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18 Shake Review: Does It Really Work?

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18 Shake is a meal replacement shake that promises to naturally help to reduce hunger and lose weight fast.

(Last Updated on December 1, 2023)

With the increasing trend in the weight loss industry, meal replacement supplements have garnered a lot of popularity.

18 Shake is one of the products surrounded by much hype.

It is designed to suppress appetite naturally and aid weight loss.

The manufacturer, 18 Nutrition, refers to it as a ‘luxury meal replacement’1.

But, what are the luxuries linked to this shake that makes it so special?

To answer this question, we sought to summarize everything about it in our 18 Shake review below.

What Is 18 Shake

18Shake is a meal replacement shake that contains a unique combination of a duo-protein formula (whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate) that helps to lose weight naturally.

It contains 90 calories per serving; the lowest calories witnessed in a shake. This makes it a low-fat supplement.

It comes in 4 flavors:

  • Strawberry
  • Chocolate
  • Cookies & cream
  • Vanilla

18 shake flavours

It is manufactured by 18 Nutrition, a company based in California, USA.

The company claims that it offers an eBook after every purchase, which provides a meal plan when using the shakes.

It is based on the concept of replacing one or two meals with the shake in a day.

18 Nutrition recommends that its efficiency increases by 76 percent when taken together with Sletrokor.

This natural supplement improves metabolism, inhibit weight gain and aid in fat loss.

18 Shake Ingredients


18 Shake has a unique combination of ingredients that are ideal for weight loss 2.

It contains 1.5 g fat, where 1g is saturated fat, 90 calories and 1g sugar per a single scoop.

Interestingly, it heavily relies on stevia, a natural sweetener instead of processed sugar.

18Shake has xanthan gum, a food stabilizer.

It is soy and gluten-free and does not contain any artificial additives.

Here is a breakdown of the key 18Shake ingredients.

Duo- protein complex

Every serving consists of 15 g of Protein: it is the main component.

Duo-protein complex is a combination of Whey Protein Concentrate3 and Whey Protein Isolate4.

Whey protein is one of the major proteins found in milk that is easily digestible, improves the defense system and aids in weight loss.

It gives the body all the required amino acids that are responsible for increased alertness and endurance as well as burning fat.

Whey concentrate has more fats, lactose, and carbohydrates due to less processing with only 30-89 percent protein. On the other hand, whey isolate goes through thorough processing leaving it as 90 percent or more protein.

Fibersol-2 (Maltodextrin)

Fibersol-2 is a man-made fiber that suppresses appetite.

A 2015 study5 showed that Fibersol-2 reduces hunger when only 10g were taken. This is a positive aspect, especially because 18Shake holds 15g per scoop.

This ingredient is digestion resistant, meaning it does not offer any calories but manages to lower hunger.

Vitamins and minerals

18Shake contains a blend of vitamins and minerals. They include:

  • Vitamin B6: boosts metabolism and guards the body’s defense system.
  • Vitamin K: promotes positive cardiovascular health and reduces the risk of cancer.
  • Vitamin A: aids in cell growth, healthy skin and boosts the immune system.
  • Niacinamide (B3): maintains healthy cholesterol and insulin levels as well as improving cognitive ability.
  • Vitamin C: increases the immune system, guarding against the common cold, cancer and stroke.
  • Vitamin B12: protects the nerve system against depression and stress.
  • Thiamine (B1): this is the anti-stress vitamin in the body.
  • Pantothenic acid (B5): lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems, hair loss, and asthma. It also metabolizes proteins and helps in the absorption of other vitamins.
  • Vitamin D3: it promotes healthy bones.
  • Riboflavin: responsible for boosting energy levels by converting carbohydrates into sugar.
  • Folic acid: synthesizes and repairs DNA and RNA, inhibiting changes that could result in cancer.
  • Vitamin E: popularly known in thickening hair, boosting physical endurance and repairing skin.
  • Biotin (B7): promotes healthy hair, glowing skin, and thick nails.
  • Chromium nicotinate: aids in burning fat, regulates blood sugar, reduces cravings and protects the heart.
  • Potassium iodide: balances hormones in the body, preventing emotional disorders and weight gain.
  • Copper chelate: increases energy levels and boosts the development of blood cells.
  • Zinc citrate: balances hormones, and prevents cancer and heart diseases.
  • Selenium chelate: has antioxidant effects lowering inflammation and signs of premature aging.
  • Calcium: maintains healthy bones.
  • Phosphorous: protects blood vessels and boosts muscle function.
  • Magnesium: maintains healthy cell, muscle and nerve function.
  • Sodium: promotes healthy nerve and muscles. Plays a role in fluid balance.
Natural cocoa

Acts as an antioxidant.

How Does 18 Shake Work?

how it works

18 Shake revolves around the principle that instead of consuming a meal, replace it with the shake.

This shake is meant to keep you full all day until evening before taking your meal.

