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3 Best Probiotic Supplements To Help Improve Your Gut Health

Written By : Shelley Lewis RD, LD, CDE   ✓ Fact Checked

Do you struggle with bloating, constipation, and gas? You might have an influx of bad bacteria in your gut. Learn how to replenish good bacteria in this best probiotic supplements review

(Last Updated on November 25, 2022)

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that mainly reside in the stomach.

While we think of bacteria as harmful, probiotics are known as the ‘good bacteria’ because they play an essential role in promoting overall health.

They aid in digestion, encourage a healthy immune system, and increase the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat.

When there is an imbalance of bacteria in the gut- that is when there are more ‘bad’ bacteria than ‘good,’ one can suffer from infections and disease.

Taking probiotic supplements can restore this balance, helping the body go back to optimal functioning.

There are numerous types of probiotics available in the market.

This is a review of the three best probiotics supplements available today.

Best Probiotic Pills To Keep Your Gut Healthy

Vitapost Probiotic

No1 Probiotic

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics


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1. Vitapost Probiotic

Vitapost Probiotic

Probiotic 40 Billion is a dietary supplement that promises to replenish your digestive flora naturally.

It is formulated from four beneficial strains of bacteria carefully chosen for their benefits in the digestive system.

This supplement also boosts the immune system and supports skin and urinary tract health.

Most importantly, Probiotic 40 Billion restores the balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut.

An overload of harmful bacteria causes diarrhea, stomach pains, and what is commonly referred to as food poisoning.

To benefit from this probiotic, you should take one capsule twice a day.

Probiotic 40 Billion is manufactured by Vita Balance Inc., a supplements company that makes other health supplements.

It is available for purchase from the official website and ships to 23 countries worldwide.

How it works?

Probiotic 40 Billion works by supporting gut flora and the digestive system.

Gut flora refers to the billions of bacteria that reside in the intestines.

When there are more bad bacteria than good, you will experience stomach problems such as bloating and diarrhea.

This probiotic introduces good bacteria to the gut, restoring the balance.

It also supports the functioning of the immune system and prevents inflammation.

Sometimes we might eat food that contains these harmful bacteria, and probiotics strengthen the cells in the gut to prevent the harmful bacteria from getting into the bloodstream.

Probiotic 40 Billion also helps in digestion and the effective absorption of nutrients by the body.


Here are the top ingredients in this probiotic that make is so effective:

  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus: This is a type of bacteria commonly found in the intestines. It breaks down the lactose in dairy products to produce lactic acid, which then creates an unfavorable environment for bad bacteria. This ensures that these harmful bacteria don’t thrive and become more than the healthy ones.
  • Bifidobacterium Lactis: This is another good bacterium that resides in the gut. It helps in the digestion of dietary fiber and also helps prevent infections. It is known to enhance immunity and prevent the growth of tumors.
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum: This bacterium is commonly found in fermented products like kimchi and sourdough. It has antioxidant qualities and also controls the growth of gas-producing bacteria. It also balances digestive enzyme patterns promoting stability.


  • Supports healthy functioning of the immune system.
  • Formulated from potent bacteria that promote balance in the gut.
  • Improves digestion and fights inflammation.
  • Promotes the proliferation of good bacteria in the digestive system.
  • Made in the USA in FDA approved facilities.


  • Formulated from only four strains of bacteria.
  • Only available on the official website.

2. No1 Probiotic

Lab One ProBiotic

N°1 ProBiotic is a dietary supplement formulated with ten different strains of bacteria and over 30 billion live bacteria.

It promotes gut health, supports immunity, and improves overall health.

In doing so, it helps prevent digestive problems such as bloating and gas, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Other than healthy bacteria, this probiotic includes a prebiotic- a dietary fiber that supports the function of good bacteria.

This prebiotic also provides nourishment for probiotics, allowing them to thrive and multiply.

N°1 ProBiotic is especially useful if you have been taking antibiotics that often degrade the numbers of healthy bacteria in the body.

It is also recommended if you have a weak immune system, have been stressed or dealing with exhaustion.

To ensure that the bacteria in the supplement are not destroyed, it comes in a patented protective layer that protects it from environmental factors.

Each bottle of N°1 ProBiotic contains 30 tablets, ideal for a one-month supply.

You are advised to take one capsule per day, preferably in the evening, with a glass of water.

This probiotic is manufactured in the USA, and you can buy it from the official website.

How it works?

N°1 ProBiotic works by restoring degraded bacteria in the digestive system, thus restoring balance.

It does this by supplying over 30 billion live bacteria to the gut.

These support the immune system and improve digestion, which ensures that you get all the nutrients from the food you eat.

To make this probiotic more effective, it contains acacia fiber, a prebiotic that provides nutrition to the good bacteria.

This ensures that they grow, multiply, and flood the gut, giving you the many benefits associated with a healthy digestive system.


Here are the top ingredients in this probiotic that make is so effective:

  • Streptococcus thermophilus: Found in the digestive tract, this bacterium is acid-resistant. It is aids in neutralizing bad bacteria while promoting digestion. It is especially useful in the metabolism of milk products.
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum: This is a common probiotic in the body that is also found in fermented foods. It helps in breaking down foods and supports the effective absorption of nutrients in the body.
  • Acacia fiber: This is a highly soluble fiber that has many health benefits. In this formula it is used as a prebiotic to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria. It also reduces inflammation in the gut, relieves constipation, and suppresses appetite, thus promoting weight loss.


  • Formulated with ten strains with over 30 billion live bacteria.
  • Promotes gut and digestive health.
  • Supports immunity and overall wellbeing.
  • Uses advanced technology that protects bacteria from degradation.


  • Only available from the official website.
  • There is scanty information about the manufacturer.
  • It takes between 3-5 months to experience results.

