Golo Diet Review

Golo Diet Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Golo diet is a combined eating plan and nutritional supplement regimen designed to lower insulin resistance. It promises fast and easy weight loss while eating the food you love with no calorie counting.

(Last Updated on November 1, 2022)

Want to lose a few pounds? Don’t we all!

If you look at the most searched diets on google for the last two years, one that pops up in the top 10 on the list for both years is the Golo Diet.

In fact it was at Number 1 on the list for 2016.

It’s not one I had ever heard of! So I thought I would take a look at what all the hype was about.

After all there are so many new diets emerging on the market its difficult to know what will work and what won’t.

What Is GOLO Diet?

The company seem to base their diet around insulin resistance1.

They claim that insulin resistance makes it easy to gain, and very difficult to lose weight2. They further claim that insulin resistance is a metabolic disorder and that when you repair your metabolic health, it’s easy to lose weight and keep it off.

So how do they aim to do this? The Golo solution according to their website:

Targets the true cause of weight gain with our 2-tier approach. Our all-natural Release Supplement, and realistic meal plan work together to stop weight gain, and start converting fat into energy. Together they help repair your metabolic health so you can get the results you want and maintain them.

So what is this 2-Tier approach?

It consists of a capsule that they call Release and a weight loss plan.

As a result of following their diet and taking their capsule, the company say we can expect:

  • Steady weight loss and healthy weight management
  • Balanced nutrition for better overall health
  • Increased energy and improved mood. Eat better to FEEL better!
  • Reduced risk factors including blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Better digestion and a reduction in digestive issues
  • Strengthened immune system, antioxidant protection and reduced inflammation

Surely these can all be achieved by following a healthy balanced diet and exercise plan!

Golo LLC is listed on the Better Business Bureau with a score of A-. There is no information on their website as to who formulated this diet.

Further research shows the co founders apparently are Dr. Conrad Smith, and Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist.

The President of the company is Jennifer Brooks trained in Holistic Nutrition, Mind Body Transformational Psychology, and Fitness Nutrition at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Release Capsules Ingredients

golo release ingredients

One component of this diet is their “unique” patented Release capsules. They claim that  these capsules are so effective because they help in:

  • Insulin optimization to promote the release of fat.
  • Glucose control for reduced hunger and cravings, and maximum energy.
  • Hormone balance to help reduce stress and improve mood.

The ingredients of the capsules are:

Magnesium –15mg

Magnesium is a mineral that is essential to the general good health of our body. A deficiency of this mineral has been associated with a number of health issues including Diabetes3 .

Zinc – 10mg

Zinc supplements have been shown to have a beneficial effect on diabetes 4.

Chromium – 70mcg

Chromium is a mineral essential to the body for the the normal metabolism of carbohydrates. It has been shown to help with insulin resistance5 .

Proprietary Blend – 297mg
  • Salacia Extract has been shown to help with weight reduction.
  • Banaba Extract has been shown to help with obesity and diabetes.
  • Berberine may help in the treatment of obesity and insulin regulation6.
Traces of other natural ingredients.

It appears that there is some merit, backed by clinical trials, of the efficacy of some of the ingredients of Release capsules. However there have been no independent clinical trials on the capsules.

How Does GOLO Diet Work?

how it works

This diet focuses on providing a healthy metabolism and insulin resistance. Let’s have a look at how these affect our weight.

Insulin is a hormone made in the pancreas, and one of its main roles is to help regulate, or control, your blood sugar.

After a person eats the pancreas releases insulin. The insulin then signals muscle, fat, and liver cells in the body to absorb glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream to be used for energy.

When there’s more glucose than the body needs, insulin helps the body store that excess glucose in the liver to be used later. Insulin also signals the liver to stop releasing glucose into the bloodstream.

Insulin resistance happens when the body can’t process the amount of insulin in the blood stream. This can decrease your ability to lose weight.

  • This may be  caused by eating too much food or the wrong kind of food.
  • Another factor may be a lack of physical activity.

Insulin resistance is a medically recognized condition that can lead to prediabetes or diabetes.

You can prevent insulin resistance by losing weight and being more physically active. Changing your lifestyle in this way will also promote a healthier metabolism.

It may be that the diet plan provided alongside the Release capsules will point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing a healthy diet. The company states that the diet:

Shows you the right foods in the right combinations to create a positive metabolic effect.

There is also the benefit of continued support of a Facebook Group, and they have coaches at the end of a phone.

GOLO Diet Side Effects

There are no side effects listed on the company’s website. The only possible side effects may come from the Release capsules. Magnesium can cause:

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach upset
  • Other digestive disorders

If you think you may be allergic to any of the ingredients, or even just because you are starting a new diet plan with a supplement, it is advisable to check with your doctor.

Golo Diet Reviews & Complaints

golo diet reviews from real users

The company marketing relies heavily non before and after pictures on their website. As this diet is only sold through the Golo website independent reviews have not been easy to find.

