Leptiburn Review

Leptiburn Review: Does It Really Work?

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Biotrust Leptiburn is an advanced, fat-burning, and hormone support supplement that helps get rid of weight loss plateaus by declining Leptin levels in the body.

(Last Updated on November 25, 2022)

There is no shortcut to losing weight. You have to put in the work and follow a healthy diet and exercise.

There are many products on the market that promise the world when it comes to weight loss1.

There is one product from a company that makes it clear that it will not do the work for you. They state that their product will not allow you to eat whatever you want, be lazy, and still lose weight.

What it does promise is to make a solid weight loss program more effective when used as directed.

This product is Leptiburn. Let’s have a look in more detail what this product is and see what it can do.

What Is Leptiburn?

The company that produces this is BioTrust Nutrition. They sell many dietary supplements to address overall health.

They also supply products for muscle building and fat burning. The company offer products that they say are of the highest quality, purity, potency, and effectiveness.

The company was founded by Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni. Both have backgrounds in fitness and nutrition. They are both authors and television personalities. The company has been trading since 2012.

The company makes many charitable contributions. They have donated over $1.5 million to Make A Wish. They have also provided over 2.6 million meals to hungry children. This is through their involvement in Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign.

Leptiburn Ingredients


Leptiburn has four ingredients. These are:

Green Tea Leaf Extract 500mg

This contains Epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG2. This is a type of a catechin which is found in green tea. It is thought to be the active chemical component of green tea. It may be responsible for the antioxidant and fat burning properties of tea.

IGOB 131 150mg

This is a patented ingredient from Gateway Health Alliance. A clinical study has shown that this may help weight loss and metabolism.

5 HTP 100mg

This is often used is often used as a supplement to boost serotonin levels. The brain uses this to regulate mood, appetite, and other important functions. This has been shown to help weight loss by reducing appetite3.

Aframomum Melegueta Seed 40mg

This is also called Alligator Pepper or Grains of Paradise4. It is a herb from which the seeds have been traditionally used to season food. It is in the same family as Ginger. It may increase your metabolic rate.

How Does Leptiburn Work?

leptiburn reviews from real users

The company states that when combined with a healthy eating and exercise program, this combination of ingredients will support weight loss and weight management by:

  • Promoting increased calorie-burning power.
  • Helping improve appetite management.
  • Promoting increased fat burning.
  • Supporting enhanced feelings of well-being.

There is some indication that the ingredients may support some of these claims.

There has not been an independent clinical trial on the efficacy of the product.

Leptiburn Side Effects

There are no side effects listed.

The company does advise that you should be over 18 years old. You should also consult your physician before use if you are taking any prescription or other medications.

It is not for use by pregnant or nursing women. Neither should it be used if you are at risk or are being treated for any medical condition.

You should also be careful if you have allergies. The product is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, eggs, fish, Crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, and soy.

Leptiburn Reviews & Complaints

There are 69 reviews of this product on Amazon. It has a 3.4* rating with 60% of the reviews being above average.

Some people are very happy with the results this product gives them.

W. Lara writes:

Over nine months ago, I used Leptiburn with a ketogenic diet. I have since transitioned to a low-carb diet. I used to be 200 lbs and 5’3″. I lost 35 lbs. I have regained 5 lbs and I have hit a plateau with a more reasonable low-carb diet. I am resuming leptiburn to target another 10 lbs reduction. I have tried other diet aids. Leptiburn is the best.

Many people report weight loss. Some report having used it for quite some time. Many have found it helps them get past a weight loss plateau.

Ross reports:

Wow, I finally found a product that does what it says. I definitely hit a weight plateau and no matter what I did or tried, I just couldn’t get rid of those last few pounds. Well, this product did just that. I can’t believe that it actually worked when everything I have ever taken in the past didn’t. I’m super impressed with this supplement and highly recommended it, especially after being so unsuccessful with so many others.

Not everyone feels the same way. Some people say it does not work for them.

Anne L writes:

I’ve been through one bottle so far and not noticing any weight reduction yet. Will do one more bottle….

There are more comments in the same vein. Some also find that it is expensive.

Pamela Wade writes:

I have been taking these for almost a month now….more than halfway through the bottle and have not lost 1 lb. I work out and eat healthy and still no results. Very discouraging….I thought it may be what I need at age 48 since nothing is working and it aids in hormone boost.

Leptiburn: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

  • 1 bottle: $69.00
  • 3 bottles: $192.00 | TOTAL SAVINGS: 7%
  • 6 bottles: $354.00 | TOTAL SAVINGS:  14%


  • FREE 3 Week Diet Rapid Fat Loss E-Book ($49.95 Value – instant download)
  • FREE 53 Fat Burning Smoothies & Milkshakes Recipe E-Book (instant download)

Shipping prices are vary. Depends on delivery address. Go to the official website for details.

Where to buy Leptiburn?

We recommend to avoid places like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or Walgreens.

Buy Leptiburn at official website only, so you can be sure that you get an original product with money back guarantee.

This product is avaliable worldwide, including countries like: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or Italy.

See below how the official site looks like.

Leptiburn official website

Return/Refund Policy

The company offers a 1 year refund guarantee policy.

They will either:

  • Refund the cost of your purchase less shipping and handling.
  • Exchange for another product they offer.
  • Apply company credit to the value of your purchase, valid for 12 months.

Leptiburn Pros & Cons


  • The ingredients are listed with their quantities.
  • The ingredients may support weight loss.
  • You have a 1 year money back guarantee.


  • No clinical trial to prove the product works.
  • Price point is high.
  • Can’t be used if you have allergies or are vegan.

Leptiburn Review: Final Verdict

leptiburn weight loss supplement review - final verdict

The company is open and honest that this product will not work miracles. You have to put in some work and follow a sensible diet and exercise regime.

Will it help you get over a weight loss plateau? It may. If it doesn’t then you have time to decide. The company offers a 1 year money back guarantee.

It seems that like many things you have to put in the effort and be patient. Maybe you will see results. Just like anything we are all individuals and this may not work for everyone.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Leptiburn? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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