The concept is that the 18 Shake will give you fewer calories, 5-7 times lower than a normal meal would and still provide the body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep it healthy.

Thus, you will create a calorie deficit leading to fat loss with time.

The manufacturer claims that reducing calories in the diet is the best way to lose those extra pounds.

Through the dual protein formula, 18Shake has low calories but it is able to inhibit hunger cravings.

18 Shake aids weight loss, through increasing metabolism and energy levels which results in fat burning.

How To Use It?

It is recommended to take the shake one to two times daily as a meal replacement.

One scoop of 18 Shake Powder is mixed with a preferred beverage to make the shake.

However, milk is advised to achieve a greater taste.

The company has listed various recipes to make it tastier:

  • Chocolate strawberry blast
  • Super green meal replacement smoothie
  • Chocolate coffee protein shake
  • Creamy peanut butter shake
  • Blueberry bluster shake
  • Apple pie shake

Each recipe produces at least two cups of 18 Shake.

It takes roughly 10 minutes to prepare.

The free eBook offered, gives a clear meal guide to help in losing weight.

18 Shake Side Effects

The company does not mention any side effects.

However, they write that results may vary and they cannot guarantee similar results for everyone.

Thus, certain ingredients may not work for everyone.

For instance, whey protein may cause:

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased thirst
  • Headaches
  • Bloating

18 Shake Reviews & Complaints

Looking at online testimonials, customers have had mixed reactions.

On Amazon, 18 Shake has received 48 customer reviews with 44 percent giving it an overall rating of 3.2 stars out of 5 stars.

Here are positive reviews from Amazon

Some consumers agreed that it is a great product to lose weight and this is what Kpprokop had to say:

You can’t lose weight until you curb your hunger, and this is the ONLY shake that has done this for me. I lost 55 lbs and didn’t do anything but drink one shake a day. I started with a normal breakfast, a normal lunch, and then a shake around 3:00 pm – I didn’t want anything to eat again until morning. Then the next morning I wanted to eat less. I stopped being hungry so I ate less and I lost weight […] And I did. No exercise (GOD I hate exercise!)

Elena added:

I’ve been buying 18 shake for a long time. This is my favorite meal replacement and I’ve tried a lot of different brands. It helped me to lose 17 pounds so far! One shake keeps me full for 3-4 hours. I usually mix it with fruits and almond milk.

Some customers agreed it was a good product but it is rather expensive

Adam wrote on Amazon:

Taste fine, I’ve been cutting each serving short, I was able to get over 20 out of one bag, is still a bit expensive

What of negative reviews?

It was also on the receiving end of dissatisfaction.

Some customers thought it had a bad taste.

Here is what some wrote on Amazon.

Melody states:

Terrible tasting. With milk in blender its clumpy. With water no clumps but still taste bad. I went back to Ideal Shake which taste great. I tired 18 shake because it was rated best diet shake of 2018.

More users seemed to agree about the terrible taste and the high price as witnessed with Tally Teacher:

This is one of the worst tasting protein shakes I have ever purchased. It is not “delicious” as described, nor does it taste anything close to chocolate. It is very thin and tastes very artificially sweetened, like old-fashioned saccharine. I will be finishing it, since it was so expensive; but will not be purchasing it again. Disappointed.

18 Shake: Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

18 Shake can be purchased on the official website: www.18shake.com.

Each pack has 16 servings.

This meal replacement comes in 3 ordering options

  • 1 pack: $89.99
  • 2 packs + 1 FREE pack & Free eBook: $179.98 | TOTAL SAVING: 25%
  • 3 packs + 2 FREE packs & Free eBook: $239.95 | TOTAL SAVING: 40%

Note: The company offers free shipping on 2 and 3 packs packages.

See below how the official site looks like.

18 shake official website

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee but it requires a 20 percent restocking fee.

18 Shake Pros & Cons


  • Has natural flavoring.
  • Offers a free eBook.
  • Contains high-quality protein.
  • Easy to make.
  • Soy and gluten-free.


  • Expensive.
  • Some people do not like the taste.

18 Shake Review: Final Verdict

18shake real users reviews

Finally, we have looked into all the claims made by the company, and we must say it has a good side despite receiving some negative feedback on the taste, price, and failure to achieve the desired results.

It is highly nutritious, helps lose weight and boosts metabolism.

However, the extremely low-calorie intake may result in some problems among people making it difficult to maintain.

It is a nice solution for individuals who want to lose some pounds without putting much effort.

We laid out the facts, will you buy 18 Shake? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  1. I have been ordering the chocolate for over a year now and every time I run out, I’m low on energy and stomach rumbles all day. Which leads me to ordering more because I feel better and portions are smaller at dinner. I use it with unsweetened cashew milk and absolutely love the taste. Definitely 5 stars!

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