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Top 3: Best Skin Lightening Creams Reviews

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

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Reasonable skin isn’t a measure of magnificence – we ought to commend the skin tone we are conceived with.

Be that as it may, the ever increasing pollution and the unsafe rays of the sun make our skin end up dull, dry, and flawed, and also unnaturally darker.

As we grow older, we see that our skin isn’t what it used to be.

Since prevention, protection, and repair are the main measures we can fall back on, we have incorporated three of the best skin lightening creams, gels, and serums1 accessible in the market that work really well when it comes to renewing your lost skin tone and texture.

Simply try them out, and once you meet your skin’s ideal match, you will get converted for life!

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Ranking: Best Skin Bleaching Creams

1. Meladerm


Without a doubt, Meladerm cream is our top pick for being a premium-skin lightening product that contain more than enough potent and branded ingredients capable of safely lightening skin tone2.

Among the ones we have, it was this product that had some of the best ingredients you could ask for in an all-purpose skin cream.

What is it?

Meladerm is manufactured by reputable skin treatment company Civant.

This company took a bold move to not make hydroquinone its key components.

While most skin lightening creams in rely on hydroquinone to help with the whitening and lightening effect, Meladerm does not.

Meladerm is free from hydroquinone, steroids, parabens, and other harsh ingredients.

This lightening cream provides results in as little as two weeks.

It has the following attributes:

  • Topnotch ingredients. A-list ingredients make the cut.
  • We love the website. Oftentimes, the investment made on marketing is an indicator of product quality.
  • Looks and feels professional. More than endorsements, it feels as if reputable doctors will recommend it.
Ingredient List

Here are Meladerm’s top 5 ingredients.

Olive Squalane

This compound is sourced from olive oil.

Our own body produces squalane to give our skin protection from harsh UV rays and additionally make our skin supple.

After some time, the body secretes less squalane and studies demonstrate topical utilization of squalane helps emulate what our body normally produces.

Alpha Arbutin

This is an unadulterated concentrate from bearberry.

Alpha-Arbutin is viewed as the most exceptional skin lightening compound and has been proven to work on all skin composes.

It works by restraining melanin formation which prompts a lighter skin appearance.


Sepiwhite is a branded ingredient composed of unique amino acids that have lipid residues.

It gradually fades the appearance of age-related dark spots with daily application.


This ingredient is a combination of seven Swiss alpine plants.

Touted as a natural and preservative-free skin lightening ingredient, Gigawhite has been shown to reduce the signs of dark spots within twelve weeks when applied regularly on the skin.


SymWhite is derived from molecules from pine trees and is super potent.

It has plenty of antioxidants and has been found to have powerful skin lightening properties.

How to use it

After washing and drying the skin, apply an even layer over the desired area twice daily. Massage thoroughly until cream is absorbed completely.

As with all skin care products, please consult with a dermatologist prior to use if you have any underlying medical conditions or general concerns. Long term use of any product should be monitored by a medical professional. Read full directions and warnings on packaging before use.

Apply once in the morning and once at night for best results.

The use of an additional wide spectrum sunblock of SPF 30 (or higher) is strongly recommended.

Heavy sun exposure should be limited. Avoid the use of tanning beds and/or sun lamps.

For topical use only and should not be ingested or used in the eyes or mouth.

Pricing & Buying Info

Meladerm can be purchased through their official site here:

Check prices below.

  • 1 bottle (1.7 oz): $49.99 (+ Shipping & Handling)
  • 1 bottle (3.4 oz): $79.99 (+ Shipping & Handling)
  • Civant 4 Piece Kit: $114.99 (+ Shipping & Handling)

Includes: 3.4 oz Meladerm, 4.0 oz Purifying Facial Toner, 8.0 oz Antioxidant Facial Cleanser, Microdermabrasion Cloth.

  • Civant 5 Complete Piece Kit: $144.99 (+ Shipping & Handling)

Includes: 3.4 oz Meladerm, 0.5 oz Eye Complex, 4.0 oz Purifying Facial Toner, 8.0 oz Antioxidant Facial Cleanser, Microdermabrasion Cloth.

2. ZetaWhite – US Customers Only

Zeta White

Coming to a close number two spot is Zeta White.