Of the independent reviews I did find, some people are raving about the results of this diet.

Dawn writes:

I have tried SO many different programs and diets, and nothing has worked. I saw GOLO advertised on TV, but I thought it was just another gimmick. When my husband saw it, he researched it and told me to try it.

I did the seven-day kickstart program, and after the week was up, I weighed myself and just about fell over; I lost eight pounds! I didn’t always eat exactly what was in the kickstart program because I didn’t like everything, but I substituted with something similar. I like how I can have fruit and potatoes, and even bread! I don’t understand the insulin thing, but it’s definitely working. I’m not hungry, and I’m not craving other foods.

I am so happy I found this program!

And there are many more reviews of a similar nature.

Some people however claim that the diet did not work and some even gained weight.

Brad E reports:

I tried this product for the last 30 days, in hopes of expediting my weight loss journey. Unfortunately, I gained 6 lbs over the 30 days. When I called to initiate a return authorization, they said sorry you missed your return window (by 3 days). Don’t be fooled.

The subject of returns has been raised by Brad, along with others who were less than satisfied with the customer service.

Barbara R writes:

The first three times of usage was okay. My last order was in April and May 2017. I gained, to date, 25 pounds back. UNBELIEVABLE. I called GOLO on June 15, 2017, and spoke to a very rude customer service representative named Cassie, who continuously talked over me, sighing on the phone and refused to get me to a supervisor. The conversation ended with Cassie suggesting that I no longer order GOLO.

Barbara was responded to by Eden C and it appears that her issues were resolved, however what I found concerning was the request from the company for the review to be removed.

Eden C writes:

I enjoyed speaking with you this morning regarding your questions and am so glad that we were able to discuss and work out the issues. Since everything was ended amicably, I am hopeful that this review can now be removed.

Whilst no one likes getting bad reviews I feel they are part of life. I am far more skeptical of companies that get constant good reviews with no criticism!

GOLO Diet: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

You can buy Golo diet on its official website: www.golo.com.

The company offers free shipping on all packages.

Costs of the products are:

  • Starter Kit: 90 Release capsules and Diet Plan $39.95
  • Deluxe Kit: 2 x 90 Release Capsules and Diet Plan $59.95
  • Release reorder: 1 bottle, $37.95, 2 bottles $69.90, 3 bottles $89.95
  • Diet Plan (Rescue Plan): $19.95

The company have extended their 100% money back guarantee to 60 days from the date your order arrives.

See below how the official site looks like.

golo diet officil website

GOLO Diet Pros & Cons


  • Allows you to follow a healthy eating plan.
  • Easy to follow.
  • Ongoing support from the company and a Facebook Group.
  • Supported by a credible medically qualified team.
  • Money back guarantee.


  • The information in the diet plans may be found elsewhere for free.
  • Release capsules not clinically tested outside of the company for effectiveness.
  • No negative reviews found online, what looks a bit shady.

GOLO Diet Review: Final Words

golo for weight loss review - verdict

There is a lot to be said for customer feedback and there is a lot of positive feedback. This diet obviously works for some people.

But, is that due to the fact that they have changed to a healthier lifestyle, following a diet plan and exercising: or does it have anything to do with the supplement.

At the end of the day we are all different and what works for one will not work for another.

If you like the ease of having all your meals planned out for you, then this may be for you.

But if you are more inclined to do a bit of research for yourself, save your money for some new clothes when you have the lost the pounds you want to.

We laid out the facts, will you buy GOLO Diet? Comment below and tell us what you think!

23 Replies to Golo Diet Review: Does It Really Work?

  1. Loved this honest and open minded review. My boyfriend saw the commercial and asked me to research. I recommend he not make this purchase….

    1. You should rethink using it. It’s probably the only plan that has helped me. I lost 13 inches in about 4 months and 15 lb since last November. It’s such an easy user-friendly diet and frankly, if he has especially weight in the belly area it’s the best diet out there.

  2. I have tried so many of these types of diets and non of them work. They all say the same thing and promise the same things. “Their diet is the magic formula,” and works better because it has been done with research experts. I will probably not try GOLO because it sounds the same as all the rest. Just a different name for a miracle pill to take claiming to work but probably will not.

    Thank you for your information regarding this product.

  3. Sounds too good to be true. So it seems one could take some added vitamins & some herbal supplements for support, eat better and exercise more, for most people. I don’t know about medical conditions causing weight loss issues but the old tried & true methods(eat better/exercise) are the magic formula, just not as fun as a magic pill.

  4. How does it work..I would really want to try this..i have tried all kinds of diets and they don’t work….

  5. I did try this and it did NOTHING for me. People flock to the DR OZ recommendations but this is the 3rd one I have tried that he recommended and none of them have been helpful or have worked. You are better off visiting the supplement section of your grocer and tracking your food intake and adding exercise. There are no quick/easy results.

    1. I agree totally. I am almost finished with 1 bottle of GOLO pills and I lost 10 lbs. only because I work out for 30 minutes everyday. I would lose this weight regardless of these pills. Do not waste your money on this product.