3. Garden of Life Raw Probiotics

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics is a dietary supplement formulated from 34 probiotic strains and over 100 billion live bacteria.

The strains used in this formula have been scientifically researched and proven to offer all the benefits of whole food probiotics.

Issues such as stress, environmental factors like pollution, and aging can contribute to the loss of healthy bacteria in the body.

Raw Probiotics restores this balance by repopulating your gut with healthy bacteria.

This probiotic is extracted from ingredients such as Bulgarian yogurt and European kefir grains and created below 40º F to maintain the integrity of the contents.

To gain all the benefits of Raw Probiotics, you should take one tablet per day, with or without a meal.

You can also open the capsule and pour the contents into water or juice.

This probiotic is manufactured by Garden of Life, an American company that prides itself in producing ‘clean’ supplements.

You can buy it from the official website or other sites such as N101 Nutrition, Amazon, and iHerb.

How it works?

Garden of Life Raw Probiotics utilizes three distinct blends to restore balance and health in the body.

The replenish blend contains 34 probiotics that include raw food probiotics.

These improve the digestive system and the body’s rate of nutrient absorption.

They also fight inflammations and support the general functioning of the immune system.

The protein-digesting enzyme blend consists of enzymes that break down proteins into amino acids, increasing their rate of absorption.

The raw fruit and veggie blend provides fiber which bacteria feed on to grow and multiply.

When you consume more fiber, you end up feeling full for longer, which curbs appetite.

In this way, Raw Probiotics contributes to weight loss efforts.


Here are the top ingredients in this probiotic that make is so effective:

  • Bulgarian yogurt: Bulgarian yogurt is made from fermented dairy products. It has many health benefits, such as improving the digestive system. It also contains high amounts of calcium, which is beneficial for bone health, reducing instances of osteoporosis. It alleviates constipation, bloating, and diarrhea.
  • Protease: This is an enzyme that increases the digestion of proteins into smaller components called amino acids. This makes it easy for them to be absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • Plum fruit: Plums are an excellent source of vitamins, amino acids, fiber, and antioxidants. Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative damage and inflammation. Fiber provides nutrition for bacteria and also relieves constipation.


  • Made from 34 strains of probiotics with over 100 billion live bacteria.
  • Requires one to swallow only one pill per day.
  • Provides digestive and immune support.
  • Does not contain any binders or fillers.
  • Uses raw probiotics that are uncooked or unadulterated.
  • Non-GMO and gluten free.
  • The manufacturer promises that the bacteria will stay alive and potent.
  • Clinically tested for efficacy.
  • Available on the official website and other e-commerce sites.


  • Not suitable for children.
  • Results are not immediate and may take several months.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

probiotic infographic

1. What are probiotic supplements?

Probiotics are dietary supplements formulated with different strains of ‘good’ bacteria that keep the body, particularly the digestive system, healthy. Typically, the gut has a concentration of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria.

When the bad is more than the good, one experiences digestive problems like constipation, bloating, and diarrhea. Taking probiotics repopulates good bacteria, eliminating these and other illnesses.

2. What are some of the benefits of probiotic supplements?

Taking probiotics has numerous health benefits. These are:

  • They replenish the levels of good bacteria in the body, restoring balance.
  • Probiotics provide enzymes that speed up digestion and nutrient absorption by the body.
  • They support a healthy immune system.
  • Probiotics can improve skin health and the effects of eczema.
  • Reduce instances of urinary tract infections.

3. Who should use probiotic supplements?

Probiotics should be used by everyone as they have many health benefits for the body. Notably, they are useful if you have constant digestive problems like constipation, gas, and bloating. If you feel constantly fatigued, have skin issues, and poor memory, these could be signs of an imbalance of bacteria. Taking probiotics might alleviate these situations.

4. Which ingredients should I expect to see in probiotic supplements?

A good probiotic will include:

  • Different strains of probiotics with a good number of live bacteria
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Fiber
  • Fruit and vegetable extracts

5. How can I decide which probiotic to use?

The first thing that you should consider when buying a probiotic is the number of live and active bacteria it has, and this should be on the label. A good probiotic should have over one billion bacteria colonies, and these should include the most potent strains. The bacteria should also be healthy enough so as it’s not destroyed by stomach acids on ingestion.

You should, therefore, check the packaging to see what the manufacturer says about this. Some products employ advanced methods of preserving the bacteria so that it is still viable when consumed, and this is the type of product you should go for. You should also consider the source of the bacteria- those made with raw, fermented foods thrive better and are more useful in the body.

6. What are the side effects of probiotics?

Probiotics are considered relatively safe and have no adverse side effects. However, first-time users may experience temporary bloating or an increase in gas, which should go away within a few days.  If your immune system is already compromised, you should consult a physician before taking a probiotic to avoid further health problems.

7. Should I combine a gym workout with probiotics?

This is not mandatory, but exercise is prescribed for overall health and wellbeing whether or not you are taking probiotics. Working out can help prevent heart disease, improve cognitive function, and help with the management of weight and cholesterol levels. Physical exercise can also help improve digestion by increasing blood flow into the digestive tract.


gut health infographic

Probiotics are healthy bacteria residing in the gut and have many health benefits.

They support digestion and food absorption and also help the functioning of the immune system.

Most importantly, they maintain a healthy balance between good and bad bacteria in the body.

When there are too many harmful bacteria, one can have digestive problems and a host of other illnesses.

Talking a good probiotic can help repopulate these good bacteria, restoring balance, and providing the benefits mentioned above.

In this review, we have looked at three of the best probiotics available in the market today.

We have looked at what they are, how they work, their ingredients, and their pros and cons.

We have also answered some of the most common questions you might have about probiotics.

If you have decided to take better care of your gut health, then this review is an excellent place to start.

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