LumUltra Review

LumUltra Review: Is It The Best All-in-One Brain Booster?

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Improve your concentration and cognitive performance with LumUltra, a potent nootropic supplement. Check this wonderful review to find out how.s.

(Last Updated on November 1, 2022)

Nootropics are one of the most thriving products in the market today.

Some flourish for many years, while others suddenly vanish after a few years in the market.

This creates confusion among users; you are left wondering what supplement you should stick to.

Cognitive enhancers have been around for a long time but were not well understood until recently due to extensive research.

All the same, due to the industry’s growth, there have been new nootropics in the market, both safe and genuine ones, as well as unsafe products.

One of the popular nootropics is LumUltra.

LumUltra is a pretty new brain enhancement in the market that was launched in early 2019.

It promises to unleash brain potential and attain peak performance.

Are the ingredients questionable?

Does it have side effects?

Here is a complete LumUltra review.

Read on.

What Is LumUltra?

LumUltra is a brain enhancement supplement that claims to provide a mental edge to the users.

It is channeled towards executives, retirees, gamers, athletes, professionals and parents who are looking for their edge in life.

It includes components that boost memory, enhance thinking ability, and help maintain higher concentration levels.

Additionally, it will help lower stress levels without creating dependency.

LumUltra contains one of the most potent nootropics; Noopept.

It is a more bioavailable version of Piracetam.

Science shows that Noopept has neuroprotective properties, prevents the accumulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, restores memory in cases of Alzheimer’s disease, and prevents oxidative stress.

It is manufactured by Avanse Nutraceuticals, a US-based company.

LumUltra promises increased mental energy, boosted overall brain function, improved memory, better focus, and lowered anxiety.

LumUltra Ingredients

lumultra ingredients

LumUltra combines Noopept with other natural ingredients that have proven to boost memory, reaction times, focus and overall cognition.

Here is a comprehensive list of the ingredients.

1. Energy Blend (415mg)

Panax Ginseng
Panax Ginseng is a popular Ayurvedic herb used to lower anxiety, boost mood, and improve memory. Besides, it has been shown to prevent the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. A 2018 study 1 shows that Panax Ginseng improves cognition and memory in older adults when supplemented for five or more years. Additionally, it has been seen to improve memory, enhance general brain function, and lower stress levels. How? Ginseng increases blood circulation in the brain by boosting nitric oxide levels. This facilitates more oxygen and nutrients to the brain.
Guarana is a stimulant that contains caffeine which, inhibits the effects of adenosine –a compound that relaxes the brain and accelerates drowsiness. Caffeine binds to adenosine receptors preventing their activation. Therefore, guarana increases focus and lowers mental fatigue. Additionally, it contains compounds such as tannins, caffeine, catechins, theobromine, and saponins that have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and offer neuroprotection to the brain. Besides, research shows that guarana may enhance your ability to learn and recall information.
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 promotes the synthesis of neurotransmitters, cerebral circulation, and mood. It plays a role in the production of neurotransmitters, including GABA, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Thus, it improves cognition, mood, alertness and memory. Besides, it regulates levels of homocysteine. Excessive homocysteine levels lead to inflammation that may damage blood vessels. Therefore, B12 promotes blood circulation in the brain. Finally, it enhances mood by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. This lowers depression, fatigue, and anxiety.

2. Focus Blend (515mg)

Phosphatidylserine promotes long term memory. It encourages flexible brain cell membranes and fluidity. Additionally, it enhances neurotransmitters and encourages brain growth. Research shows that phosphatidylserine slows age-related cognitive decline. A 2010 study 2 involving older adults with mild cognitive impairment who were supplemented with phosphatidylserine for six months showed significant improvement in memory. Besides, it may improve depressive and ADHD symptoms. However, it mainly does so when combined with omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, more research is needed to support the claim.
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Acetyl L-Carnitine powers the brain. It improves both physical and brain energy; Increased brain energy results in better cognitive function. Recent research showed that individuals, who had been diagnosed with dementia, improved their cognitive abilities following Acetyl L- Carnitine supplementation. Besides, it is known to boost blood flow to the brain, promoting brain function, preventing brain fatigue, and increasing focus mainly on children with ADHD. Acetyl L-Carnitine lowers brain inflammation as well. It does so by increasing glutathione, an antioxidant that protects brain cells from damage.
L-Tyrosine enhances mood, cognitive function, and stress response. It is a precursor to adrenaline, norepinephrine, and dopamine, neurotransmitters which allow you to stay sharp for longer. Norepinephrine is responsible for increased blood flow in the brain and muscle recovery, dopamine boosts mood and motivation, and adrenaline improves drive and focus. Stress always depletes neurotransmitters and causes low mood and mental fatigue. However, L-Tyrosine counters this effect.
Noopept 3 is a synthetic nootropic that boosts cognitive function, provides a psychostimulatory effect, and offers neuroprotection. It is similar to Piracetam but has a much lower standard dose and protects the brain from physical trauma and oxidative stress. Also, it has minimal side effects while boosting cognitive function. Noopept improves short term memory by increasing the synthesis and activity of nerve growth factor (NGF) and Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Besides, it stimulates alpha brain waves, which are central to brain performance.

