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Avon Review: Is It A Scam?

Written By : Dr Ruby Shah   ✓ Fact Checked

Avon, is a multinational cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and personal care company. Are they legit? Read our review to learn more about this company.

(Last Updated on November 9, 2022)

There are so many ways to make money these days that it can be hard to decide.

Of course there will always be the 9-5 job, but there are different types of self-directed jobs for people to take part in these days.

One of the ways to earn money on (mostly) your own terms is to join a MLM, or multi-level marketing, company.

These Allow you to recruit members and sell stuff for them without obligating yourself to a 9-5 job.

Today we’re going to talk about Avon, which is one of the more interesting businesses of these types.

Hopefully by the end of this article you’ll be better prepared to decide whether or not you’re going to join them.

What is Avon?

Avon is a company that has received a ton of media coverage in recent years.

It’s become so popular that many people wouldn’t even consider to associate it with the MLM business structure.

Regardless of what people think, Avon is indeed a multi level marketing opportunity.

Avon has been around for a long time.

It was started by a dude almost a century and a half ago in 1886.

The owner was initially a book salesman, so he had a lot of experience working in sales.

Many people are surprised to hear that the company was started by a guy because they deal mostly in cosmetics and health & beauty products.

However, this wasn’t always the case.

The company is extremely well-known and has a huge influence on people across the world.

They make more than $10 billion annually and they have more than 6.4 million MLM consultants working for them.

Avon: What Do They Sell?

Avon offers a huge variety of products.

This comes as no surprise considering they make more than ten billion dollars a year.

They have an assortment of products for sale that range from healthcare products to skin products to beauty products.

They also offer personal care items for both men and women as well as holiday items and gifts.

They have a number of different product lines that are available for each of these different categories of items.

Avon Most Popular Products

Since they have so many different products available it’s pretty difficult to decide which ones are the best.

However, there are certainly some that are discussed more often and are sold more frequently than others.

These are the most popular Avon products that you can find at the current time.

Avon Retractable Glimmersticks Eye Liners

Avon Retractable Glimmersticks Eye Liners which are currently rated 4/5 despite having a huge number of reviews.

They are great for precisely lining your eyes and they’re considered to be smudge-proof.

They can provide eye lining for 12 hours with a guarantee.

Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick

Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick, which still holds a rating of 5/5, is a great choice for girls (or guys!) who are big fans of matte lipstick.

This one will give you a great finish that won’t dry out or crack even in extreme conditions.

It feels great to apply.

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Replenishing Hand Cream

Avon Skin So Soft Silky Moisture Replenishing Hand Cream holds a rating of 4/5 and is a great choice for people who constantly experience dryness or roughness in their hands.

This will soften you right up and bring moisture back into your life.

Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Hand Body Lotion

Avon Naturals Milk & Honey Hand Body Lotion is another product that’s currently rated 4/5.

You’ll be able to get – allegedly – 30 hours of moisture with this product, as well as a nice mild smell that will help you feel good.

Does Avon Work?

Many of their products have pretty solid reviews and remain in the upper area of 4 or 5 stars.

Many companies like this tend to fall in ratings once they reach a number of consumers because their products are shoddy.

The fact that Avon has been in business for over 130 years and continues to grow says that their products are certainly reliable.

People wouldn’t buy them if they weren’t!

That said, of course some of their products are bunk.

Avon is one of the companies that you can be certain of their quality depending on the popularity of their products.

Some of their less popular products are less popular for a reason: they don’t work as well.

Some of the things that they sell have been subject to terrible reviews and haven’t provided customers with good experiences.

Avon MLM Business Opportunity

A MLM business opportunity, or a multi-level marketing opportunity, is a type of situation that allow people to join up with a company.

After joining as a distributor they are able to sell products and recruit new members to do the same thing for the company.

In doing this, they open up the opportunity for themselves to earn money and get discounts or bonuses.

The discounts and bonuses vary between company but are generally a good incentive to keep people working for them.

As you sell and recruit, you will earn points with the company that allow you to increase in rank.

As you rank up you will be able to earn more and more money.

You will also be able to earn money off of your downline, which is the term used to describe the people who you have recruited and the people that they recruit.

The main difference between MLM companies is the compensation plan.

Each company will offer its members different amounts of money for different degrees of work.

Avon: The Compensation Plan

As we have mentioned, each MLM group will have a different plan.

Most of them require you to pay a little fee to join in.

This is also a big part of the reason that people assume that these businesses are scams.

Regardless, you’ll have to pay a $10 startup fee to join Avon.

This is an incredibly fair price compared to other similar brands which often charge more than $50.

After joining you’ll earn 50% on your first four online sales that are over $50.

This is a really good deal for this type of opportunity.

That said, it’s pretty hard to get new clients who don’t already have an Avon Rep.

The company has been around for so long that it’s pretty well-known and many people are already involved in some way.