While it may not have the most potent formulation, it likely has a more allergen-free product than Meladerm due to its formula that boasts of being 95% organic and natural.

What is it?

Zeta White delivers gentle, but effective skin lightening.

The all-natural formula makes it a safe and welcome alternative to irritable and harsh bleaching creams, and is formulated with an intelligently developed blend of natural, yet highly potent, skin lightening compounds.

Regardless of whether you use it as individual products or as a complete skin lightening system for best results, Zeta White is filled with soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients that whiten your skin naturally, minus the awful side effects and skin damage.

  • No chemicals, no toxins.
  • 95% organic formulation.
  • Not tested on animals; vegan.
Ingredient List

Here are Zeta White’s top 5 ingredients.

Green Tea

Green tea is known as one of the healthiest drinks in the world, with many studies linking its therapeutic benefits for a roster of diseases. It also exhibits protective benefits from certain medical conditions and is a potent antioxidant.

According to a 2012 study titled Protective Mechanisms of Green Tea Polyphenols in Skin, Green tea is an abundant source of plant polyphenols that exhibit significant antioxidant, chemopreventive, and immunomodulatory effects in protecting the skin 3.

Fruit extracts

Contains lemon, strawberry, papaya, and passion fruit extracts which are capable of limiting melanin production (the pigment that makes the skin appear dark), prevent inflammation, while also whiten the skin through removal of dead skin cells.

Hyaluronic acid

A few people apply hyaluronic aid to the skin for treatment of wounds, burns, skin ulcers, and as a cream. There is likewise a great deal of enthusiasm for utilizing hyaluronic acid to reduce the signs of aging. As a matter of fact, hyaluronic acid has been regarded as a “fountain of youth”4 .

Natural oils

These oils help retain moisture to help keep the skin soft and supple. They also contain antioxidants that prevent skin damage especially from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


A chemical compound that comes from the extracts of a comfrey plant. Highly regarded for its skin soothing, healing and keratolytic (ability to remove excess skin) properties. It helps shed the outer layer of the epidermis and promotes healthy tissue formation. It also softens the skin and enables it to absorb more moisture5.

How it works

The items in the system are procured from natural compounds.

The creams infiltrate deep enough into your skin to soften your cell tissues. A portion of the ingredients in the formula utilized were included to shield your skin from free radical and sun damage.

The system helps in the creation of collagen, elastin, and fibroblast molecules. It rejuvenates your skin along these lines removing the dullness in it.

  • Start your day by cleansing with the face wash, to create a base for your skin lightening moisturiser.
  • Liberally apply moisturiser for wear throughout the day.
  • Cleanse again in the evening, and apply the lighting night cream.
  • Use regularly for maximum results.
How to use it

Taken from the official website:

Start your day by cleansing with the face wash, to create a base for your skin lightening moisturiser. Liberally apply moisturiser for wear throughout the day. Cleanse again in the evening, and apply the lighting night cream. Use regularly for maximum results.

Price and Packages

ZetaWhite can be purchases through their official site here:

Check prices below.

  • Lightening Face Wash: $39.44
  • Lightening Moisturizer: $39.44
  • Lightening Night Cream: $39.44
  • 3-Point Lightening System + FREE Face Wash: $118.47 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $65.84 (Free Shipping & Handling)

Includes: Lightening Face Wash, Lightening Moisturizer, Lightening Night Cream and Face Wash.

3. Illuminatural 6i

Illuminatural 6i

The Illuminatural 6i sounds like something that came out of a science fiction novel, but the reality is it’s something that is ultra simple and easy to use.

It makes use of five active ingredients that aims to lighten skin without harsh bleaching, surgical scraping, chemical peeling, and no burning!

What is it?

This product is a skin lightener that effectively lessens the appearance of any discoloration or uneven pigmentation on the skin that may have been caused by several factors. Illuminatrual 6i works on making the affected area glow with each use. The company claims to see visible results in less than four weeks.

Illuminatural 6i works with your skin to:

  • Interrupt and block the production of melanin (the skin pigment responsible for your dark spots).
  • Help NEW, lighter skin cells rise to the surface.
  • Help block UV rays with organic, plant-based sun filters.
  • Slough off dead, pigmented cells, for faster lightening.
  • Promote a healthy cycle of skin cell regeneration.
Ingredient List

Here are Illuminatural 6i’s top five ingredients.


