Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Green Coffee Bean Extract Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract is Evolution Slimming’s most powerful green coffee bean supplement which is clinically proven to help burn fat and reduce weight and is simply unmatched in terms of quality and effectiveness.

(Last Updated on November 20, 2023)

The humble green coffee bean has caused quite a stir.

It became the star of the Dr Oz show back in 2012. Sales of this “miracle” that was supposed to aid weight loss boomed.

In the wake of all the hype it transpired that the research paper on which the claims had been based was retracted.

A follow up statement was posted on Dr. Oz website. This stated that more investigation was needed regarding any potential benefits of Green Coffee Extract1.

Even so this remains a popular health supplement for weight loss. It is widely available online and in stores specializing in health supplements.

Let’s investigate further. Have the weight loss benefits of the humble coffee bean been proved?

What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

The product we have chosen to look at is produced by Evolution Slimming. This is a UK based company founded in 2008 by Nick Curry.

He created an online app selling weight loss supplements. The idea behind it was to set up a space where people could find, review and purchase supplements. They also supply supplements for sports nutrition, health and beauty.

The company’s ethos is:

To provide everyone with an easy, affordable way to help improve their lifestyle, weight loss & fitness goals with the very best in quality ingredients.

One of the supplements they sell is Green Coffee Bean Extract.

How To Use It?

The company offers three products:

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract 5000mg with 50% CGA: designed specifically for fat burning..
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract Pure 6000mg with 20% CGA: helps a person lose weight and diminish the look of cellulite.
  • Pure Svetol Green Coffee Bean 200mg equivalent of 3200 mg daily dose of Green Coffee Extract with 50% CGA: a fat burner and antioxidant.

So what is in these products that may help with weight loss?


The active ingredients in these products are:

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee refers to raw, unroasted coffee beans. It is claimed that this extract can offer a variety of health benefits. One of these apparent benefits is an an aid to natural weight loss. Studies suggest that it may help weight loss but more investigation is needed.

Svetol Green Coffee Extract

This is a brand of Green Coffee Extract. There is a study referred to on the company website as to the efficacy of this ingredient. I have been unable to find that study. I have located another study which suggests that more investigation is needed.

Chlorogenic Acid

This is one of the main components of unroasted green coffee beans. Some human studies suggest that it can reduce the amount of carbohydrate that we absorb from food. This then lowers blood sugar and insulin levels2.

Studies in mice and rats have shown that chlorogenic acid can reduce body weight. It may also reduce fat absorbed from the diet and reduce fat stored in the liver.

It may improve the function of adiponectin, a fat burning hormone3. Chlorogenic acid may also reduce the risk factors associated with heart disease.

The product is vegetarian and vegan friendly. It is also dairy free. Some of the products are also gluten free.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Work?

how it works

The suggestion by the company is that these products may:

  • Enhance weight management
  • Help release fatty acids from fat stored in the body
  • Help the liver to process these fatty acids more efficiently
  • Help reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Give you energy but never make you feel jittery

This is all based on the effects of the small amount of caffeine and the chlorogenic acid in the products.

There is some clinical evidence that the individual ingredients may help with some of these claims. The main one being the chlorogenic acid.

This ingredient in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism. It is thought to help slow down the body’s absorption of fat from your regular food intake. It may also increases your metabolism. This may help the weight loss process.

It is however thought that these effects may be moderate and short term. It is suggested that more research is done as to the efficacy of green coffee extract.

There is no clinical trial on this particular product.

Roasting coffee reduces chlorogenic acid content. So drinking coffee may not have the same weight loss effects as the unroasted beans.

Green Coffee Bean Side Effects

The company states this is a completely safe natural product with no known side effects. It is however worth noting:

  • It is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.
  • It may cause headache or nausea.
  • You may need to consult your doctor if you’re already on medication. This may be wise in any event if you are unsure whether to use this supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews & Complaints

The company has a 4* rating on Trustpilot. 91% of reviews on their service and products are above average.

As this product is sold direct from the company, independent reviews are not plentiful. I did find some older ones on Amazon. Of 37 reviews 47% are above average with an overall 2.7* rating.

Some people are happy with the weight loss they have achieved using this product.

MargAnne writes:

This is the second bottle of green coffee bean extract I have purchased. The green coffee bean extract is an excellent way of controlling the appetite and therefore assists with weight loss. I highly recommend this item to anyone trying to lose those extra pounds.

Some people accept that you have to follow a healthy diet as well for this product to have an effect.

Sam writes:

Lost 3 stones in 6 months with these, during my (on and off) diet, without exercise. It doesn’t work if you over eat or eat too much junk. I tried to keep junk food up to 200 calories. And I wasn’t left feeling low on energy, as I did without these during my diet.

It did not work for everyone,

Devine reports:

Doesn’t work. Went  through 3 month trial…waste of time and money.Very disappointed!

Despite following a calorie controlled diet and taking these capsules Vix reports:

Having had nothing but good reports about this item I bought it as nothing else was working! I have taken it now for a month and followed a calorie counted diet and have not lost a single pound! Not worth the money.

Green Coffee Bean: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

Green Coffee Bean Extract 5000mg with 50% CGA: At the time of writing on offer with 50% off.

  • 1 bottle (60 capsules): $14.00
  • 2 bottles (120 capsules): $25.00
  • 3 bottles (180 capsules): $34.00

Green Coffee Bean Extract Pure 6000mg with 20% CGA:

  • 1 bottle (90 capsules): $27.00
  • 2 bottle (180 capsules): $51.00
  • 3 bottle (270 capsules): $74.00
  • 4 bottle (360 capsules): $103.00

Pure Svetol Green Coffee Bean 200mg equivalent of 3200 mg daily dose of Green Coffee Extract with 50% CGA:

  • 1 bottle (60 capsules): $34.00
  • 2 bottles (120 capsules): $62.00
  • 3 bottles (180 capsules): $82.00
  • 4 bottles (240 capsules): $103.00

The company ships worldwide.

Shipping and handling charges apply. Rates vary depending on country.

The rates can be found on the company website.

Where to buy it?

We recommend to avoid places like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or Walgreens.

Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract at official website only, so you can be sure that you get an original product with money back guarantee.

See below how the official site looks like.

Return/Refund Policy

The company will accept return of unopened, unused goods in their original condition.

They must also be in date. This applies for 30 days from receipt of your goods.

There is a process on the company website to follow to request returns.

Shipping and Handling fees are non refundable.

Pros & Cons


  • May help with weight loss.
  • May increase your energy levels.
  • May help detox.
  • May increase your metabolism.
  • Can possibly suppress your appetite.
  • May help reduce blood pressure.


  • Cannot be used by everyone.
  • May interact with other medications and supplements.
  • May have mild side effects.

Green Coffee Bean Review: Final Verdict

Like many other supplements this is not a magic pill that will turn you into a supermodel overnight. Following its celebrity appearance on Dr Oz, it seems many people have tried this supplement. As one of the “newer kids on the block” it seems to be very popular.

There is some clinical evidence that this product may help with weight loss. However most of the studies are small or short-term. They may have been sponsored by companies that produce or sell green coffee beans.

The upshot is that the only thing that is proven to lead to long-term weight loss is changing your lifestyle. Following a healthy diet and exercise may be hard work but the results would be worth it.

If you are wondering what all the hype is about it may be worth trying this product. Customer reviews indicate that there are many people that have seen positive results.

Just like anything in life, there are no quick fixes. You need to commit to the long haul to reap the benefits. That being said, a little help along the way is always useful and this product may work for you.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Green Coffee Bean supplement? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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