3. Memory Blend (185mg)

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba is also known as Vinpocetine. It is a natural nootropic known to enhance mood, memory, and cognition. Research shows that Ginkgo Biloba is a memory enhancer, especially information recall and recognition. It has appeared to be overly effective among the elderly population. It enhances cognition by improving blood flow to the brain. It can lower blood viscosity which makes blood less stick thus increasing blood flow. This enhances more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, critical factors in improving cognition. Also, Ginkgo Biloba increases the levels of dopamine and acetylcholine neurotransmitters. Dopamine boosts mood and motivation while acetylcholine is linked with better learning. To add icing to the cake, it lowers cognitive decline in individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is a strong antioxidant that protects the brain from oxidative stress and also repairs damaged brain cells.
Alpha GPC
Alpha GPC is referred to as a choline-containing phospholipid. It increases the synthesis of acetylcholine and phosphatidylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is the brain chemical responsible for learning and memory. Besides, it has been used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and preventing the onset of dementia.

How Does LumUltra Work?

LumUltra combines Noopept and other natural ingredients to promote mental peak performance, including memory, focus, mental alertness and cognition.

The manufacturer states that this supplement works in three ways:

  • It lowers stress, anxiety, and nervousness, hence boosting focus and clarity. It prevents oxidative stress thus protecting brain cells and promoting nutrient delivery to boost mood, memory and concentration.
  • It encourages vasodilation, which promotes blood flow to the brain. This stimulates neurotransmitters which in turn increase focus, improve memory and boost motivation.
  • It brings focus and mental clarity, which creates more confidence to face life.

How To Use LumUltra?

Each bottle of LumUltra contains 60 capsules.

The manufacturer states that two capsules should be taken daily with a meal, preferably one capsule with breakfast and one capsule with lunch.

However, you can consider both capsules with breakfast.

Since some individuals experience afternoon fatigue, taking the second capsule with your lunch may reduce it.

Do not exceed four capsules within 24 hours.

It should not be used by individuals who are under the age of 18 years or pregnant or nursing women.

Also, consult your doctor before using LumUltra if you are taking other medications or going through some form of treatment.

Are There Any LumUltra Side Effects?

The manufacturer says that LumUltra includes natural ingredients; therefore, it does not have side effects.

However, some ingredients may be allergic or too sensitive to some users.

Here are the potential side effects:

  • Nausea.
  • Increased heart rate.
  • Insomnia.
  • Jitteriness.

For instance, guarana may cause restlessness and jitteriness in individuals who are allergic to caffeine.

If you are starting on nootropics, it is best to start with one capsule to make sure that your body is not allergic to the ingredients.

Also, LumUltra should not be taken on an empty stomach.

This may result in side effects such as stomach upsets or headaches.

LumUltra Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

lumultra reviews

The manufacturer states that this is the first premade nootropic to aid mental performance and focus.

LumUltra has gained popularity in a short period.

We dug the internet for customer reviews, and here is what some customers had to say.

Maxwell writes:

“I wanted an extra edge while working full time in the Engineering industry and also studying for my PE exam. I had a study course 4 days a week from 6 pm -9 pm for 2 months. LumUltra helped keep m focused and determined to complete that study course while also meeting all my project deadlines fro work. The PE exam came and went and I’m proud to say I passed. I have continued to take LumUltra as directed as per bottle instructions and this stuff is legit.”

Torger says:

“I have ADHD and have been discouraged about memory and focus problems all my life. I used to take the prescription stimulants but they were too addictive and dangerous over time. I thought I would have to learn to live with my symptoms. After trying a couple of other nootropics, I tried LumUltra along with the Nova booster a couple of months ago and noticed a drastic improvement in my memory and focus. And it just keeps getting better the longer I take them! And no unpleasant side effects! Wow! Thanks, LumUltra.”

John reports:

“Not sure if I felt much of a ‘brainpower boost,’ but the product definitely works to clear up brain fog, which was the main thing holding me back.”

LumUltra: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

lumultra official website

LumUltra is available on the official website:

It comes in two packages.

1 bottle discovery pack (60ct):

  • 1 bottle LumUltra.
  • 30-day brain-boosting trial.
  • One time purchase: $59.97.
  • Subscribe & save an additional 20%: $47.97.

3 bottle voyager pack (180ct):

  • 3 bottle LumUltra.
  • 3 month mental clarity and sharp focus.
  • One time purchase: $119.97.
  • Free domestic shipping.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

You are required to return any opened or even emptied bottle of the first product purchased and unopened bottles in case you bought more than one.

The company refunds  100 %  of the price less shipping costs.

In case of orders with free shipping, $7.97 will be deducted.

You are required to email the manufacturer – [email protected] – with your order number and a short brief of why you would wish to return the product.

LumUltra Pros and Cons


  • Contains Noopept.
  • Contains natural ingredients that boost focus and memory.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • May reduce brain fog.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.


  • Uses proprietary blends.
  • Has potential side effects.
  • Lacks scientific backing to prove its claims.
  • It may contain caffeine.
  • Noopept has been banned in some countries, but not in the US, due to lack of safety information.
  • Few customer feedback.

LumUltra Review: Should You Buy It?

lumultra bottle

LumUltra claims to boost mental focus and alertness by combining Noopept and natural ingredients that maximize brainpower.

There are no reported side effects, but some ingredients may be allergic to some users.

Basically, LumUltra looks like a promising nootropic in boosting focus, mental alertness, and brain energy.

But its downside is that it uses proprietary blends; therefore, we are not sure what dosages were used for specific ingredients.

Also, the claims that it can boost short term and long term memory requires scientific evidence to substantiate the claims

We also found a few reviews and customer feedback on the internet.

If you wish to use LumUltra, consult your physician to rule out any health risks.

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