Also known as vitamin B36 and nicotinamide, it is a water-soluble vitamin that works with the natural compounds in your skin to visibly improve the appearance of large pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, and a weakened surface.

Sodium Lactate

Sodium Lactate is a natural salt extracted from lactic acid, a natural fermentation product. Our own skin produces it naturally and is abundant in all animal and human cell tissue.

Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

A form of vitamin C that is considered stable and is an effective antioxidant for skin. This form of vitamin C is also known to increase skin’s hydration levels as well as being effective for calming factors in skin that can lead to excess oil and signs of sensitization. Like most forms of vitamin C, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (in amounts of 5% or greater) has been shown to improve the look of an uneven skin tone.

It has the same potential as vitamin C to boost skin collagen synthesis, but is effective in significantly lower concentrations, and can be used at concentrations as low as 10% to suppress melanin formation


Sourced from the red alga Palmaria palmata, Whitonyl impairs melanogenesis by acting at the heart of the melanocyte while reducing the impact of its environment.

Whitonyl effectively controls the photoinduced pigmentation: the skintone is made even, you have a glowing complexion, and the pigment spots are made thinner and much more unnoticeable. Whitonyl is the favorite lightening and whitening care for Caucasian and Asian skins.


Alpha Arbutin reduces the visibility of spots and hyperpigmentation. Alpha Arbutin7 is much stronger in effect than Arbutin or Beta Arbutin. It is considered the most advanced skin lightening ingredient in the world.

How it works

Illuminatural 6i works with the concept of skin shedding and its 28-day cycle.

It helps suppress the production of the melanin pigment through tyrosinase reduction and speeds up death of pigmented cells.

How to use it
  • Apply in small dots to areas of skin that you wish to lighten, smoothing gently until the serum is fully absorbed.
  • For best results, apply twice daily, morning and evening, until results are achieved.
  • Suitable for use on both the face and body. Can be worn under makeup.
Price and Packages

Illuminatural 6i can be purchases through their official site:

Check prices below.

  • Silver Package (1-Month Supply): $49.95 (+ Shipping & Handling)
  • Gold Package (3-Month Supply): $129.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $20.00 (+ Shipping & Handling)
  • Platinum Package (6-Month Supply): $239.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $60.00 (+ Shipping & Handling)

Tips For Buying Lightening Creams Online

skin whitening cream

Buying a new lightening cream can be such a hassle especially if you don’t really know what you’re doing. There are literally thousands of lightening creams out there, it’s almost too easy to pick the wrong product for your skin.

Lightening creams are quite popular among women, and the cosmetic industry is also marketing to men by selling them the idea of a fair complexion.

This has flooded the market with a wide variety of products from far too many brands and manufacturers, all of them claiming to be the best lightening creams. Purchasing the right product can therefore prove quite confusing.

This is why we’re here to write you an easy guide when it comes to buying lightening creams.

Find your goal

Before buying anything, you must first know WHY you’re buying a lightening cream. Is it to impress someone? Do you want to have younger-looking skin or just prevent dryness? Are you curious as to what you might look like with fairer skin?

After you know why, go deeper. Do you want to see the effects in just a few days or are you willing to invest for the long term? Do you also want other benefits from your lightening cream?

Knowing the reason why you’re buying a lightening cream will help you understand the importance of the following steps.

Research the best ingredients

This will be the core of your research. Finding the best ingredients for your preferred lightening cream is made easy thanks to the presence of online databases, but be careful of places that attempt to sell their own merchandise and not hard facts.

Some websites even go as far as say a doctor or some other reputable person uses a specific product or compound, even though the person has no real affiliation with said product.

When it comes to conducting your own research, it’s critical to look past most blogs and articles you see online and focus on the source of their material: Scientific Journals.

Where do you find these journals?

You can try free databases like Pub Med or use Google Scholar. But, just because a study confirms a theory doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed result. So make sure to understand the whole study as well as the conclusion the researchers are making.

If you’re unsure like 90% of people (which is totally normal!), join a lightening cream fanatics group or forum and ask some of the experts there. Nothing beats experience, after all.

