Flat Tummy Tea Review

Flat Tummy Tea Review: Does It Really Work?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Flat Tummy Tea is an herbal detox tea that promises to help you drop water weight, remove toxins, and “get that tummy back to flat.”

(Last Updated on November 5, 2022)

There is a lot of buzz surrounding detox teas, which actually sounds easy to use.

They promise to cleanse the body, lose water weight and shed some extra fat.

One of them, Flat Tummy Tea caught our attention; it is actively promoted by celebrities such as the Kardashians who have a large social media following.

It has more than 550,000 Instagram posts, making it the most popular detox tea.

Moreover, it takes a different approach; instead of focusing on losing many extra pounds, it focuses on the 20 to 30-year-old women, commonly referring to them as ‘babes’.

Their marketing technique sounds more like talking to a sassy friend.

It claims to help get rid of bloating and sluggish feeling and attain a leaner midsection – ‘flat tummy’.

But let’s put this aside, does the Flat Tummy Tea work?

Read more on our Flat Tummy Tea review below.

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What Is Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea is a herbal dietary drink that employs a 2-step process to cleanse the body from toxins by reducing bloating as well as boosting energy levels.

It is manufactured by Synergy CHC and marketed under their brand website Flat Tummy Co.

Apart from flattening your stomach, it promises to:

  • Improve digestion.
  • Boosts metabolism.
  • Increase energy levels.

Flat Tummy Tea comes in two or four-week packs that contain two different teas; Activate Tea and Cleanse Tea.

Flat Tummy Tea Ingredients

The two teas used are made of pure grown herbs.

Activate Tea

The activate tea contains a blend of 10 natural ingredients that promise to enhance metabolism, improve digestion and boost energy in the body while resulting in a flat tummy.

They include

  • Dandelion – root and leaf
  • Lemon balm – leaf
  • Cardamom – pods
  • Licorice – root
  • Fennel – seed
  • Peppermint – leaf
  • Green Tea – leaf
  • Cleavers – leaf
  • Caraway – seed

However, there was little scientific evidence on the function of these products as claimed in Flat Tummy Tea.

Most of them may have been used for flavoring rather than the intended effect.

For instance, cleavers leaf is known to increase urine flow to prevent fluid retention.

This doesn’t ease up bloating.

On the other hand, Lemon Balm is known to help in regulating body weight.

Cleanse Tea

The Flat Tummy Cleanse tea contains 7 ingredients that promise to detoxify the digestive system and lower your water weight maintaining a flat stomach.

They include:

  • Dandelion – root
  • Cassia Chamaecrista – pods
  • Rhubarb – root
  • Senna – leaf
  • Licorice – root
  • Caraway – seed
  • Peppermint – leaf

Multiple studies show that Senna and fennel have a laxative effect and may reduce constipation.

Moreover, both peppermint and licorice root have the potential to reduce body fat.

How Does Flat Tummy Tea Work

Flat Tummy Tea works through a two-stage mechanism.

The first stage is the ‘Activate ‘where your digestive system is prepared for the weight loss journey.

The idea is to allow the digestive system to absorb more nutrients as well as increase metabolism to achieve faster digestion.

The second stage ‘Cleanse’ involves detoxifying the body.

The tea helps remove toxins that have accumulated in the intestinal tract during the day.

This helps reduce water weight and ease bloating.

How To Use It?

The company states that the teas come in loose leaf and you require a strainer to infuse the leaves.

It is recommended to take one cup of Flat Tummy Activate Tea every morning with breakfast.

To make the tea, put one teaspoon of the loose leaves into one cup of hot water, let it infuse for about 5-7 minutes, then remove the strainer.

On the other hand, Cleanse tea is used differently since it has a mild cleansing effect.

It uses a shorter infusion time of 3 to 5 minutes.

Cleanse tea should be taken every night for the first week, followed by once in three nights from then on for 2 or 4 weeks, depending on the package you choose

The tea is naturally sweet with a herbal flavor but you are allowed to add honey and lemon to taste.

Furthermore, the company provides nutritional tips to achieve better results.

They include the recommended guidelines for weight loss and eating right.

For instance, they advocate for smaller portions, less alcohol intake, and mindful eating among others.

Flat Tummy Tea Side Effects

The company states that Flat Tummy Tea has no serious side effects.

