Lifevantage Review

Lifevantage Review: Is It A Scam?

Written By : David J. Grossklaus   ✓ Fact Checked

LifeVantage is a multi-level marketing company that claims to offer products that will help your body operate as efficiently as possible for better health and longer life. Are they legit? Read our review to learn more about this company.

(Last Updated on August 29, 2023)

There are a ton of different MLM businesses out there, and unfortunately, not all of them are good.

MLMs, or multi-level marketing companies, are an opportunity for customers to become more than just that.

You can join the brand and sell stuff for them, earning bonuses and discounts.

Unfortunately, some businesses have taken advantage of their customers, and now this type of structure has a bad rep.

Today we’re here to help you decide whether or not you’d like to take part in Lifevantage opportunity.

What is Lifevantage?

Lifevantage is one of the many health & supplement MLMs around today.

There are so many businesses of this type it can be hard to separate one from another.

So what makes this one any special?

Well, they’re based out of Sandy, Utah – can’t say I’ve seen another MLM based out of here.

From here, they manufacture and sell their nutritional supplements.

They were formed as a retail idea in 2003, but since 2009 they have spent more time working as a direct sales and MLM.

The owner, David Brown, previously was CEO of Metabolife, another important health & nutrition company.

This means that the owner of Lifevantage has a lot of experience in this niche.

Lifevantage: What Do They Sell?

Lifevantage offers a variety of nutritional supplements.

Their line is quite small, but it’s quite consistent.

At the current time they only offer 8 items, each of which is intended to help improve a different area of physical or mental health.

Some of the products were developed by Dr. Joe McCord.

If you don’t recognize the name, that’s fine, but just know that he won the Elliott Cresson Medal from the Franklin Institute.

That means he knows what he’s doing.

Lifevantage Most Popular Products

They don’t have a huge product line, and most of their products compete fairly well with each other.

However, a couple of their products sell a bit more than others.


Protandim, their flagship product, is pretty popular – especially because it’s been scientifically validated.


Axio, an energy supplement, is available in regular and decaf variety.

The decaf version is less popular and obviously provides a lot less energy.

A single box will provide you with about 20 packets.

PhysIQ pack

The PhysIQ pack provides you with 4 separate items: a Cleanse, a Probio, a Fat Burn, and a Protein Shake.

You can get all these items separately but they’re most popular to buy together.

Does Lifevantage Work?

The company’s flagship product, Protandim, is developed using pretty concrete science.

Joe McCord, the developer, has actually had the product studied and reviewed in various peer-reviewed journals.

The product, intended to help the body synthesize Nrf2, has been proven to be effective in clinical studies.

Another of their products, Axio, is known to be effective at providing people with energy without having them ‘come-down’ or experience fatigue and lethargy several hours after using it.

Lifevantage MLM Business Opportunity

This company offers customers the chance to join as part of a MLM business opportunity.

What’s a MLM?

Well, it’s a multi-level marketing opportunity.

That means that you’re able to take part in the company.

If you work for them, selling products and recruiting new members, you will be able to earn points that will increase your rank.

Why on earth would you want to do that?

Well, members who rank up in the company are able to earn money, bonuses, and discounts within the company.

The higher you rank, of course, the more money you will make.

It can be hard work trying to make money with a MLM, and it takes a certain type of person to be able to be successful in this type of business.

For example, many MLM companies suggest that their distributors throw ‘product parties’ in which they advertise products to friends and family.

If you’re an introvert, obviously this type of business won’t work for you.

Each MLM is different though, and some of them can be approached differently.

Many allow you to make your own distributor website and advertise on social media.

Lifevantage: The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan of this brand was developed to help people start up their own business selling the company’s products.

It’s known to provide a relatively quick return on investments and for providing a good amount of residual income.

That said, this is considered quality compared to other MLMs.

If you’re expecting  to make a ton of money really quick then you need to remember that that’s going to be hard work.

There are 6 different bonuses that you can get paid out with – weekly and monthly.

You will also be provided with business training and given a good understanding of the company and the products that they sell.

You will also earn bonuses for your downline, or the people that you recruit.

The first-generation of your downline, meaning the people that you directly recruited, will earn you 10% commission on their sales.

Anyone that they recruit, for up to 4 more generations, will earn you 5%.

This is why it’s best to make money by recruiting other people.

This will provide you with steady residual income and they will ramp up the income as they recruit more people on their own.

The ranks for this brand go from Pro 1 all the way to Pro 10, followed by Executive, and lastly Presidential.

Is Lifevantage A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people are afraid of MLMs because they’re commonly associated with pyramid schemes, and in a sense, they are.

However, the name pyramid scheme implies something inherently negative.

Once you understand how this type of business works you can see how the term pyramid scheme emerged and decide whether or not you want to join the company.

At the top of the pyramid you have the head of the company.

This person hires employees and distributors which form the base of the pyramid.

In any regular business you can see this structure: front-end employees, sales clerks, and other folk form the base of the pyramid and they funnel money back to the CEO.

If you ask me, regular businesses are more indicative of a pyramid scheme because the heads of the company are often dissociated from their members and dishonest about company policies.

