Keto Blast Review

Keto Blast Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Not all keto supplements will garner great results. Before buying Keto Blast, check out our revealing review of this BHB Ketone-based keto supplement.

(Last Updated on November 20, 2023)

The ketogenic diet can be the way forward for people who are wanting to lose weight 1, have sharper cognition, and boost energy levels.

As you likely know, cutting out carbs and sugars causes the body to use stored fat as energy.

Plus, the liver creates ketones for fast, clean energy (hence the ketogenic name).

Boosting levels of ketones is the goal of the keto dieter, as it means they are firmly within ketosis and on the way toward efficient fat burning.

However, the keto diet can be a bit troublesome, to begin with, as it can cause “keto flu”.

Plus, staying true to the diet is a challenge in its own right.

That’s where keto supplements come in.

Ketogenic supplements are designed to make ketosis easier, more energy-packed, and more successful in terms of weight loss.

Today, we’re looking at a rather controversial keto supplement called Keto Blast.

Our Keto Blast review covers the ingredients, benefits, pros, cons, customer experiences, and a final verdict.

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What Is Keto Blast?

Keto Blast is a ketogenic dietary 2 supplement that claims to (according to the label):

  • Burn fat.
  • Increase energy.
  • Enhance focus.

It contains three simple ingredients as part of a proprietary blend.

The ingredients are BHB ketone salts, the kind your body produces in the liver.

The philosophy behind BHB salts is that they boost ketone levels in the blood, helping to maintain ketosis and boost fat-burning.

They’re also thought to reduce keto flu symptoms that can plague the newbie keto-dieter, such as dehydration, headaches, and nausea.

They may also suppress the appetite, making an out-of-bounds trip to the fridge or the corner store far less likely.

Keto Blast is by Nutra4Health LLC, a company that we could not uncover any (substantial) information about.

They have a Facebook page but it has been inactive since 2018 and they have barely any likes.

This is a red flag for us, as we can’t find solid and trustworthy information about the manufacturing, refund policy, or the company’s customer satisfaction track record.

Keto Blast Ingredients

Keto Blast only contains a proprietary blend (800mg):

  • Magnesium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate: ketone salt.
  • Calcium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate: ketone salt.
  • Sodium Beta-Hydroxybutyrate: ketone salt.

How Does Keto Blast Work?

  • Keto Blast adds ready-made ketones to your body, helping to push you into ketosis 3 as long as you’re following the ketogenic diet. This means you may reach ketosis earlier, kicking off the fat-burning process.
  • BHB ketone salts can help to reduce ketone flu symptoms such as headaches, dehydration, nausea, and energy slumps. This helps to keep you motivated to continue the diet, and reduces the risk of carb 4 and sugar cravings in an attempt to gain more energy and feel better (emotionally and physically).
  • BHB ketone salts may suppress your appetite, resulting in fewer snacks and unnecessary calories. As we know, a calorie deficit is a surefire way (as a general rule) to lose weight.
  • Keto Blast, thanks to the BHB ketones, will provide fast and efficient energy and improved memory and focus. This is because ketones cross the “blood-brain barrier”, providing the brain with fast-acting fuel.

Keto Blast Benefits

  • Suppresses appetite.
  • Reduces keto flu symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and lethargy.
  • Boosts blood ketone levels for more easily-sustained ketosis.
  • Improves memory and focus.

Keto Blast Side Effects

BHB ketones are generally considered safe and don’t have any serious associated side-effects 5 as of yet.

However, some people may experience non-serious (yet uncomfortable) side-effects such as:

  • Nausea.
  • Headaches.
  • Stomach aches.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Bloating.
  • Heartburn.

When it comes to customer experiences, there are a few telling signs regarding side-effects.

For example, this person experienced heartburn:

“I ended up throwing away most of this product. This had no noticeable effect on the amount of energy that I had. I had bouts of heartburn within 30 minutes of taking this product. I have had some success with other Keto supplements, but this was by far the worst.”

Before taking any new supplement, no matter how safe the company claims it to be, check with your doctor.

Be extra safe if you:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Are trying to conceive.
  • Have existing medical conditions.
  • Are taking regular medication.

Keto Blast Reviews & Complaints

Unfortunately, Keto Blast doesn’t have a great track record when it comes to customer reviews.

The star ratings are woefully low, and the positive reviews are extremely vague, such as:

“It feels like it just might do the trick.”

“They have been working for me. I can say that I have lost weight.”

The negative reviews are mostly focused on the customer service and the unwarranted credit card charges that appear to be rife.

For example:

“This stuff is just another quick fix scam. DON’T try to order it directly from the company they will scam you. I started but saw it was sketchy so I backed out before ordering or confirming the order. They signed me up anyway and started deducting 2 withdrawals of 89 dollars each month…when I called they refused to stop even though I didn’t complete the order and called them to cancel once I received them anyway.”

See below for further reviews along this vein.

Is Keto Blast a Scam?

We did find some worrisome customer comments that suggest Keto Blast may not be such a trustworthy investment.

For example, some people found that they were charged unknowingly.

For example:

“Keto Blast is a scam! The advertising is very misleading, as I thought I was getting a trial sample for $4.98 only to be charged $89 two weeks later! Their customer service is NO help whatsoever.”

“It’s a fraud. I want my 89.00 back. I did not agree for you people to take 89.00. you are thieves.”

Unfortunately, countless more comments are reporting this behavior.

Others found that Keto Blast simply did not garner any results, such as:

“Seriously – have two cups of coffee in the morning for the same effect! I notice no discernible difference in my weight loss after taking these pills.”

How do I Take Keto Blast?

Take two capsules once a day, 30 minutes before eating.

Keto Blast: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

Keto Blast is proving a little tricky to purchase.

At the time of writing, it is not available on Amazon.

Money Back Guarantee

We couldn’t find any information regarding a returns policy or money-back guarantee.

However, considering the drama surrounding unwarranted charges, we’re doubtful that there would be a fair (or existing) satisfaction guarantee.

Keto Blast Pros & Cons


  • May reduce appetite and mindless snacking.
  • May increase ketone levels and sustain ketosis.
  • May reduce keto flu symptoms.


  • The company charges credit cards without consent (according to many customer reviews and reports).
  • Very little information about the company online.
  • Reports of zero effect on weight loss.

Keto Blast Review: Final Verdict

While Keto Blast may have some benefits such as fewer keto flu symptoms, we don’t recommend spending your money on it.

We are concerned about the reports of unwarranted account charges, and the ingredients do not have individual amounts listed.

There are better, and safer, options out there if you want to try BHB ketone salts.

Look for a BHB ketone supplement with exact amounts listed, and from a trusted company with transparent information and high customer ratings.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Keto Blast? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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