account will be fully credited for the amount of the purchase (excluding shipping).

Melaniq Pros & Cons


  • May increase melanin production.
  • May reduce oxidative stress to the hair.
  • May reduce the appearance of early onset of gray hair.
  • May slow down the graying process.


  • Only available online.
  • Price may be prohibitive for some.
  • Long term use may produce results. You should not expect an immediate result.
  • Will not reverse existing grey hair.
  • No money back guarantee.

Melaniq Review: Final Verdict

melanique hair supplement review - verdict

So is gray the new blonde? It seems that way for some people. If you don’t think so you may want to turn somewhere for help.

Dying your hair may be one option. This will only last for about six weeks and will fade over time. If your hair is already very gray then this may be the only option.

If you are only just starting to notice gray strands the maybe Melaniq will work for you. But remember, this is not an instant fix. It may take several months for you to see any results, if at all.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Melaniq? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  1. i have about 30% percent gray hair . will this melaniq product help reverse some the existing gray?

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