If you get the customer traffic you’ll have no problem selling things because the products are high-quality and respected.

However, getting that traffic might be a problem.

There are already 10 million or more Google searches for Avon already.

You will be able to make money from your downline, which means that you’ll get paid for the sales that people you recruit make.

The more people you recruit, the more commission you’ll earn.

You will also earn something known as Team Volume.

This is a point value assigned to all the sales and recruits made by your ‘team’ or your downline as well as yourself.

The more points you get, the higher your rank will become and the more money you’ll be able to make.

Sales commission from your downline ranges from between 3 to 7% depending on your points and your downline.

Is Avon A Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid-shaped business structure is not necessarily a scheme, but the two things are often lumped together because of the treatment that some people have received at the hands of companies like this.

This is because there is a high chance that the members at the bottom of the pyramid will get screwed over if they are joining a company that’s not legitimate.

You see, the members at the bottom are basically feeding funds towards the top.

Most distributors make the majority of their money by recruiting members and getting money from their downline, so you can see that this creates a bit of a pyramid-like business structure.

Fortunately, not all MLMs are sheisty.

In fact, many of them offer their members a good chance to make money and are open, honest, and integral.

Avon Reviews & Complaints

Just like any company, there are a variety of different reviews and complaints surrounding Avon.

Many of the reviews are positive, and some are negative.

Based on 166 reviews, they currently hold a 1.5 star rating on Consumer Affairs.

This may or may not reflect the company as a whole.

Many of their products have solid 5 star ratings, whereas others have lower ratings that make them seem bad.

The most recent review was about their Skin So Soft Bug Guard SPF 30 Sunscreen, which is alleged to help prevent sunburns as well as fight off bugs.

After using the product on herself and her son, the reviewer said that “we are both burnt lobsters now.”

Also, something a bit unnerving is that she spilled a “drop onto my middle console in my… vehicle” and when she wiped it off the “plastic came off.”

Who knows what that says about the ingredients involved?

Another reviewer was satisfied with Avon in the past and gave them “the benefit of doubt for years,” but they’re getting tired of them because “they keep getting worse and worse with their products.”

They believe that their clothes are “clearly made in a sub par sweatshop” and that one of his shirts had an “arm three inches shorter and smaller than the other.”

One other reviewer, who also works as a representative, was quite fair in her review.

She said that she has “tried certain products and got allergic to them,” but didn’t hold that against the company saying that they “work great on some.”

She experienced a great reduction in wrinkles and lines since using Avon.

Avon Prices & Where To Buy

Fortunately for anyone hoping to buy Avon products, it’s not hard to find a rep.

There are more than 6 million of them throughout the world.

Their products are also available in major retailers like Walmart.

You can find them online in stores like Amazon.

It’d be harder not to find Avon products.

The prices vary quite a bit.

Their cosmetics are by far the most popular products and they will help you get a better understanding of their pricing.

A lot of the most common staples of cosmetics, like lipstick and eyeliner, can be bought for quite cheap.

They range from as low as $5 to higher-end items costing around $20.

Items that are on sale can be marked down by the company and sold for as cheap as $3.

This is incredibly cheap compared to other brands of comparable quality.

Their skincare products will be a bit more expensive, running you around $30-40.

While Avon might not have the best quality in the world, it’s pretty good, and certainly a great deal.

You won’t be disappointed buying from Avon.

Avon Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Avon tries to honor a 90 day money back guarantee, offering consumers the slogan “If you’re not happy, we’re not.”

Some people have experienced difficulty getting their money refunded, but this is to be expected with any company.

Avon Pros & Cons

There are a variety of good and bad things about Avon and it’s good to see them weighed out against each other.


  • The brand has been around for almost 150 years and has a solid customer base.
  • Many of their products are effective and high quality.
  • Easy to find and buy.
  • Good prices compared to other similar brands.
  • Cheap and affordable to join as a distributor.


  • Many people have had allergic reactions.
  • Some suspect Avon of using sweatshop labor.
  • Can be considered inconsistent in their products.

Avon Review: Final Verdict

Avon has been around for a long time and a lot of people swear by this company.

Unfortunately it seems like they’re losing a bit of their footing in recent years.

As they continue to expand, their fan base becomes less loyal.

We can’t tell you whether or not you should buy anything from this company or join them.

However, hopefully by reading our review you’ll be better equipped to make a decision as to whether or not you’ll partake.

So, what do you think about our Avon review? Would you buy it or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  1. I don’t like being ghosted by Avon. They have not been online for at least a week. Representative must of quit because no reply to my concerns. It would be nice if they have a phone number not stating they are not available at this time. Now I find out more about the products that may be harmful or have not worked for me either. The Primer VDL has been a goose chase & doesn’t perform as indicated. We should know about the Breach 6/8/21 regarding are accounts. That is Avon’s responsibility to resolve & contact customers. I don’t know if I will order again due to scams etc.

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