Prepare a list of five ingredients and have them be the focus for your search. Make sure to know if the ingredient causes unwanted side effects or irritations, or whether it’s banned in some countries.

Check out the story behind each brand

Now that you know the ingredients, it’s time to be on the lookout for the great lightening cream brands! You can start by asking for recommendations online, or just opening sites like Amazon and see their best sellers according to reviews.

Get the list of lightening creams that offer your researched ingredients and focus on the manufacturer’s integrity when it comes to quality as well as product results.

Consider the claims made by the company. Are they real? Are they based on the studies you’ve seen? Are the claims exaggerated or bent too much?

Who endorses the product? Do you think these celebrities really use them or are they only getting paid to say the product’s name?

For this instance, it’s best to just ask people who have similar problems and who used the product you’re looking to buy.

Do your due diligence and be on the lookout for red flags

This involves checking out the company’s reputation. Be on the look out for scams, cases of fraud, and general poor customer service.

Some of these products might even use your credit card without your permission, so be extra careful when lurking around unknown or shady websites.

You can also try visiting their webpage and do a general proofread. If the website looks and reads like a highschooler made it for a marketing project, you should probably avoid that company altogether.

The best supplement manufacturers make sure everything is as flawless as their money can afford them.

Read the label

This is a fundamental exercise even for non-skincare enthusiasts.

Reading labels of your lotions and creams and other lightening cream products do not mean reading the brand name or the fancy fonts.

No, it means taking a look at the ingredients, the information section, as well as health warnings.

Check out the ACTUAL declared ingredients, the dose per serving for each one (if possible), what the active ingredient/s is/are, and if it contains things that don’t belong in a lightening cream like preservatives or colorants.

Be extra vigilant on the uses per bottle. Some brands claim a bottle can last 30 days, but the step-by-step instructions may barely make it last half that.

Get Results Faster

skin bleaching before after

You can’t 100% rely on lightening. The body is simply not meant to get used to constantly having to be wiped with skin whitening products 24/7.

Here’s a quick list of things you SHOULD do to enhance the effects of any lightening cream you’re taking.

Eat real, healthy food

The best way to have healthy skin is to eat food that is healthy for you and your skin. We’re talking about vegetables and fruits here, people and maybe some meats.

The skin needs a lot of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to look and stay young so it’s best you eat for your skin each time you go out.

Eat foods that are known to provide whitening or “skin glowing” effects such as tomatoes, tea infusions, papaya, and soybean.


As crazy as it sounds, exercise can help give you beautiful skin.

Exercise helps keep your skin toned and elastic, specially when you perspire a lot. It also prevents the “saggy skin” look most old people get as the skin fits the muscles just right.

Exercising also helps remove dead-cell build up which may be a factor in having dark or old skin.

Sleep well

Sleep is the only time your body is focused on recovery.

When you sleep, the body replenishes lost nutrients as well as repair damaged tissue in your skin. Your body also balances your hormones as well as fine tune your metabolism when you sleep.

Obviously, if you lack sleep your body will not be 100% or even 60% and will cause you to feel sickly, tired, and craving for unhealthy food and other habits. This will also adversely affect your skin’s health and will cause it to age faster than usual.

How much sleep? Try at least 7 hours a day. It seems hard, but it’s really easy once you realize you waste too much time watching TV or browsing the internet.

Drink a lot of water

Water is life and the body is made up of around 70% water.

Water also helps facilitate nutrient absorption, lubrication, and general health maintenance of the body. If you don’t drink enough water (8-16 glasses or more; varies according to your lifestyle), safe to say not only will lightening creams not work, but your body will also not function properly.

Not to mention the skin depends on water for it to be really soft, elastic, and glowing.

Drinking water helps promote sweating and sweating helps cleanse your skin off of dead skin cells.

Use a body towel or bath sponge when showering

Most people don’t rub their skin with towels which is unfortunate since it’s one of the most effective and direct way of removing dead skin cells. It also helps your body remove dark, hyperpigmented skin faster.

Do you have any feedback on Meladerm, ZetaWhite or Illuminatural 6i? Maybe you’ve tried them before and had awesome results?

Leave the team a comment below and let us know!

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