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How To Get Rid Of Black Neck Fast

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Black neck is a very common problem when it comes to skincare. Even out your neck skin tone with these easy home remedies.

(Last Updated on December 1, 2023)

The neck is easily a body part that is well normally ignored in a beauty routine, but it can make a difference to your overall look. Whether if you are a guy or a girl, the unsightly neck will make any neck revealing clothing look unpleasant.

How to get rid of black neck fast depends on many factors.

Causes of Black Neck

As knowing your enemy is winning one half of the battle, you can rectify the situation by addressing the underlying cause.

Here are some possible causes below which usually looks a lot different than a black neck.

  • Poor hygiene is one of the causes of black neck, where there is a buildup of grime from lack of cleaning. Most people tend to forget this body part when cleaning, resulting in a neck that looks dirty.
  • You forget to apply sunscreen there, hence your neck is darker than your face or the rest of your body. Usually the problem area is at the back of the neck, where it is more neglected during sunscreen application.
  • Acanthosis Nigricans is usually associated with metabolic issues such as: polycystic ovary syndrome and diabetes, it is mainly attributed to high levels of insulin in the body. Acanthosis Nigricans presents as dark and velvety patches of dark skin on the neck.
  • Genetic can play a role, people who suffer from dry and itchy skin are more prone to have darker necks. Scratching can cause excoriation and scarring, showing as a darker shade on the neck.

How to Avoid Having Black Neck

It is easy to avoid getting this problem, although most will require persistence. The methods below are easy to do, but will pay off when you have a beautiful neck.

  • Pay attention to the neck when cleansing the face or body. The skin of the neck is as sensitive as the face, hence use facial products when cleaning this neglected area.
  • Remember to use sunscreen on the front and back of the neck, if you are prone to dark neck, you can apply a thicker layer of cream. Find a wider brim hat that can cast shade further down.
  • Moisturize regularly during dry seasons, and avoid clothing that causes a reaction. If a turtleneck makes you uncomfortable, wear a looser shirt. Certain clothing can cause a reaction and itching.
  • Lose weight might help reduce Acanthosis Nigricans in some people. As weight loss reduces levels of insulin in the body, it will help you get dark neck patches under control.

Home Remedies For Black Neck Removal

For quick removal of black neck, here are some tricks you can try. These are particularly helpful if you already have them in your cupboard, as some are essentials:

  • Prepare a lemon scrub by combining lemon juice and salt to form a paste. The salt serves to remove dead skin from the neck, while the lemon juice is a natural bleach. Rub the mixture onto the dark spot and leave to dry for twenty minutes before rinsing off.
  • Warm almond oil with some coconut and olive oil on a stove, until the oil is around body temperature. Massage the oil on dry skin until fully absorbs, and then rinse off to reveal a cleaner skin.
  • Slice aloe vera plant and rub the flesh all over the neck, paying attention to the darker areas. Aloe vera has whitening and regenerating properties, to encourage the cells to produce new cells.
  • Slice or grind some cucumber and use it as a rub. Cucumber has cell renewing properties, and it will help lighten skin of the neck after use. You can also juice the cucumber, adding some lemon peels to help enhance the exfoliating and whitening effect.
  • Oats, honey and milk combo may sound like a healthy breakfast, but you use it to whiten a dark neck. Grind the oat into powder, add some milk and honey to form into a paste. You can use it to exfoliate dead skin out, while the honey helps moisturize and keeps the new layer soft and supple.

Cream For Dark Neck

While home remedies are helpful in a pinch, neck lightening cream is a lot easier and more cost effective as a maintenance process. Usually, these creams work by either removing the darker skin cells to reveal the new layer underneath, or whiten the whole neck via a bleaching effect.

Backed by research, the ingredients inside Meladerm are not only strong antioxidants, they can exfoliate and brighten skin too. While Meladerm is not a super fast black neck removal solution, it can work within two weeks. More importantly, the effect is more long lasting than using any home remedies.

  • By reading Meladerm reviews, you know that it uses a new peptide technology, its Matrikine-Ceramide 2 and Argireline® can minimize the appearance of wrinkles. This is useful when you have dark neck, as wrinkles can hide grime and dead skin. A well toned neck can not only make the neck look lighter, it can make you look years younger.
  • Their ceramide- 3 provides extra level of hydration to the skin, as well as stopping moisture from escaping from the epidermis of the skin. Use this regularly to keep your neck looking supple, and prevent itching and scratching due to paper dry skin.
  • This cream contains exfoliating ingredients such as lactic acid and lemon juice. It is by removing the dead darker skin cells, you can reveal the lighter new skin layer beneath.
  • Meladerm uses various skin brighteners such as arbutin from bearberry, licorice and kojic acid. It also contains vitamin B3 that is the skin’s natural brightening compound. Instead of having to source every ingredient yourself, they all converge into a bottle.

While Meladerm would take around three months to show its full potential, you can see its benefits within three weeks. This cream does not contain harsh bleaching agent hydroquinone and mercury, so it is safe more even those who have darker skin tones. Apply Meladerm two times a day after cleansing consistently to have full effect.

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