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TOP 3: Best Hangover Prevention Supplements Reviews

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(Last Updated on November 29, 2022)

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They say a bad hangover is a side effect of a good night out.

For a lot of reasons, that may be true.

Then again, can’t we all just party without having to wake up wanting to grab our insides and flush them down the toilet?

This is where hangover prevention supplements come in to play and they are exactly what they sound like: products you take to reduce the after-effects of alcohol.

More than the anti-hangover benefits, these supplements are also equipped with ingredients that support liver health as well as boost the body’s natural ability to detoxify harmful toxins.

They come in all different shapes and sizes including pill/tablet, drink or sachet form.

With so many different options, it can be hard to decide which one is best for you especially as each competitor claims their product is the best.

In todays review, we’re going to take a look at the top products on the market right now.

Top-Rated Hangover Prevention Pills

Now that we’ve covered what to look for and what not to look for in a hangover prevention supplement, it’s time to unveil our list of the best products.

1. AfterDink


When it comes to preventing your hangover, AfterDrink ticks all the boxes.

They include all the essential ingredients we look for and more.

In addition it’s a well balanced product with ingredients dosed correctly.

AfterDrink’s potency stems from its arsenal of concentrated antioxidants, herbal extracts, minerals, and essential vitamins.

The manufacturers took all the necessary steps to guarantee maximum efficiency with each serving!

How does it work?

It’s effectively a supercharged antioxidant blend designed to boost liver function and clear alcohols toxic by-products before they cause damage.

You take 3 capsules before bed (or your last drink) and 3 in the morning.

The most important dose is the one after your last drink.

This is because its essential the ingredients can have their effect before the hangover has set in.

Once you’re already hungover, there’s nothing much that can be done and no supplement will help.


Reduce hangover symptoms

AfterDrink utilises all-natural ingredients to support your livers metabolic functions.

They include all the ingredients mentioned in the list above to achieve this goal.

Improve productivity

Clearing alcohols toxic by-products before they cause damage allows for better recovery.

Get more stuff done the day after a night out.

Control nausea

Hangover related sickness is a real problem for many people who drink.

AfterDrink includes ginger and chamomile to soothe upset stomachs.

Who is this made for?

AfterDrink is for the regular drinker who needs to stay productive the day after a few drinks.

If you’re planning to get wasted, AfterDrink won’t help that much.

This is also the case for all the other hangover supplements.

It’s important to remember than these pills are designed to take the edge off hangovers by reducing alcohols negative effects.

Essentially, they are preventative aids and only work to a certain extent.

2. DrinkAde


Drinkade is one of the veterans in the hangover cure world.

It’s been around for years and with it, has a strong customer base.

It’s a drink which makes it somewhat different to the other products in this review.

How does it work?

Drinkade comes in two versions called prevention and boost.

They are identical apart from the fact boost also has 189mg of extra caffeine in it.

They utilise natural antioxidant ingredients including aloe vera, milk thistle and green tea extract to help your liver clear more alcohol from your system.

The caffeine included in Drinkade Boost also gives an added stimulant edge, however this may not work in your favour when hungover.


Increase energy

Get a kick from the extra caffeine and B-vitamins.

This benefit of Drinkade comes with a double edged sword.

This is because the extra stimulation can give you more energy but it can also make you feel more on edge.


Seeing as it’s a drink, you’ll be able to top up on fluids as well as useful nutrients.

Improved focus

Drinkade is designed to keep you more alert and stay focused throughout your day.

Who is it made for?

Drinkade is for hardcore party goers.

If you’re planning a trip to vegas and need something to both rehydrate and support your liver, then Drinkade could be the option for you.

It has the added benefit of being able to use it as a mixer with your spirit to keep the party going for longer.

3. Cheers After-Alcohol Aid


Cheers hangover pill is among one of the first hangover supplements that made this new category popular.

This is because they had plenty of exposure on ABC’s Shark Tank!

Although they were unsuccessful in getting investment, they still managed to gain investment elsewhere and have grown ever since.

Cheers is also the only natural hangover supplement to have a USA patent on their formula.

Beyond the hype, Cheers remains a solid product and makes it onto our podium of the best 3 products on the market.

How does it work?

Cheers have chosen to use DHM as the focal point of their formula.

This is because they see it as the most important ingredient when it comes to hangover prevention.

In addition, they include ingredients such as NAC, milk thistle and prickly pear to further enhance its liver detoxifying ability.

Overall, It’s function is to boost your livers natural ability to metabolise alcohol and clear its toxic by-products from your system.

It works purely as a hangover preventer so its no use when you’re already hungover.

That’s why its essential you take it after your last drink so the ingredients can get to work before the damage is done.


Easy to take

Just pop 2 to 4 pills at the end of the night and wake up to a better morning

Detoxify alcohols toxins

Natural antioxidant ingredients work in harmony to clear damaging “free radicals” from your body.