At least with a MLM, you know where you sit and you know what you’re getting into – usually.

Some MLMs aren’t as honest and open as others, and many people have indeed been ripped off because of shoddy companies.

This is why they have gotten such a bad rep.

However, not all of them are bad and in fact many are quite good.

Lifevantage Reviews

Just like  with any company, you can expect there to be a huge amount of variation in the reviews that are left by customers.

Lifevantage is no exception.

A lot of people swear by the brand and its products, but a fair few people have had bad experiences.

That said, their average ratings are quite high.

The most recent reviewer said that they wonder why “anyone would NOT be a customer at the very least.”

They promote the company and say that they’re doing great, quotes a few statistics, and went on to list the benefits that they’ve received from the products: many of which weren’t actually listed by the company.

They experienced decreased blood pressure, better managed blood sugar, and an easier ability to lose weight.

Their skin increased in health and appearance, they got more energy, and their mental health improved.

They were also getting compliments by other people saying that they looked good.

Unfortunately not everyone’s experience was good.

In fact one reviewer hasn’t even heard of the company but found them “charging then crediting back amounts on my Mastercard.”

They said that they had no idea how they got their card number.

This isn’t the only time that this is happening.

Another reviewer said that “they placed a charge on my Discover Card and immediately took it back.”

They also go on to say that this is a “common phishing tactic to see if the card number is good.”

That said, pretty much all of the reviews about the products themselves are quite positive.

There are just some sketchy reports of the company doing weird things with people’s’ credit cards.

Lifevantage Prices & Where To Buy

The best place to get their products is from their website.

However it’s a good idea to note that you won’t be saving any money buying from their website if you know an independent distributor.

In fact you’ll end up paying more to cover shipping costs.

If you join their website as a distributor or become a preferred customer, you can get discounts.

Preferred customers save 20% and distributors get wholesale prices.

The prices vary and are hard to compare to other products because these are unique and scientifically tested.

These prices, which are from Amazon (even though distributors aren’t really supposed to sell them on there) are the same as the prices from their website.

  • LifeVantage Protandim 12/2020 will cost you $32.95 for 30 capsules.
  • A combo pack of Protandim Nrf2 and NRF1 Synergizers will run you $73.88 for 30 capsules.

If you are looking for a better variety or for a more direct sales approach then just go to their website.

They have different domains for people in different countries.

Lifevantage Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Lifevantage offers a simple and effective money-back guarantee on both their products and their marketing materials.

This is interesting because a lot of MLM companies don’t offer refunds on the marketing materials.

This is a big part of the reason that these companies are often considered schemes or scams: people will join them, have a hard time making money, and walk away with less than they started with.

Fortunately, LifeVantage will give you a refund of the price of your starter kit, or anything else that you buy, within 30 days – minus the price of shipping and handling.

Lifevantage Pros & Cons

If you really want to know whether or not a company is going to be useful for you then it’s a good idea to weigh out the pros and cons of the business right next to each other.

Here are the most obvious pros and cons about Lifevantage.


  • You have a wide variety of possible ways to make money.
  • The company provides high-quality training modules that you can take online in their Vantage University. You can get hands-on training from other employees.
  • Preferred customers get 20% off their products if you enroll in autoship.
  • The company is known for paying its distributors on-time and being up front and integral with their business practices.
  • They are currently rated B- on the Better Business Bureau and have 3 stars on Glass Door. This certainly isn’t an A+ company but considering most MLMs have a rating of D or C-, or something closer to 2 stars, Lifevantage is doing pretty good.
  • Their products are often scientifically tested and proven to be effective.


  • There was a lawsuit filed against the company before they switched over to their direct sales model. They paid out $400,000 to settle a lawsuit with a competitor that said that LifeVantage was conspiring to take them over or ruin them.
  • Another lawsuit filed against the company said that they breached a payment contract to a distributor. They ended up paying him $350,000.
  • One product was recalled. Protandim was believed to be contaminated with metal fragments, though the problem was resolved.

Lifevantage Review: Final Verdict

LifeVantage seems to be a pretty solid company despite a few lawsuits and some sketchy dealings with credit cards.

That said, most of the people who experienced weird things with their credit cards weren’t actually involved with the brand at all.

Who knows what that means?

Are they a phishing scheme?

Are they going to rob us?

We can’t be certain, but what we can be certain of is that they provide high-quality, scientifically tested products and a good platform for people to sell these products.

Hopefully you’re able to decide whether or not you want to join Lifevantage!

So, what do you think about our Lifevantage review? Would you buy this product or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

3 Replies to Lifevantage Review: Is It A Scam?

  1. This is wrong in the respect that distributors pay wholesale prices. Distributors pay the same as everyone else, and receive no commission on their products purchased.

  2. I took it and I had a bad interaction with a medication I was already taking I had paid 85.00$ and might as well have burned the money. It’s not a proven drug. I wouldn’t ever get mixed up in one of things where everyone is trying to make money. It is the same as a pyaimid scheme just changed the name. Pressure is high from friends to try.

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