They, however, caution that if an individual does not take enough water they may become dehydrated.

Additionally, they recommend women to use extra protection while taking this tea because the detox may affect contraceptive pills.

One of their ingredients, senna, is a popular laxative thus; you may have a frequent bowel movement.

They, however, say this should not be the case.

If so, they advise you to make changes to the tea infusion time.

The company further advises that this product should not be used if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Flat Tummy Tea A Scam?

The manufacturer states that this product does not result in massive weight loss but only helps with bloating and losing water weight.

Additionally, they advocate for users to work out and eat right as they take the tea.

Well, this is quite straightforward and it’s a good thing.

So, no, it is not a scam.

Flat Tummy Tea Reviews & Complaints

Flat Tummy Tea has received mixed reactions online.

Of 151 customer reviews on Amazon, 38% have given it 5 stars.

It has an overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 stars.

Let’s see what some had to say.

Here are the positive reviews.

Lammie wrote on Amazon:

Highly recommend this for all ladies to keep fit. I love it. Great taste and keeps me moving every day. I’m a Babe now.

Marisa had nothing but praise for the flat tummy tea. She says this on HighYa

This tea is amazing! I saw a lot of people use this, and are saying how much it works for them, that it made me interested in buying it because I’ve been desperate to lose weight […]

After a few weeks, I started to look and feel less bloated. I was really surprised. I don’t know why people in the comments are saying it doesn’t work when it really does. For it to work and help you lose weight, you have to exercise. It doesn’t just burn all your calories if you just sit there and don’t exercise at all. It also doesn’t work overnight. It takes a little bit of time.

Trust me, this brand works really well.

However, some people had unfavorable things to say.

Alexandra Mallett says it is not worth.

She reports on Amazon:

The Activate (morning) tea did seem to curb my appetite and cravings, but the Cleanse tea did not work at all. I noticed no reduction in bloating along with eating right and exercise. I would not recommend this product.

Additionally, some users complained about the extreme stomach discomfort as witnessed by Ferdy.

She wrote on Amazon:

Will you have a flat tummy after drinking this tea for two weeks? Yes, you will because you will be extremely dehydrated. I saw no benefit to this other than it is a laxative. I was in the bathroom multiple times a day and it didn’t get better as I continued to use it.

I did not finish the two-week process because my stomach just couldn’t take any more. Stuff like this is at best a temporary fix. If you need to squeeze into a dress for the special occasion and have a couple of pounds to drop, this could help but again it is at the price of some stomach discomfort. Also, the tea is not great tasting. It has a bitter flavor.

Flat Tummy Tea: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

Flat Tummy Tea can be bought at the official website: flattummyco.com.

There are two purchasing options on the website.

  • 4-week program: $49.00
  • 2-week program: $36.00

Free shipping is available in the US but a $9.95 fee is applied when Priority mail is used.

Shipping to the rest of the world attracts $14.95 fee.

They offer worldwide shipping apart from UAE, Iran, United Kingdom, Sudan, Cuba, Myanmar, Syria, and North Korea.

Note: Flat Tummy Tea package does not come with a strainer.

See below how the official site looks like.

flat tummy tea official website

Refund Policy & Money Back Guarantee

The manufacturer does not offer refunds on subscription payments.

Flat Tummy Tea Pros & Cons


  • Increases regularity.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • The manufacturer has a disclaimer on massive weight loss to avoid legal issues.
  • Use of safe natural herbs.
  • Supports workout and a good diet.


  • Lack of refund policy.
  • Reported side effects.
  • Claims are not backed up by science.
  • Use of paid celebrity endorsements instead of real users.
  • Not FDA approved.

Flat Tummy Tea Review: Final Words

Flat Tummy Tea seems ideal for someone who wants to ease bloat and increase regularity.

If you love taking a cup of tea each morning or before bed, then this would be great.

However, if you are looking to lose weight without putting effort in your diet or workout regimen then this isn’t for you.

We were a little bit concerned about the use of laxatives and diuretics for weight loss.

Studies have shown that Senna may cause liver toxicity and abnormal bowel functioning when taken for a long time.

Even so, we acknowledge the positive guidance on nutrition offered by the company, which aims to help individuals lead a more healthy life.

We laid out the facts, will you buy Flat Tummy Tea? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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