Reduce nausea

Arguably one of the worst symptoms of a hangover, sickness and nausea can be quite debilitating.

With the addition of a good dose of ginger, Cheers will cover this aspect of your hangover.

Who is this made for?

Cheers and AfterDrink have a very similar target audience.

Its specifically tailored for people leading a busy lifestyle with work and family commitments who can do with a helping hand after a few drinks.

How Do Hangover Prevention Supplements Work?

hangover pills

To understand this, we first need to cover how alcohol affects your body.

When you drink, alcohol levels start to build up in your system and your liver starts work to break it down.

However your liver can only process around one drink per hour which means that blood alcohol levels start to increase.

At the same time, the breakdown of alcohol produces toxic by-products known as “free radicals”.

One of the main ones produced is known as acetaldehyde which is highly toxic.

The build up of alcohol and its toxic by-products is the major cause of hangovers in addition to dehydration.

Hangover supplements work by increasing the ability of your liver to clear as many toxins from your body before they can cause damage.

Essentially, they are powerful blends of antioxidants which have ingredients that work in synergy to boost liver function.

What Ingredients To Look Out For?

To help with choosing the right product for your next drinking night, we made a list of key ingredients a good hangover supplement should have.

We’ve based our top pick on published research papers:

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

Also known as NAC, this ingredient is a direct precursor to glutathione.

Glutathione is the most power antioxidant in the body as well as the body’s primary defence against free radical damage.

It’s so effective at protecting the liver that it’s used in A&E departments all over the world to prevent damage from paracetamol overdose.


Also known as DHM, is one of the key ingredients you’ll find in hangover supplements.

The reason is, studies have shown that DHM has promising effects on reducing blood-alcohol concentrations by way of maximizing your livers metabolic enzymes.


In the event of a night of heavy drinking, your B-vitamin stores are rapidly depleted.

They are essential in regretting the enzymes your liver requires to break down alcohol.

Silymarin (Milk Thistle)

If you’re a fan of watching TV, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a few liver products aggressively advertise their silymarin content.

And they have a point: Silymarin is the most popular ingredient for liver health due to its antioxidant properties as well as its ability to boost alcohol metabolism.

The faster you metabolize alcohol, the less of a hangover you’ll have.


This amino acid is found almost exclusively in green tea.

It’s known to increase brain alpha waves which is said to calm nerves.

This can be particularly useful if you suffer from hangover related anxiety.


We always love to see ginger in any hangover supplement because of its anti-sickness properties.

Nausea is probably one of the worst symptoms of a hangover its essential to cover this with your choice of product.


This herbal extract is used all around the world to reduce symptoms of pain because of its well know anti-inflammatory properties.

It can come in handy when it comes to reducing hangover related headaches.


This herb is commonly used in herbal tea to settle upset stomachs and anxious nerves.

Hangovers are often associated with anxiety so we always like to see chamomile included in a hangover prevention pill


Known as a “bioavailability enhancer”, piperine increases the absorption of your supplements ingredients from your gut.

In fact it’s been shown to increase the absorption of turmeric and B-vitamins by up to 2000%.

Ingredients To Avoid

morning hangover treatment

Look, we love coffee and all but it’s not the best drink to take if you’re hungover.

The caffeine in coffee can worsen your already bad headache or further raise your already elevated heart rate.

Ibuprofen / Aspirin

NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti inflammatory) medications are often used to treat hangover headache and aches and pains.

Although it may seem like the correct thing to reach for, it’ll only irritate your stomach lining further.

This is because these medicines reduce the stomach mucus lining leaving it more vulnerable to acid.


hangover supplements

The number one hangover prevention pill for 2021 is AfterDrink.

We had a hard time choosing, but we went for it because of its robust formulation as well as intelligent design.

AfterDrink covers all bases when it comes to hangovers and should help you stay productive the day after a night out.

A bit of a caveat: As helpful as hangover prevention supplements are, they are by no means better than simply moderating your alcohol intake.

And hangover pills aren’t effective on their own unless you do your part too.

Just like weight loss pills require diet and exercise, hangover drinks need your help by drinking plenty of fluids as well as having a healthy, nutritious meal as before you head out for a night out.

Having plenty of rest time also helps relieve symptoms faster.

If you can follow the standard rules, adding a supplement above can help achieve the best results.

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  1. Well, what causes hangover? My rough and ready understanding is that there is some degree of dehydration (yes even if you drank a six pack of beer) which causes a decrease in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) volume with consequent irritation of the meninges. There’s your headache. And it’s only one solution that can help and it’s does not connected with the placebo effect (net-bossorg/the-power-of-the-placebo-effect-by-randy-baker) – drinking non-alcoholic fluids particularly water in the same period of drinking alcohol.

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