      1. Not necessarily. You may want to go to your local GNC or vitamin shop and purchase the vitamins found in the GOLO release capsules. Many of those vitamins are proven to work with patients with diabetes and insulin resistance. Our bodies tend to hold on to weight, especially in the mid-section and after several yo-yo diets. Just a thought.

  6. My husband and I tried it for 30 days. Lost nothing but our money. When I called and emailed them, they said I had to return product and would send instructions. They failed to send the instructions.

  7. I am thinking about giving the Golo diet a shot for weight reduction. I am a diabetic and need to know if this is recommended for me.

  8. I have been on this plan since April. I am very pleased with this, learning to eat healthy again. I feel great, more energy, and sleep better at night! I have lost 12 lbs, and 3 inches off of my waist. Lots of support from the GOLO facebook page!

  9. I have tried the chirothin metabolic body reset, and it works. It is expensive though compared to the price of Golo. My friend purchase Golo but since she has IBS the release gives her constant diarrhea, so she is going to give me her almost full bottle! I will see if it works for me like the chirothin, and if it does I will purchase more.

  10. I bought 3 bottles and used it for only 2 weeks. It did not work for me. Just another diet that promises results for everyone but does not deliver. I think if everyone ate properly and exercised more this would work better. Problem is so many of us are working and are so tired we do not exercise or eat properly. We work too hard for too little pay and are tired. It would be nice if we could balance work and life.

  11. I generally reserve this word for extreme situations where I have been taken for a ride. This product is pure Hoakum.

  12. I was taking GOLO for about 3 weeks and was having frequent bouts of diarrhea, so I decided to stop. I am a 51 year old female that wanted to lose around 25 pounds. Eight years ago I had a procedure called endometrial ablation due to endometriosis. I haven’t had a period in eight years. After stopping GOLO, I had a period. Because GOLO claims to balance hormones I’m wondering if it effected me to begin to have cycles again. I’m not sure what the outcome will be and I’m quite concerned. Anyone else experienced this?

  13. Thanks for the review. Saw their late night commercial, this is the only review I have found; I was trying to find there claimed clinical trial, but as you have state that they did not have a independent clinical trial – that ends my search. decision -NO. I will share that my main problems with any “diet” plan is that I don’t like 50-70% of the foods or planned meals. If I thought I could find a dietician that could work with me on transitioning from what I eat to better substitutes I would probably consult one, but I don’t feel any would.

  14. I have taken this product for one week so far. I have lost 5 pounds as of this morning, using the 7 day “reset” food plan they recommend. But, last night I ended up in the ER for several hours with severe upper right abdominal pain. I didn’t relate it to this product, but the many scans and tests showed that nothing was wrong with my body other than sections of my liver that are “thicker” than other parts. Two years ago, I was told I might have fatty liver syndrome. I assume that the Release capsules do have some affect on the liver. Perhaps the detox is creating the pain. Has anyone else had this problem? I tried to reach out to the company but have gotten no response yet.

    I’m willing to put up with some pain if it is a result of detox and is making my liver healthier ultimately, but I don’t want to hurt my liver and make things worse. Any advice or similar experience?

  15. In reading all the reviews on here I noticed that not one person mentioned all the health benefits of the ingredients. If you look at those that lost weight in a certain amount of time the average weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. That is the recommended, normal and healthy amount of weight loss with most Pills, shakes, pre packaged meal plans, doctor supervised weight loss plans etc…. if you think there is ANYTHING out there that will promise you will loose more that a pound or 2 a week don’t waste your money!!!! I’m on day 2 of GOLO, I purchased it with no expectations other than the benefits of the ingredients and hoped it will help me loose some weight. I have experienced some stomach cramps and diarrhea. Maybe it’s my system trying to detox. The cramps go away quickly after going to the restroom and I’m hoping that this part stops after my system gets used to it. There is nothing magical about any weight loss item you can but. Diet and exercise is the REAL solution however like me most of us are looking for a miracle. There is not one!!!. Also keep in mind that most people that have success don’t take the time to write a good review but those that did not have success alway look to blame someone else ( been there done that) Take charge of your own journey with or without weight loss products or with them. Do what works for you but be true!!!!

  16. Golo is the best way of transforming your life into a healthy one. Release has completely stabilized my insulin and I can literally feel my metabolism working again! Golo is very simple, I go out to restaurants and just make better choices. Come to Golo! Give it your all! And you will see the changes in your life! It’s clean healthy eating!

  17. The MRC (Metabolic Research Center) diet is the only one that works for me. With no results by Golo I need to get back to MRC and stay on it!

  18. If you are looking for magic pill, Golo Release is not it. It’s just a set of vitamins and minerals your body may or may not need. You have to work hard to lose weight- eat right, hydrate properly and exercise regularly. BUT… Golo Release does help. I’ve stopped snacking and my cravings are gone. A+ for Golo.

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